Success comes when you are ready to sacrifice in life.

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Every successful person has a worst past which will not please your ears and every unsuccessful person has a very good past that pleases your mind. The worst past of successful men are the tools used by unsuccessful men to put them down in public and in social life. However, those worst past are the marvelous seeds which empowered and strengthened them to be the successful men of the future.

Nothing comes into your hands for granted unless sacrificed for something better about which you have no idea at all. Thats called the dreams;which does not let you fall asleep or make you rest. It will be your wealth, reputation, achievements and even your life put at the knives of trials and tribulations of a fairless life. Thats the true nature of life. Being unfair to all those who want to adopt a Life to live in this world.This trials and tribulations of life is however the weakest point of unsuccessful men. In fact this is the greatest fear of unsuccessful men as they contantly fear of been rejected, dissappointed, humiliated and being failed. As a result, they avoids and escapes from the trials of Life.

In contrary, successful men wont use this weakness of the cowards to criticize them or put them down because they know well these are are the seeds to their success and courage. Besides they know very well that their opponents are cowards who dont worth a piece of a dead fly. But the cowards will never recognize the power in these failures as they dislikes to taste the sweetness of dissappointments, rejection or failures. Moreover they hates to be tested by the games of life. In fact, throughout life they feared to be dissapointed, rejected and to be failed in life more than their god!

So be prepared, if you deeply desire to achieve success because you are going to loose many unexpected things in your life. Alas! its a guaranteed truth with no clothes. Dont worry if you dont want to be successful because everything will be fine and everything will be okay in your life. Stay calm and keep reading. Gaining things by loosing and sacrificing things that matters you the least is not a sacrifice as it is comfort seeking. The more you love your comfort zones of your life, the more the Coward you become in facing problems and bitterness of your life. A shame for your soul!!

Sacrificing things you love the most for something else that always and only gives you an uncertainity is indeed a true sacrifice of life. The blood of the courageous is sweeter than having enumerable luxurious comforts of this world. Each sacrifices makes you bold and stronger. In addition, sensible sacrifices makes you even more wiser. Dint you know about this before you read this? Then!

For cowards towards the end of their life will have wealth, power, people and status but at the same time will have a big void of helplessness, fear, hopelessness and eventually dies as coward. What do you think; how does it feels like to die like this? Die with fear of having nothing though you have everything. Yes, a coward. Bravo!

For sacrificers, be happy that you are not going to die as same as the cowards, You have overcome most of your fears in your past. Fear of rejection, humiliation, dissappointments, failures and several other losses of life. Die happy, brave and bold even without no one near you to console at your deathbed and at your grave. And if you died this way, it would be a blessing in a punishment. Die as a man who has everything if even if you have nothing in your hands. Verily you are the immortal!! Whom no one can match your visions and life. Love thyself and know that the life is always unfair.

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