Rosita Fernandez’ Praise Of San Antonio, and Sparkles Of Its Gardenal Hue!

The Power Of the Song, "San Antonio," By Mexican-American Singer, Actress, and Humanitarian-ROSITA FERNANDEZ-and Affirmations Of A City, And Its Earthly Domain!

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Women and land go hand-in-hand! In fact, there is an even greater harmony when woman immerses herself with the waters of a land. What is it about a name, which causes a woman to be blessed in stillness? What is it about a particular spacing, where a woman is granted the serenity in having found comfort for a particular structure, replicating her being? Could it be that she has touched the land in such a way, that it is where her womanhood has sprouted, and arisen from such? Could it be that a particular city, region, state, or nation grants the tools for a woman to flourish into her femininity; thereby, reflecting the feminine touch and aura of that land? Perhaps, that’s just it. The sensitivity of a woman to her land, brings out another hidden and medicinal component to her beauty. It means that when a woman sings to the land, she is sending and channeling the energies of peace to it. Its one thing to sing, and perform, within a particular spacing. Its a whole other vibe to speak the name of a particular area. Once a feminine voice has conducted such, there is an affirmation within that particular area of the Earth. There is nothing else, which can be said. The very proclamation of a name into the Heavens and Universe, means that it has affirmed. It is acknowledged and is being celebrated within the atmosphere. When it is done by a woman, the name will continue to live on, throughout the changes of time. It is the feminine touch, which ensures that creation is permanent in traces, and spaces, of time. Allow that to sink, within your mind!

The entire state of Texas is an iconic place. Its different from any other part of the United States; let alone, the rest of the world. Such a state is a country in its own right. The her/history moves through, and compels visitors to comprehend the depth of what is truly in heart of Texas! Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen! What makes this city and state, one worthy of fighting for? Once you journey to this great state, you will never feel the same, again. Suddenly, you are exposed to one of the hearts, which keeps the United States going. Shall you go even further, you are also pressed to observing just how intriguing certain cities are. Even within Texas, there is diversity. There are different spaces and places, which highlights the her/history of the state, and her myriad transitions.

One of the eloquent fascinations of songs is how they have the power to serve as sites of virtual and musical tourism. Many times people choose to venture to a certain area, because it was highlighted within a particular song. Its one of the best forms of awakening and enlightening! Depending on how beautifully the song was written, a person gets the pleasure of daydreaming about his infatuation, regarding the song. Before long, you begin to ask about this place. What must it be like? What are the foods eaten there? How do the people dress? What makes it so fantastical? Finally, it becomes so mind blowing and captivating, that you have no choice, BUT to venture there.

San Antonio, San Antonio, San Antonio!!! Yes, it is definitely a popular name, and site, in the state of Texas! Here is the question, what makes it so popular? Now, that is something needing to be addressed. Is it the rich her/history? Are there traces of its memory, which continue to highlight the city? Should we journey there, who would we meet? Let’s go deeper. Is there a particular singer, or song, who gives listeners a taste in what the city must be? For one Mexican-American songbird, there is clearly a method to match the majesty of, San Antonio!

If you have thought. . .

Rosita Fernandez,; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

then, you have thought, correctly!

It was in Mexico, where her seeds were initially, watered! Within an area, known as Monterrey, Mexico, is where she took into bloom! Fast forward into a few years later, she moved to Laredo, Texas, where she would receive her early years in education. That was all part of the plan; perhaps, the Universal plan. Nevertheless, maneuvering into such a a new world, clearly prepared her for the manner of change. From Mexico to the United States! How did these two methods collide together? What were their similarities? What were their differences? How did they overlap with each other? Let’s go deeper. Were there traces of one, within the other? I think so. Carrying both worlds, and balancing them, on a musical scale, must have been one of the legacies, and challenges for, Rosita Fernandez!

In addition to being a singer of Tejano music, she too, immersed in other areas of the performing arts. Actress and humanitarian were other titles to her list! And, let’s not forget to mention how she was revered by White Americans as a symbolic figure of what was known as “‘Old Mexico.”‘ Being noted as the “First Lady Of Song,” by First LadyLady Bird Johnson-for the city of San Antonio. Induction into the San Antonio Musicians Hall Of Fame. San Antonio Women’s Hall Of Fame. Tejano Music Hall Of Fame. 1983 Woman Of The Year, Honoree. Need we say more?

So, after moving through all of her accolades, there is something else we need to examine. . .that song! What was that artistry, which made her so popular, within the city of San Antonio? Aha! That was it! It was the song!

A 1983 performance of the song, “San Antonio,” created a wave of movement, where the sensory of the city felt as if it was being decorated with the sacred tranquility of water. One cannot deny this. The background of the song created whispers of those birds, and the painting of what it means to navigate through this city. For the recorded performance, vitamins of the Mariachi, linger add their magic sparkles to the space-that special highlight and flavor of Mexico! Should you venture to the city of San Antonio, perhaps, one is sure to hear Spanish and English tongues proclaimed about. The mixing and matching of these two Mother Tongues! What a sight?

The audio version of the song is even more intense! For one, the cover decoration establishes a persona in a Mexican-American maiden having occupied her domain. Traces of Mexico are intriguing. Another significant theme-that of Love! When a woman has found peace of mine, with her garden, she is sure to attract, Love! That’s the natural way, concerning how gardens have been crafted and created. Its the natural way of the Earth. When harmony is around, Love ascends!

“From the banks of the River. . . You hear a thousand guitars In the blue skies, The bird with millions of stars San Antonio, the city of the Alamo I’ll never forget, wherever I may go”

Ah! Yes, the Alamo! That’s one of the famous sites. However, it is apparent that the natural element of San Antonio is what truly resonated for Rosita Fernandez! The fragrance of the city, is what really resonated for her! Again, returning back to Earth, and having made peace, from there. Watering one’s footprints, and Maidenal perfurmes, from there.

Many people may remember San Antonio, for its his/herstorical significance! “Remember the Alamo!” Yet, there is another side. It is one of an Earthly touch. The birds. The water. The stars. Remember the San Antonio! For, through another window, its beauty is just as natural as, AFAR!; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark
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