Rosiah Chik’s Performance Of “Zapin Senandung Dua,” and the Balancing Power Of Song!

Malaysian Legendary Singer, ROSIAH CHIK, and Showcases Of Universal Balance, Through Her 1995 Live Performance (in Juara Lagu) Of The Song, "Zapin Senandung Dua!"

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There is always that Mother flower, who sits to bloom for the areas to see. Spraying her vocal perfumes for the entire world to observe. They are enchanting, beautiful, and nourishing within every painting of the terms. When you begin to highlight the artistry of womanhood, and how it connects with sending blessings to the community, you come to see the feminine in a greater context; besides simply being pretty. Her performance is more than sounding good, entertaining others, or to stomach the ego. When you associate femininity and womanhood, with blessings, you come to experience a different side of what it means to be a woman. The purpose of being a woman is greater, and grander, than what we could ever expect for there to be. In fact, its much more soothing, and takes us into exploring that fantastical world, we have always imagined. The creative arts illuminates a woman’s connection to the imaginative and natural worlds, when they are performed correctly. Its one of the most enchanting things that we could ever imagine. For the most part, viewers are granted with the ability to be guided into this dynamic and innovative world. Suddenly, performance becomes an imitation of the Universe, and all the riches that the Creator is able to provide. Its that fantastical world that much of humanity wishes to see; no matter where they point themselves in the guise of age. No matter how powerful, wealthy, and prestige a person may be, they will never be able to convince themselves that they do not care to break free into the world of imagination and creativity.

What is phenomenal concerning the performance world is that it doesn’t have to be rendered, or categorized, within a specific age group. In fact, there is no cap on when you should stop performing. Yes! In today’s ageist world, we have been told that our immersion into imagination comes with a specific price. We are seen as “immature” or needing to “grow up,” should we decide to move into that particular realm. Simultaneously, there are those particular artists, who have the power and ability to maintain that fantastical and imaginative arena, even into middle or old age. When you observe them, onstage, the realm of fantasy comes to life. Furthermore, it doesn’t just become about them, or there being the only image onstage. On the contrary, should there be the presence of others, audience members from afar will examine the intricacies and synchronicity between the main performer, and those who choose to join her.; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

So, now we venture back to the nation of Malaysia. From there, we are presented with one musical dame in particular. Not only has she been granted the power of captivating her also, but also moving the dancers who surround her. She is a legendary voice in the musical industry of Malaysia. Throughout the different transitions within her career, it is evident that her Maiden and Mother sound comes through different times, within the span of her career. For the most part, her Motherly sound is a call for a wellness gathering. People grapple towards her in experiencing this wonderland through dance and song. She is positioned in the middle. However, it is not with the ideals that one expects them to be. On the contrary, there is a particular vibe, where a person sees the centering of a performer as being because they are the main star. And, while that is true, there is more to this. The centering of a performer on stage is meant for their ability to keep balance, onstage. Balance is everywhere. When it comes to a performance, it is related to the movements of the main performer, and their intertwining with others. It creates an intriguing serenity, where the audience is not simply observing a performance, with a main feature. On the contrary, there is a wellness when it comes to observing a balanced performance. Quite frankly, it is part of the demonstration of Universal aesthetics, and its ability to showcase the performance of its spacing. Its why the Creator establishes, and produces, the performing arts. Music, dance, theater, and entities of the performing arts is Heaven’s way of articulating there being a greater power than ourselves.

For this sacred journey, we will move through one live performance of a Malaysian singer and legendary Mother figure. Her name is. . .

Rosiah Chik; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

In a live performance of her song, “Zapin Senandung Dua,” viewers observe that Mother figure and her use of song to establish balance. In this context, age serves her well. Dressed in vigilant colors of Malaysian dress, she illuminates the radiance of Malaysian landscapes. She is decorated in scents of orange and green. A beautiful adornment sits in her hair. In fact, its resembles expressions of the sun. Its that level of vigilance, in thanking the Creator for another blessing, another breath, and another day for being alive! Surrounding Rosiah Chik’s performance are four dancers, who have been coupled in the domain of the masculine and feminine. Now, this brings up another issue.

What makes this performance extremely pleasing and delicious is how there are two couples-man and woman. Surrounding Rosiah Chik are dances between Malaysian masculine and feminine energy principles. Men and women move to connect and dance with each other in the way that such principles navigate holistic and nutritious energy within these terrains. The dynamics are smooth, subtle, simple, while simultaneously captivating the imagination. Young maidens dance with young men. Together, they are coupled in 2! Performing around, they decorate the spacing, that Rosiah Chik occupies. Furthermore, there is an even greater wonder and understanding, as it relates to the ability of rhythm and delight. Holistic interactions between men and women, within a given culture, are a blessing to the very spacing. Together, when circling themselves in sacred dancing, they are not only being guided and moved by that holistic energy of Rosiah Chik, but are also returning those blessings to her, as well. That’s what makes the performance so delightful. So aesthetically pleasing, and nourishing to the Soul! A person cannot help but to wonder how the movement shall shift, and guide one, back to that particular spacing. That place and level of serenity, which is found within every culture, people, and nation. And yet, through it all, the Mother image maintains balance on the stage. By positioning herself in the middle, she keeps balance. Remember, it is not for the soothing of the ego, and others. On the contrary, it pertains to how a Mother Figure is able to imitate (and teach) the very nature of order and Divine order, through her cultural experience.

