Ruby Allmond’s Unusual Touch For A Fiddler’s Tune!

How Famed, Texas Fiddler and Songwriter, RUBY ALLMOND, Created A Unique Sound, and The Influence Of Holistic Connections With Land!

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Its always the new, which creates the legacy, isn’t? Sometimes exploration is necessary for one to bring something new to the musical scene. It requires participating in unusual tactics, and techniques in order for sound to be presented, differently. Certain stringed instruments yearn to create a unique vibe and atmosphere, for the audience to hear. For the most part, it brings a magical dynamic and dilemma for people to explore. There are a number of pros and cons, relating to the atmosphere musical innovation and creativity. Furthermore, stringed instruments have a way of pushing through, with this level of holistic engagement. Such instruments establish a high level of vibration, with their energies. Its part of a higher level of reaching into the atmosphere of abundance and wonder! There is something about the makeup of stringed instruments, which allows for a person to feel those tender subtleties in music’s domain.

Now, we are back in Texas; playing the fiddle, from one dame, who understood how to do it so very well. Her technique and strategy for performing the fiddle was somewhat, different. Nevertheless, isn’t it the difference, which creates the euphoria for a musical awakening? Difference, and going against the rules, allows a person to delve more into these other creative uses for instrumental exploration and innovation. A person cannot help, but to understand just how vivacious and intrinsic this unknown world is, until they try it. That is what makes this such an invigorating experiencing. And, there is something about the fiddle, which moves a particular individual into another world. Its that country world of landscapes, of Southern people, who know about the land. Perhaps, its the traces of Southern winds, and their vibes for pushing through the paradox of Southern living. Whatever it may, just know this. When people are able to move, and be in tune, with the way of the strings, there is a blessing. Country people, and Southern people, move towards understanding just how vibrant and nourishing the energy truly is. When intertwining these particular dynamics, just know the underlying message: Things get better over time!

As we move through Texas auras, and into the spiritual blessings of country music, there was one woman, in particular, who dug a little deeper into the Heavenly bliss of this genre. Truly, you felt the comforts of home. Certainly, there was a particular taste and wellness to experiencing the Southern and country living. She didn’t really have to sing, to be frank. From the very moment, that you heard her tune, you began to observe that deeper, musical exploration, that I am talking about.

Her name is none other than. . .

Ruby Allmond; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

She grew up on a farm, which produced cotton and corn. Automatically, you understand that she is a woman of the land. She had tended to it, run her fingers through the soil, and had felt its vibrations. Therefore, she knew the land. For the most part, she was intrinsic to the power and radiance of it all. When a woman has grown up in the paradise of land, she has a particular skill when directing it, and reflecting it, into the world of music. There are times when you can’t explain it. However, there is something about the violin, which portrays those hidden vibrations and energies of particular forms of agriculturesuch as cotton and corn. In fact, you can’t really see them, until the violin (or fiddle) is being played.

There doesn’t appear to be much documentation, or capturing, of her performances. However, there is one, which took place in Texas, as the Wylie Opry. There was evidence in the very magic of her finger tips, when she began to play the fiddle. Yes, there was something different about her. Perhaps, it were the myriad techniques she used, in maneuvering her hands up and down the strings. You have to again question her connection, and role, to the land. There are unique attributes into how we move through the land. It requires a lot of work in adding those details into the mix. It requires a great level of transformation, and pulling traces of the land into the musical atmosphere.

The way in which Ruby Allmond utilized the harmony in her chords, gives a certain dynamic in her performance. Too often people forget that music, and a musical performance, is supposed to tell a story. In fact, when you hear music (that which is not lyrical), a person’s imagination should feel as if they are taking flight. Different pictures, designs, and patterns, should give the audience the feeling, as if they are part of the story. In hearing this vivacious performance by Ruby Allmond, I experienced the euphoria of cotton and corn fields. I imagine her upbringing, as a little girl. Not only did she work on the farm, but she ran through them. With arms spread wide open, she allowed her fingers to touch nature’s delight. Just reflect on those adventures, that she had as a little girl. How did it feel for her to carry that memory into her music? Then again, her family worked the land, and performed as musicians. What a blessing to have such an upbringing! A family who understood their connection to Earth, as well as sound!

And so, Ruby Allmond, the fiddler! A perfect example of a natural woman, producing a natural sound! She could produce such a wonder, and find fulfillment in it, very well. Sharing that natural essence to others, and continuing to perform it, even during old age. Now, that’s talent. Simultaneously, that talent required there being a level of nutrition for the cultivation of what’s different. I guess that takes on the form of one’s holistic adventure, and awakening, with land, and the fluidity of a different sound!; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark
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