#Reflections by Ray [11] – The #Power of #Clarity

This one is for you Ali … as you asked me not to stop my reflective writings … and also because we belong to that generation, where we just floated around, flitted from this to that, did what others wanted us to do and followed our hearts more than our minds…and here we are advising […]

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This one is for you Ali … as you asked me not to stop my reflective writings … and also because we belong to that generation, where we just floated around, flitted from this to that, did what others wanted us to do and followed our hearts more than our minds…and here we are advising others now😊!

But hey isn’t that what they say… experience is the greatest teacher so here’s my reflective piece for the weekend … The Power of Clarity…

Hope it comes to you all sooner than it did to me… saves so many wasted years, although I must confess we all have had those memorable moments among those muddled years… but that is substance for another article…

But how do you find clarity?

1.Look within

Very often and we parents are guilty of this a lot, we look outwards at what others are doing, their kids are doctors, their kids are doing IB etc and push our kids to be doing the same…

Don’t do that, this is what happened to us! Look at your children and look within them. What are they good at, what do they care about, when do their eyes light up when they talk about something, of course, guide them that the world is not all about football leagues, dance or cricket, but let them have their own voice, their own clarity.

The same applies to us adults, allow some time for self-reflection and introspection, and think what it is that you really want to do with your life. Its never too late and having that clarity will give you purpose to complete your life in a fulfilling way.

2. Its OK to be distracted, but don’t allow distractions to take over your life.

Very often we get caught up in decisions that are influenced by what’s changing around us, we get swayed by external appearances, we let our hearts rule our minds, we do things because our friends are doing them and all we need to do is stop and ask ourselves, Why? Is this something I really want to do? Is this person someone who will stand by me forever? Is this a friendship or relationship that will make me grow or will it pull me down?

Is this a decision that makes me smile, even momentarily happy because it’s all those smiling moments that build into something special? Is this job what I want to be doing every day of my life? Don’t chuck it all, you do need your friends, your companion, your job to pay your bills!

But having clarity will help you question if this is what you really want and make the right choices going forward.

Make time for yourself more than anything, a good friend of mine who has recently moved to the US posts pics of her daily morning walks on our WhatsApp group and it makes me happy to see her follow her passion, photography, which she is really good at and also exercise as we both always wanted to lose some weight.

I didn’t do that early on in my life, I always went with what others wanted and today I know how important it is to have that clarity of your own.

3. Stop waiting for the perfect time to arrive

Hear enough of this from my friends… I have small kids, I have In-laws, I don’t have the qualifications, I can’t do that, I stopped working a long time ago, Stop! there will never be a perfect time. 

The best time to start something is always now. Nothing further needs to be said on this point I think.

4. Practise Visualization and Organization

Didn’t know about this technique until I heard it from a colleague of mine, and it has really changed the way I look at things… if you can close your eyes and visualize what you want to be known and seen as and fill your mind with the messages and images you want to be seen as like “I am the world’s best motivational speaker”, or “the world’s most famous CEO” , you will have better clarity of what it is you want in life.

This same friend also writes up weekly To-do lists of all the things he wants to do (long term and short term). Writing things down not only make them actionable, the very act of writing them down gives you more clarity. Must confess I’m not there yet with that, have a yearly goals sheet though that I do try to complete and always do what works for you but writing things down always gives more clarity.

Once you’re clear on where you want to go, the steps to achieving those goals will start to fall into place. You’ll be amazed at how this happens. Your clarity of vision will begin to attract the right people and opportunities to you so you can easily align yourself with your ideal future.

5. Achieve Financial independence

Money, people say is of no consequence etc. but believe me if you do not have a clear grip on your finances, you won’t have clarity of anything . It’s important to plan your finances right and as any financial expert would tell you, the earlier you start the better.

You should First, earn as much as you can. Second, spend only how much you can afford to spend. Third, save and invest as much as possible. And fourth, protect yourself against unexpected reversals.

Having that financial independence lifts a big weight of your shoulders and gives you the freedom to experiment, to follow your passion and enjoy life to the maximum.

Well I think starting with these five points will set you off on your “ clarity realization” journey …

Let me leave you with this thought though;

Having the clarity of what drives your life, the impact you want to create, is important. But don’t let searching for your ‘perfect purpose’ hold you back, rather than forward.

Until next time,


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