Another feature of this dance is how the two male performers are allowed to find comfort in their masculinity, and the delicacy in which they treat the women. There is one particular segment in the dance, where the men perform with the thin material of a laced scarf. After a few turns, they come to wrap the scarves around the arms of the women. What makes this action so profound is a recognition of the femininity for their women counterparts. In a graceful manner of artistry and decor, they honor the women of their land. It is a subconscious way of saying that women are important to any society. Going deeper, it is also a method of moving into a deeper aura, for a man to experience how intertwined he is with the feminine image of his culture. If she rises, so does he! Immediately, notions of envy and jealousy against the feminine become shattered. Much of it pertains to being able to immerse into the wonders of femininity. She is beautiful in her ability to move others with her. Therefore, the masculine does not feel disgruntled, or shattered, when she arrives. He knows that she is necessary for his very own elevation, flight, and experience of freedom. A different presentation and comprehension of the feminine, indeed!

Once the women receive the scarves, they feel the acknowledgement. Women are able to share the beauties, treasures, and gifts of their femininity to their community, when they are acknowledged for being women. And again, let’s not forget the very circular motions and dynamics of the dancers around Rosiah Chik. In their use of the circle and patterns of it, both the feminine and masculine principals as a graceful touch to the performance. On an even larger scale, they are imitating Universal movements, and the circular component of healing. The circle way of creating, bringing forth artistry, and its movement for abundance. This is clearly what was being observed. Heaven’s Universal domain was performing her artistry, through a live concert of a musical, Mother figure from Malaysian domains. Its one of the most auspicious delights that a person can partake in.; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

Then, of course, there is the voice! Rosiah Chik’s voice is clearly one of beauty and delight. For the most part, a person becomes enchanted in the docility, lightness, and richness of her voice. Again, you may not know what she is saying in her Malaysian tongue. However, what you do know is that there is an intrinsic beauty in how she is able to vocally move her voice to embody the landscapes of the nation. Just think about it. Close your eyes and wait just a little. There you have it. Can you see the flowers? Can you see the trees? Can you envision the waters and beauties of the land? Do you envision being a visitor, and sensing the blowing of gentle breezes through the sky? These are the images being concocted when you listen to the colorful whispers and vocal sensory of Rosiah Chik. When music comes to illuminate the joys of life, and all of the shaping it happens to offer.

What remains so pleasing and nutritious surrounding the presence of the dancers, within this performance, is how they give an effect of dancing through the winds. Their mannerisms are fluid, light, and carefree. Of course the choreography must be respected. Nevertheless, it reminds the audience of the simplicity of basic movement. There are different mechanisms pertaining to such vibes. However, getting up and moving, is just as simple and easy as breathing. It feels good, and it relaxes the uneasiness in one’s very psyche. What is also enchanting about this dance is how the colors come alive. They are take on their very own performance. Furthermore, such colors also have a way of directing us into a world where colors paint these endless worlds of beauty and creativity. Its one of the most euphoric things to ever experience with the human mind.

So, the performance has been conducted, and the song lives her. In fact, her memory lives on. “Zapin Senandung Dua.” You can sense that such a composition is a treasure, in the way that it is performed. Even if you do not understand the words, you can recognize a masterpiece when you hear it. The way it is expressed, sung, and depicted. From the story which brings it to life, there is a great memory to share in its beauty. A great performance is memorable, and it lasts into the present generations. You never forget it. There is something about it, which merges and moves your awareness into another way of seeing life. The greatest of performances truly take you into another world. For that alone, a person becomes moved into understanding that music moves you into the realm of storytelling and fantasy. That’s what its supposed to do. After all, you have to go into the creative world, so that the healing one experiences fantasy. Combine that with principals of the masculine and the feminine, and you have the perfect recipe for expressing Universal harmony and Heaven’s delight on Earth. The Creator is pleased when harmony is performed on Earth’s spacing.

Through Rosiah Chik, this harmony was performed in Malaysia. From the very beginning to the very end, it spread healing throughout the atmosphere. From then on, there was a treasure in the realms of love and comfort. Care spread throughout the land, and the restoration of a people was re-birthed. After all, when mother is centered, balance will come!; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

To hear more songs by Malaysian legend, ROSIAH CHIK, kindly go to the following link:

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