Remmy Ongala’s Spiritual Sight, For A Spiritual Love! #Tanzania

How Legendary, Tanzanian Guitarist 🎸and Songwriter-REMMY ONGALA-Performs A Loving Connecting, To The Spiritual World, In The Song, "Kipenda Roho!" #Tanzania

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To love what cannot be seen requires a deeper connection, to one’s Spiritual knowledge. It mandates a certain level of faith, which is not tangible, or grasped. The only solution in seeing it, is that you have to rise to a higher level-mentally, spiritually, and psychologically. That’s it! If you want to find yourself navigating into the very depths and treasures of wellness. There are certain vibes and treasures to be experienced. However, you have to be willing to break free from those limitations, which prevents you from getting there. That’s where music 🎶🎶🎶 comes in!

Again, it takes the right caliber musicians, and the right level of artistry, to match! Sometimes, a person has to move through a musical journey in order to see it, through! You have to go through the language, navigate through the rhythm, and discover the treasures, through another timber. Seeing Soulful colors, requires a level of work, that many people are not used to.; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

We sing about beauty. We sing of a beautiful person. We listen to songs of material possessions-clothes, jewelry, cars, homes, and others. Yet, rarely do we sing about the beauty of, the Soul! Perhaps, the eyes for the masses of people have been poorly trained. Maybe, vision has been manipulated in order for humanity to prevent appreciation for the true beauties of life. Even when it comes to beautiful things of the material world, somehow, they become ugly, when they are not connected to the, spiritual! They lose value. There is so much happening when it relates to to comprehending through a different lens. Getting access to a higher eye is something, that very few people on this Earth will ever do. Perhaps, because they don’t know about it. The other reason is because they don’t espouse to greater mastery, once they find out about it. For the latter, such knowledge merely sits in the brain; only to come up, during casual or passionate conversation! Not many people implement that level of sight, as a daily ritual! Of course, it’s always an adventurous level of wellness, when a person, does!

It takes the right setting! The right sound! Even more, it takes the right, eyes! For this writing journey, we are going to stay in the world of Tanzanian landscapes, for just, a little bit! And, of course, we are getting insight, into the Soul of one legend. . .

Remmy Ongala; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

There is one song, which speaks to the Soul, in particular. For starters, such a song expresses love for the Soul. Yet, one of the most richly, Divine components of the piece is how the lyrics bring descriptive imagery of nature into the song. This level of mystique, and fascination, permits one to understand how the Soul, is being decorated, through his eyes! That’s for one! It’s an interpretation of his own Soul, and how he sees it migrating through Earthly spacing. If his Soul crafted his own movement of digital artistry, the coloring of the song is merely one of the reflections, it would be.

Kipenda Roho

What does it mean to love the Soul? Now, while the late guitarist, 🎸singer, and songwriter has proclaimed the words as a statement. It has also, simultaneously, been transformed into a question. So, let’s transform! What does it mean to “love the Soul?”

There are different activities, which can be conducted to, love the Soul! However, let’s make it clear, that it takes re-cleansing, exposing one’s vision to images of serenity; while surrendering one’s energy, with other holistic Beings. It takes a particular level of care and gentility to honor what beauty has been translated into a significant Being. It requires many different things. Loving the Soul demands, truth! It mandates finding a steady level of care and wellness, within our daily levels of serenity. Loving the Soul, requires the willingness to, lay bare-spiritually, emotionally, and physically. Loving the Soul requires going deeper to a place of discomfort, in order to come out, anew! Now, such is one of those deeper meanings for, loving the Soul!

When you listen to some of the lyrics in the song, “Kipenda Roho,” we are granted the ability to observe some of the sensory, at hand! One of those visions (as evident, in the song) relates to the imagination.

Kipenda Roho haoni wala hasikii. The lover of the Soul does not see or hear.

Of course, should we understand the marination of such words, we are conversing about that hidden world. Do you remember an earlier mention for seeing a different world, or understand the spiritual world? Navigating into Heaven’s domain? Well, that particular lyric is simply, one example.

Kunguru ukiona jioni wanapita kwa wingi wanafunga ndoa. Crows, you see in the evening. They pass in large numbers. They get married.;Edited By Lauren Kaye Clark

What is it about his fascination with crows, which allows their imagery, within this lyrical dance? Clearly, they are perform the artistry of flight. It is a flight, which intertwines nature, with the Universal. Crows are truly spiritual creatures. And, their behaviors invite us to understand a domain, they have mastered. Being that they are spoken about in large numbers, another passion regarding their essence, is how they fly. Clearly, they possess a level of grace within their flight. Such permits them to catch our attention. Furthermore, as with other animals, they are no stranger to love! They too, appreciate human attention and affection; and, they perform love, within their own, species! This category of birds are more than the fearful stereotypes, they have been crafted to be. And, the magic of their Being, is that their behavior validates this, other painting of their existence!

Through another of this song, we also experiences other circumstances, outside from nature. Some of them are unpleasant, indeed. And yet, the phenomenon is that the Soul continues to forever, remain beautiful! When the beauty of the Soul remains, undeniable, there is no doubt, that the love for a Soulful world, will continue to grow!

The instrumentation for the song, “Kipenda Roho,” serves the lyrics, well. It provides an upbeat view of that love for the Soul. The guitar highlights invisible glitters of love. Then, there is a certain Earthly, glittery echo in the vocal timber of Remmy Ongala. His voice keeps the song grounded, and connected to the realities, of everyday, Tanzanian women and men. That’s what makes the song, such a treasure-a real, jewel!

And so, in our discussion for our love of the Soul, as the foundation for loving the visibilities, let us always remember that finding love in the invisible, permits us to manifest it, in reality. It is the love of the Soul, which grants humanity to perform that love, for others! True love, real love, gifts us the power to speak love, breathe love, and birth love; while living the lives that, we love!
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