Rocío Dúrcal and The Sacredness Of A One-Sided Love!

How Spanish, Grammy-Award Winning Singer and Actress, Rocío Dúrcal, Teaches On The Power Of Unconditional Love, Through Her Song-"La Diferencia!"

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True love, in its very foundation, loves someone because there is an energetic connection and feeling. It just happens. There is nothing which can block or prevent it. When you feel intense love and passion for another human Being, you only see the Beauty, within. Whatever wrongs or shortcomings exerted from their behavior, is overlooked when you truly love that person. Love is crazy, in that way, isn’t it? Can you imagine what that does to an individual? Imagine loving someone, and no matter how you confess your love to them, they will never love you. Yet, you continue to love them. The fact of always loving them-knowing their affections will never be returned to you-is what makes this one-sided love tale, so powerful!

This time we travel into another nation, within Spanish waters, to hear such a tale. Through the vocal poetry of Spanish singing legend, Rocío Dúrcal, the power of love stands! In fact, the principle is very simple: “Even if you never love me, I will love you, still.” Wow! If only many people were in tuned with love in such a way. Then again, such a love can be painfully heartbreaking. Sometimes, its best to just walk away. Walk away and run to someone, who truly loves you! Most people prefer to take that route. In fact, many people do. The question is this. What makes a woman continue to love a man, even when knowing he will never love her? The inverse can be imagined when it comes to a man’s affections for a woman, who has captured his heart- with no intention of capturing hers. Its a tragedy to the greatest extent. Then again, is it really?

Watching the performance of this Spanish rose in her singing of this hopeless love, the passion is very evident. Adorned in a green dress, the lushness of Spanish landscapes graces my mind. She is clearly married to the land, and she embodies it, well. So, in this nation called Spain, there is a man she is truly in love with. Now, we don’t have to go into much of the specifics. However, what we do know, according to the lyrics, is that her love is not powerful enough to win his love. And yet, she continues to love him, anyway. In fact, she will always love him, and will continue to love him, though she will never experience the reciprocation of love, with him. Wow! Isn’t love that powerful? What we have to acknowledge and understand is that sometimes love, is like that. You can’t help the natural energies and attractions, felt towards a particular person. Its better to acknowledge it, wouldn’t you agree? Better to acknowledge it, so you don’t go crazy; all the while hiding the passions that you have felt for so long.; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

Aunque malgastes El tiempo sin mi carino Y aunque no quieras Este amor que yo te ofrezco

Even if you waste your time without me Dear And if you don’t want this love that I offer you

Y aunque no quieras Pronunciar mi humilde nombre De cualquier modo Yo te seguiré queriendo

Even if you waste your time To pronounce my humble name Anyway I will continue to love you

Yo sé que nunca Querrás jamás amarme Que a tu cariño Llegué demasiado tarde

I know never You will never love me That to your love I arrived too late

Wow! So, not only is time a factor in love, but so is the element of knowing. Knowing that a person does not share your heart, and yet you continue to love someone, anyhow. She “arrived too late” in capturing the heart of a man, whose heart she clearly treasures. And still, she continues to love him. Amazing! Isn’t that the very essence of unconditional love? Perhaps, that is the true definition of loving a person, with no strings attached. We can say that is love, in its rawest, and truest form. Then again, what if the love she directs to him, he gives to someone else? For many people, that would be the epitome of heartbreak. Somehow, this possibility, and reality does not stop her from wishing him well, and wishing love towards him. Others would say that she is wasting her time. It must be draining. It must be tedious to love someone, who does not love you. Loving someone who does not cherish your heart and feelings, in the way that you do. And yet, love is directed their way, towards you! Now, that is some powerful love! That’s some real love! Her words indicate just how real, the love is performed!; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

No me desprecies,
No es mi culpa, no seas malo
Porque tú eres
De quien quiero enamorarme

Do not despise me Its not my fault, don’t be mean Because you are Who I want to fall in love with

When Rocío Dúrcal articulates that “its not my fault, don’t be mean,” a subtle reminder is awakened, in knowing that love is not always planned. In fact, it happens sporadically. There is something about this particular lyric, which conveys, that if she had the option to not love in this way (guarding her heart, even more), she would choose not to entail in this one-sided love drama. Yet, when love is authentic, your feelings naturally fall into place. In this Spanish tale, a woman cannot help, whom her feelings have been directed to. That’s just real! Furthermore, what listeners are also reminded of is that, love is not about control. If a person does not return loving affections, you do not force them to be with you. In fact, that’s not how the game should be played. If we are going to be honest, we shouldn’t be playing the games, at all! Love is simply about, being! When we choose to allow the naturalness of love, it slowly unfolds. It is not forced or manipulated. True love does not trap someone, with the intentions of forcing them to love you. One of the greatest messages within, “La Diferencia,” is that love ensures you love someone, anyhow, even if they don’t choose you. I know its hard to convey. In fact, it may be downright heartbreaking. However, that is the very nature of love! It simply happens. Being open to receive that love is the only choice, that love gives. Yet, its very existence, and the fire connected to it, is something we have no choice in.

