Roll the Dice by Wayne Avrashow Is A Political Novel for Our Times

An exciting and timely book that examines the trials and tribulations of a political campaign.

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Wayne Avrashow delivers with his novel Roll the Dice   (Fiery Seas Publishing, 2017) that captures our current chaotic political times. What happens when Tyler Sloan, a mega rock star, leaves the Las Vegas stage to run for the United States Senate?”

Sloan’s maverick, independent campaign for the U.S. Senate is a thrill ride from start to finish. In this day and age where politics is no longer under the purview of moribund political parties, Roll the Dice is a refreshing and exhilarating ride through a political landscape fraught with the usual dangers in the pursuit of the ultimate triumph – power in the nation’s capital, and the chance to make a difference.

Kirkus Reviews called it “hilarious, politically savvy…keenly observant in its depiction of both the public histrionics of elections and the hard-boiled deal making and arm twisting…layers of complexity in characters and their motives…politics at its corrupt, dysfunctional, inspiring best.” (Best of Indie Unpublished Manuscripts award winner) The Midwest Review of Books states : An impressively entertaining and carefully crafted novel from cover to cover, “Roll the Dice” is an extraordinarily and unreservedly recommended addition to community library Contemporary General Fiction collections.

Sloan’s quixotic journey from world famous rocker to Senate candidate from Nevada is filled with – scandals, deep family secrets, corruption, and estrangement from his towering father, the former governor of California, as well as a cast of characters that create political turbulence wherever they appear. Divided loyalties, and pitfalls galore, and Sloan’s rock star past returns to haunt him with his past drug use and a sex tape with his Republican opponent. . A rock star in the Senate is no more outrageous than current events, but is a fresh take that we have never seen. . Sloan’s human foibles, ambition, and charisma drive the story, while character is explored with nuance and depth.

Avrashow’s writing is tight; fast paced and has a delicious turn of phrase. It’s often wildly funny, as well as exciting and thought provoking. In this brief excerpt you can see how he effectuates his characterization and understanding of political maneuvers and how the modern political process works:

Javier shared that she was troubled by his speech in Reno. She gently advised, “You’re a rock star. Flaunt it; celebs win. No more long speeches.”
“I overreacted. I heard one professor backstage refer to me as a reality-show candidate,” Sloan explained. “My overpaid, pompous little aides pumped me with too many details. It was an off night; not every song McCartney wrote was ‘Yesterday.’”

Wayne Avrashow is a former political campaign manager, government commissioner and advisor in Los Angeles and the novel is filled with “inside baseball” of how a candidate overcomes all the forces that are thrust upon him in a short, three month campaign. Sloan struggles to deal with his estranged relationship with his father, who heard the news of his candidacy from cable news, his love and desire to protect his thirteen-year-old daughter, the sexual tension with his young, attractive media advisor as well as the media probing into his past

We highly recommend that you unplug, recharge, and delve into this wonderful book, as well as follow Wayne’s appearances on podcasts and other media. You can get a copy of Roll the Dice on, order it through your local bookstore, or on other internet sites.

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