Rising Creativity In the Time Of Corona!

How Our Increase Of Creativity, During Our Self-Quarantine Periods, Helps Us Overcome Anxiety, Depression, and Restlessness In the Time Of the Corona Epidemic!

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Social distancing and isolation are two of the aftermaths in the global fight of the Corona virus epidemic. People are staying inside. Rarely going outside. And, it is causing anxiety, panic, and even depression for those who are not used to navigating such a predicament. It can even feel restless and suffocating. However, there is another way that we can look at this entire period. Another perspective in how we can grasp with this situation.

In a normal day, much of the world has been programmed, to get up, get ready, and. . .go to work! Work and making money has been the primary grasp for the world over. A number of us have been programmed to such a degree, that we have lost sight to the true meaning of. . .living. Much of humanity is simply here, but they are not living. There are too many of us, who even feel that we are “lazy,” if we decide to take a break or take a week off, to simply enjoy ourselves.

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During this current, public health outbreak, humanity has the opportunity to re-evaluate, how we are living. How have we been living within this past decade? Have we been in touch with our spiritual side, our heavenly side, in the way that we are supposed to be? Or, have we been operating like programmed, and highly-trained robots, who are void of any presence of. . .life? In our homes, or wherever we are, now is the time for us to use our inside time, to observe the outside world. How has humanity contributed to this current disorder, where we had isolated ourselves, prior to any epidemic? Shut off from other people’s needs. Only thinking about ourselves; while seeing someone’s problem, as their problem. Its time to start thinking differently. Our survival is mandating that we do. And, as of now, people are being forced to care about each other. What the corona epidemic is doing, is forcing individuals to understand that someone else’s pain and problems are greatly connected to one’s own. That one person’s life is greatly interconnected to another person’s well-being.

One of the beauties, and auspicious outcomes, of the creative world is that it allows for internal, human reflection. It calls for us to go into the depths of our core. What many people do not understand is that what houses the creativity, is the spiritual world! Which means that in the midst of what is happening, the creative Beings are gong to soothe, comfort, care for the minds and emotions of the masses. Of course, they have been doing it before. However, in these current times, their significance will be elevated. The world is going to be forced to appreciate. . .those true artists! In order to protect our sanity and emotional well-being, the world is going to be forced to value and appreciate those artists. Those musicians, artists, poets, craftsmen and women, whom society viewed as “irrelevant.” Whose work that many tried to cheapen, or not take seriously. Yes! Those individuals will be recognized.

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The joys of the creative world is that it compels us to delve deeper into our own spheres of creativity! As people, we are going through a period, where we will get deeper into our sensitivities. Our vulnerabilities. The hectic days of the “rat race” made us “hard.” However, these current times are pushing us to “be soft.” It is part of that essential journey of going back to when we were first born. The fear of entering into a new world. How we cried, as we didn’t know where we were. We were angels, still getting accustomed to our presence on Earth. That is how many of us are feeling, during these current times. So, let’s create!

One of the joys that will arise from this current situation is that humanity will become, more creative, and. . .closer! We are not there, yet. But, we are in that direction. During the time that we are isolated, and away from much of our social interactions, let’s take the opportunity to generate our own creativity. Even if you don’t think that you are a creative Being, do something creative, anyway!

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What people don’t understanding is that creativity. . .feels good! Literally! When we have created something, it is as if we have released displaced energy from our inner being, and have placed it onto tangible spacing. One feels as if they have given birth to something. One feels as if they have produced life. And producing healthy energy, producing life, in the face of death and destruction, taking place. Which means we are doing our part in sustaining . . .life!

In the time of fear, uncertainties, despair, and an epidemic, it is the mind and Spirit, which can be the first to “die.” When people lose hope, is when the fall of humanity, begins. That’s why the role of the creative minds is so important. It is they, who keep hope, alive. It is the creative Beings, who channel life into Spirits of the masses.

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For those of you, who are facing difficulty in being alone, or in isolation, now is the time to begin the creative process. For one, it helps one to maneuver through time, so that we are not overwhelmed, by it. Its the passing of time, in restlessness, which makes isolation (and social distancing), unbearable. So, move through it! Gain control of your mobility in isolation, by creating in it. Become disciplined in doing it. That way, one finds a sense of comfort! After much practice, soon, it becomes natural to create, while one is, alone!

Creativity comes through reading, painting, writing/journaling, drawing, cooking, poetry, creating a new song, and so forth. Other forms of arts and crafts become relevant, during this time. Even the artistry of contacting elder family members, in order to hear their stories, folktales, and memories of youthful pastimes. Updating one’s knowledge on family history, and being re-acquainted with even those we have not heard from in a long time.

Increasing our methodologies of creativity is one way to combat restlessness. It is something we do have control over! Enjoy the intimacies of our own company. When we are alone, and creating, we learn so much about who we are. We discover new talents and passions. And, we find new ways of persevering, during these difficult times. So, during this time of Corona, let’s create, along the way! Giving us hope, and inspiration, that soon this period will be over, some day!

(Source: www.freepik.com)
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