Sabbath Morning Wellness: Arik Einstein

The Serenity Of Morning Wellness, In ARIK EINSTEIN'S, "Shabat BaBoker!"

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Every morning that we awake, we are granted a new start. A fresh start! Every day that we rise, we should demonstrate the treasures of gratitude for we have been given another chance. Whatever things we have not done-whatever options we need to do-we are given another opportunity to, get it right! Let’s reflect upon it for a second. Pause just for a moment!

Have you ever just sat and immersed your pleasures into the confines of the gentle morning, sunrise? What does that feel like? It’s a morning cup of coffee, or tea, which seals the deal for a delightful morning. You feel the smoothness of peace. One establishes an eloquence, on a Saturday morning, as the very movement of calm and rest sets the stage. It is the Sabbath day, and it is the day of rest! Rest is a wellness of rebirth and restoration! Furthermore, it’s a time of reflection, and moving back into the treasures of reason. What is our reason for Being? Why do we wake up each and every day of the morning? There is so much to meditate alone, within that very question.

The day of rest is a celebration of wellness to Heaven’s domain. The Creator mandates a time of rest, and wellness. It’s another manner in soothing the ego; dismantling it, in fact! Yes, a great beauty arises from rest. In our willingness to pause, we are permitted to hear the Most High! That’s it, isn’t? We are given the opportunity to hear. The moments of quiet has a certain gentility to it. There is no rush. You are free to take your time; and to take it, well! After all, moving slowly is just another measure in heeding to the details. We can feel, and surrender to, every whisper, from the Creator. Every component of that time is permitted to be felt, and experienced! It’s just that, real!

It’s a vivacious element to experience that quiet time with Yahweh’s timing. For during the Sabbath one is provided with another silence. Yes, it is holistic, true, and cleansing. Silence, prayer, and rest permits us to quiet the mind. There is a mighty healing network in one’s ability to use prayer in silence’s comfort. For when doing so, we are given the elixir for healing’s creativity. We learn to heal when lacking a support system. We learn to heal when in the midst of our own comforting delights. In a terse amount of words, we learn to have that bonding time with ourselves, and the Creator. We appreciate its gentility. We appreciate the Sabbath time, for all that it’s worth!

Music has a way of serenading the Sabbath. So, during that time, is there a particular song, which comes to mind? Does it move us into a greater, and stronger, bonding with the Most High? In many ways, it does. Should we have one song in mind, what would it be? How would it sustain the celebration of the Sabbath, and our personal time with the Creator? Having that smooth intimacy of morning’s delight makes it feel so good. Furthermore, we are given a soothing eloquence into that early morning stillness. It’s an initial appreciation for having awaken in the morning. Such is a reason for celebration, in itself. Shabbat BaBoker.” It’s the Sabbath morning. And, with the morning rise, what pleasantries of song have come to arise?

Arik Einstein
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