Rosiah Chik’s Maidenal Sound For Malaysia’s Growing Of Gardens!

The Wonders Of Malaysian Singer and Artist-ROSIAH CHIK-Her Performance Of the Song, "Jalak Lenteng," and Its Illumination Of Her Maidenal Years In Malaysian Gardens!

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When we return to the Mother image, within any nation, we must always remember, that at one point, she was once a, young Maiden! The youthful essence, and beauty, of her nature allowed her to water and plant her gardens; however, she saw fit. Whether it be through her ability to produce culinary, song, painting, the visual arts, and other forms of creativity, she was able to use her talents to bless her nation-her land. Its a miraculous attribute, isn’t? When a young Maiden receives the blessing of using her femininity and womanhood to grow her gardens, there is a celebration among the Heavens, and the Earth! Its an enchanting atmosphere, and it is an art, which too often goes, unappreciated. However, should we bless the particular image, and land, we are sure to receive the nutrients of such holistic energy.

Before any woman becomes a Mother, she was once a Maiden. Not only was she filled with the youthful decor of her femininity, but she understood just how precious it was. For young women to recognize each other, in being part of an enchanting Sisterhood, there is power and magic in such wonders. If only more younger women understood that there was a greater level of wonder, when it came to our femininity. If only more younger women recognized that our femininity is presented for the very healing of others; our communities. Of course, we would see less competition, and more cooperation. Women would understand, and come to recognize, that there is a greater reason for our power. In fact, its a reason for why we are brought onto Earth, and why we even exist. We are in this journey together, and if instability or destruction is to take place, then we must look within. There is no other way to go around it. Either there is cohesion, or there is not. The lack of cohesion translates into having moved oneself into a different direction; one which leads to chaos and misdirection. When there is misdirection, communities and nations become unstable. More than ever, the role of the Maiden is needed.

We have returned to Malaysian landscapes. With that being stated, we are pressed to explore one of the legendary voices of her domain. That is none other than our BELOVED, ROSIAH CHIK! Yes, we have heard her in the Mother form. We have heard her voice, and have experienced her rhythm, when guiding the masculine and feminine energy principles of her land. Let’s rewind back, into other decades, and observe her, when she was a Maiden, in her own right. As opposed to guiding and leading, it was her particular turn to collect the flowers, smell the scents of gardens, and experience what it means to be young and fruitful!; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

Certain songs have that maidenal youth and essence! You heard it from the moment, in which their voices open. Furthermore, you can’t help but to gravitate towards that delight of youthful energy. For the most part a young maiden invites that level of enchantment. She is intrinsic to the vibrancy when is comes to moving through the dynamics in sustaining a nation, and the overall paradise of its existence. For the maidenal responsibility of Rosiah Chik, there is one particular song, which stand outs. It is none other than “Jalak Lenteng.” In my particular experience, I do not have access to the authentic translation of the song. Therefore, an additional analysis for its very Being, will have to wait. Yet, should we decide to listen to its very texture, timber, and coloration, we are left to observe just how delicate she sound. There is richness, nevertheless. However, we come to move through what it perceived as a story and tale, within her particular journey. Such must be the case. After all, we can’t really direct ourselves into a place of gentility and magic sparkle, without observing our very essence, within the context of gardens. Once we move and matriculate ourselves into the dynamics of gardens, then we can locate the most minuscule details of a Maiden’s work.

The very entrance of the song, “Jalak Lentang,” paints a picture of a young Maiden entering into her garden. The ensemble of stringed instruments (and especially, the violins) provide that essence in being able to navigate through this imaginary paradise. Even if you have never been to Malaysia, your mind is titillated, and you begin to wonder about such landscapes. You begin to taste the food. You imagine the language-its sound. Its a fascinating adventure, and before you know it, you inquire into a deeper level, regarding the feminine essence and presence! Quite honestly, if you want to truly immerse yourself within any land, its the women, who are the gatekeepers.

The very texture of ROSIAH CHIK’s voice, within “Jalak Lenteng,” gives off the vibe of a tangy kind of fruit. Closing the eyes, I envision her being surrounded by oranges, melons, mangos, tangerines, and other citrus fruits. We can go deeper. However, let’s savor that for another time. Sometimes, music can be enjoyed for its simplicity. We can analyze it for another day.

Different pictures of Malaysian gardens come to mind when hearing this song. For the purposes of this writing, we will allow her sound to linger. Giving it the purpose of resonating with women, who remember their time in the world of Maidenhood. That time, when they learned many lessons. Lessons where even as Mothers, we are always reminded that we can return to gardens. Gardens designed in youth, for us to regulate once getting older! The fruits are just as delicious, as they were, back then!; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

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