Running on Empty

As with anything in life, our input often dictates and pre-determines our output. This is true of time, energies, efforts, and even sustenance.

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As Above - So Below

Fueling ones body is essentially vital for everyone, and is particularly crucial for us creative folk whose passion and job it is, to regularly and consistently maintain momentous productivity with daily output of our content, and engaging, interactive energies with those surrounding us.

The mind, body, and spirit is delicately interwoven — to question their interconnectedness, would in fact, be counter-intuitive. To achieve overall effectiveness and optimization of each of these three facets — it is our individual and inherent responsibility to both nurture and nourish these core elements of self.

As with anything in life, our input often dictates and pre-determines our output. This is true of time, energies, efforts, and even sustenance.

As a serial, solopreneur, who wears many hats — forever juggling multiple and simultaneous deadlines, commitments, responsibilities and most importantly — the daily parenting and nurturing of my two beautiful children as a single-parent, it is especially imperative that I remain extremely diligent and disciplined in the areas of self-fuelling and self-monitoring.

I am very cognizant of the fact that in order for me to continually function at my highest vibrational and energetic levels — I must then remain staunch and mindful of my ongoing state.

It is my belief, that one cannot be of true authentic service to others, if the gas in our tanks is habitually running on empty. As a chronically busy and ever-changing society — racing from point A to point B, jamming as much as we can into our daily lives, we do not hesitate to be hyper-vigilant in ensuring that we remain abreast of our standard vehicle maintenance, that we have enough fuel to guarantee our timely arrivals to appointments and client meetings, that we proactively gear up for the changing seasons — bracing for our need to adapt to challenging driving and weather conditions either by changing our tires or equipping ourselves with emergency supplies should we conk out in the middle of nowhere.

If we individually chose to remain as equally committed to the proper care and regular maintenance of ourselves, I believe we would all thrive in such a way that our society as a whole — our culture of busyness — would generate healthier people, increased productivity, more purpose-driven initiatives, and an influx to those who could honestly say with all sincerity, that they feel vibrantly alive within their day-to-day as a result of choosing to deem their health, an essential priority, which of course — it is!

May my blog find everyone well, thriving, and in great spirits!
#Grateful #LivingFearlessly

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