Rising Music Star Frankie Zulferino: “Let’s start a movement to delete social media, stop judging people’s talents by numbers and go back to a time where talent was defined by art and hard work”

…My movement would be to delete social media, stop judging people’s talents by numbers and go back to a time where talent was defined by art and hard work. I had the pleasure to interview Frankie Zulferino. Frankie is a pop singer and performer based in New York. In his earlier years, Frankie opened for artists […]

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…My movement would be to delete social media, stop judging people’s talents by numbers and go back to a time where talent was defined by art and hard work.

I had the pleasure to interview Frankie Zulferino. Frankie is a pop singer and performer based in New York. In his earlier years, Frankie opened for artists such as Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Westlife, Jason Derulo and more. He has previously toured across the United States, China, and Canada and performed at New York Fashion Week in 2017. He was also a contestant on The CW show, ‘The Next’, where he was mentored by Joe Jonas. Outside of his music career, Frankie is a choreographer, whose work has been featured on America’s Got Talent and he will appear in the up-and-coming Netflix original movie, “The Fifth Boro.” Frankie has produced and directed his own sold-out show at the Mohegan Sun Resorts Casino in Atlantic City — watch the documentary HERE. He will release his new album “No Boundaries” in October 2019, distributed by SLK Entertainment. Frankie’s lead single from the album “Stuck on You” is out now.

Thank you so much for joining us! Can you tell us a story about what brought you to this specific career path?

I like to say this career chose me. There is not something I can say specifically brought me to this journey, it’s just something that I can’t picture my life without. The second I hit the stage I just always knew that this path is the one I am meant to be on. It’s been one heck of a ride and harder than I ever thought it would be but it’s my dream and there is nothing else I could ever imagine doing.

Can you share the most interesting story that occurred to you in the course of your music career?

That’s a hard one. There’s been interesting, good interesting, bad interesting and so many stories that it’s hard to keep track of. One that stands out to me would be when I signed with Johnny Wright of Wright Entertainment Group. I had dreamt of that moment ever since I was a kid and had met with him years before I actually signed to his team. I’ll never forget the excitement and adrenaline rush I felt when I got the call years later that I had a meeting booked with him. When he signed me, it felt like my childhood dreams came full circle. That was an incredible moment in my life that I will never forget.

What are some of the most interesting or exciting projects you are working on now? Tell us about Stuck on You.

My album is definitely the biggest thing I’m working on right now. It’s been a process that’s lasted almost one year (so far) and it’s something I am really excited about. It’s super close to my heart. It’s been a crazy process between working, trying to make money and survive and filter that money back into my passion and still keep myself sane enough to be creative. I’m lucky to have an amazing production company, SLK Entertainment and amazing family and friends who have helped me make this possible and kept me going when times got rough! As far as my single, Stuck on You, it’s probably my favorite record on the album. It’s a ballad about holding on to something or someone and that feeling of watching the world move on while you stay stuck in time. I really believe it’s a special record and something that so many people can relate to!

Who are some of the most interesting people you have interacted with? What was that like? Do you have any stories?

Due to traveling, touring, working with different dancers, agents, musicians, photographers, videographers, designers, choreographers, fans etc. you meet so many people. The stories are endless, but I can say along the way I have met some of the greatest, kindest people who have become some of my closest friends. I have had fans that became like family to me and I have truly been blessed to meet so many people that will forever hold a place in my heart.

Which people in history inspire you the most? Why?

I’m inspired most by people who have overcome huge obstacles and people who have been doubted and dismissed but through their own strength and tenacity, have risen above that and pushed their way to greatness. I’m so inspired by a success story and by seeing other people defeat the odds! It gives me hope every day and pushes me to continue on my path!

How have you used your success to bring goodness to the world?

I try my best through my platform to inspire people, especially kids, to work hard to achieve their goals and to tell them my story. Not the amazing parts we post on Instagram, but the truth and the hardships, so they know that just like them, my life isn’t perfect, and I struggle the same way they do. I use my struggles as my motivation, and I turn my pain into strength. No matter how many no’s, I will push until I get that one yes. I think it’s important to be honest with people, especially because social media has so many thinking they are not good enough or that they don’t have enough likes or followers, or their life isn’t as good as someone else’s. For me, it’s about breaking that wall and showing my true self and inspiring others along the way.

If you could start a movement that would bring the most amount of good to the most amount of people, what would that be? You never know what your idea can trigger. 🙂

My movement would be to delete social media, stop judging people’s talents by numbers and go back to a time where talent was defined by art and hard work.

Which tips would you recommend to other artists to help them to thrive and not “burn out”?

Stop trying to impress other people. I’ve done that for so long and truly was never myself, and because of that, I had a harder time connecting with people. The second I began doing all of this my way, my world made a 360!

What are your “5 things I wish someone told me when I first started” and why. Please share a story or example for each.

1. Take in all the amazing moments and enjoy them because they come and go quickly — when I was 20 and opening for some of the biggest artists in the world, I never really took it in and enjoyed it because I was always focused on the next thing. If I could go back and savor those moments right now I would!

2. Stop trying to be perfect — it’s something I still struggle with now, being a perfectionist and killing myself over the smallest things instead of living in the moment

3. Taking time off to enjoy life more — I am constantly working to get to the next thing or pay for my next video or rehearse for my next show or record my next song and sometimes, I miss out on so much, especially family time and things you can’t get back

4. This will be the hardest thing you ever do — mentally and physically, this has been the hardest path I have gone down. I’ve lost friendships, I’ve lost money but the most was losing myself, becoming a puppet just trying to please everyone and, in the process, losing my own inner self

5. Don’t be afraid to stand your ground and be a boss — I think in this business, there comes a point when you have to stop letting other people control you and walk in your own shadows. I let way too many people walk all over me and sell me unsold dreams, instead of standing my own ground

We are blessed that some of the biggest names in Business, VC funding, Sports, and Entertainment read this column. Is there a person in the world, or in the US whom you would love to have a private breakfast or lunch with, and why? He or she just might see this, especially if we tag them 🙂

Yes! Jennifer Lopez! And I’ll tell you why — for me, Jennifer Lopez is one of the greatest entertainers of all time and for so many reasons. She is multi talented — a singer, dancer, actress, designer and so much more. But she is always fearless. Even at the lowest points of her career, she pushed her way back to the top. I admire her for her hustle because it’s artists like Jennifer who made me want to be an entertainer, who inspired me to learn how to dance, how to put on a show, how to entertain people and how to work hard for my dreams. It would be the ultimate dream to work with JLo and I really think she would understand the artist I want to be!

How can our readers follow you on social media?

You can follow me on social media — Instagram, Twitter and Facebook — @fjzulferino

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