Qué daño puedo hacerte
Con quererte,
Si no me quieres tú
Yo te comprendo

What harm can I do to you? With loving you If you don’t love me I understand you

Perfectamente sé
Que no nací yo para ti,
Pero qué puedo hacer
Si ya te quiero

I know perfectly That I was not born for you But what can I do If I already love you

Again, we have the acknowledgement. This leads to another issue, which arises. Truth in love is key, should one be prepared for it. Realize that there are people you may fall in love with, and yet the Universe has not ordained for you to be with that person. It seems that honesty, is what allows the Spanish woman, in this tale, to get through the heartache, and heartbreak, of love. By acknowledging the complexities of love, she is able to get through to the ending. Unfortunately, this story does not end with a happily ever after. Now, that’s a reality of love. For certain loves, we don’t end up with our Prince or Princess Charming. However, knowing that you can safeguard these particular individuals in your heart, embodies the reality that love, releases! Love is fluid and doesn’t try to direct a person’s emotions, in the hopes that they will choose you. Artificial systems of status and privilege will never control, true love!

Listening to the passion within Rocío Dúrcal’s voice, there are hidden lessons to be learned. One of those lessons is that sometimes, those we fall in love with may have been sent to us, in order to teach us a life lesson. They were not sent to engage in the artistry of love, with us. Some may have, but it may only be for a certain time. After that time ends, they move on. Keep in mind, that such does not mean their presence was not beneficial in your life. In fact, they may have arrived into your life’s journey, in order to prepare you for the person, who will love you back. Guess what? That’s a beautiful thing, as well. Quite frankly, its important that everyone experience a one-sided love, at some point in their lives. Why, may you ask? Well, its very simple. When a person loves someone, who does not return that love, what they are learning is the artistry of letting love go. In gaining first-hand experience, a person is coming to realize that love is flexible. A person cannot begin to understand the very aura of love, if they desire to control it. Loving someone who does not love you back, in no way, means you cannot proclaim those affections. That’s what many people do not realize. In fact, if a person desires to do that, they are proclaimed as being crazy. No! Its not crazy. In fact, its healthy. This is another major theme of La Diferencia, by Rocío Dúrcal. Professing one’s love for a person, who does not love you, simply colors and beautifies, the arena of love. Through this tale, you are given a different picture, when it comes to the arena of love. This particular love may not be the fairy tale, we seek. Simultaneously, it will be another lesson learned in the realm of love. Rocío Dúrcal’s performance of this song, makes it very clear. Do not ignore this particular chapter, in love’s storybook. Why? It is just as relevant and significant for, the one. In fact, proclaiming that love should not be embarrassing. On the contrary, it should teach you the power of honesty, and its very liberation. In vocalizing our current realities of love, a person finds freedom in accepting situations for what they are. Accept the reality that a person you love, may not always love you back. That doesn’t make your love any less powerful, or beautiful! In fact, what it does is ensure is that you truly cherish this person. You love them enough, to let them go. That’s alright, too!; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

The song, “La Diferencia,” performed by Rocío Dúrcal’s, is its own love tale. Yes, it is a love story! No, its not of the traditional kind. Nevertheless, it is still a love story. What makes this strange love story intriguing is that it is empowering for the self-esteem. What does that mean? Well, it translates into a secret understanding with yourself. Someone’s refusal to truly love you, should not devalue your worth. Singing poetry to the realities of such a love should not cause you to lose your value. That’s powerful! Is it not? A person’s worth is not undermined, simply because a person does not embrace their love. Furthermore, it shows just how beautiful and nourishing, the sacred realm of love is. Performing the feelings of this uncommon love, declares that a person is able to move through love’s journey, without the breakdowns that too many people experience. Remember that such a love has been designed to move us through our journey in love’s delight. It means we will be prepared for the next person, who enters into our lives. In not acting upon a love, they cannot reciprocate, they are doing us a favor. Remember, conveying this one-sided love, does not make you “crazy.” Singing that love into the Universe means you are being true to your feelings. In addition, you are also healing, yourself. You are cleansing any emotions, arising, when the love you send out, does return to you.

So, in “La Diferencia,” love comes in a different form. It may not have been in the form we hoped for. Yet, it is what came our way. Those feelings were attracted to our presence. We are moving towards a reality, with a different twist. That’s alright, too. The problem with love, is that people have allowed other’s responses, or lack of response, to define the very basis of their self-esteem. There is something wrong with that. Too often people make the mistake of thinking that all hope is lost because a person they love does not love them. Yes, it can be painful. At the same time when you examine the entire picture, the entire journey, you are prone to understand the vastness of love’s crossing. Realizing that love is continuous means you are awakened to the very existence of another person coming your way, once this love is over. So, appreciate this kind of love. It is meant to be for our very growth and development. The problem is that people don’t appreciate it. Instead, they become stuck with false notions of power, obsession, and wanting to force a person to love them. True love, my Darlings, does not work that way!

This passionate performance, by Rocío Dúrcal is that the conveying of such a love, does not hinder her desire to love. The feeling in being able to love someone, concocting passionate imaginations about them, is powerful in its own right. What makes this song, so profound, is that her one-sided love story, elevates her. Strange, isn’t? Not really. Love elevates. It doesn’t matter the form it takes. True love creates ascension. For this story line, this woman finds liberation in describing a love tale, which is not reciprocated. Her passion is strengthened in telling the truth. Again, truth sets us free!; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

The final note, the final word, in Rocío Dúrcal’s performance of “La Diferencia,” conveys the entire meaning of the song. What’s fascinating is that you don’t even have to know the Spanish language to understand the feeling. This love has been affirmed. It has been expressed, performed, and validated. The purpose of the song was to bring a light to that kind of love. At least, it was said. You never denied that love. Therefore, it was sent out to the Universe. The person knows. There is a place for them within the gates of your heart. From there, and only from there, can you truly move on. Once you do, move onto the next. For in moving to the next stages of love, someone’s love will be reflected back, to you!

For more information on famed Spanish singer and actress Rocío Dúrcal, you may go to the following link:; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

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