Reasons why Keeping Pet is good for your Health

Dogs lower your death risk, Cats decrease the chances of allergies, Parrots prevent you from dementia, Cow's milk is all magical, Horses make you confident.

Research shows that pets are not just great for being a companion but they have proven out to be the best in keeping their owners healthy. Pets have been proven to be an aid in improving the quality of living for their owner. Wanting to have a friendly and cute face to come home to after a long, tiring day who is not a human is where you feel the requirement of having a pet as your companion.

Owning a pet includes a lot more than having a companion for either sport or entertainment. Having a pet is not only beneficial for the owner but it also leaves a positive impact on the health of the people in their surroundings.

  1. Dogs
    lower your death risk

Dogs are said to the most loyal creation of God towards humans. They are man’s best friend and recent studies have come up with similar results as well. Having a dog as your pet reduces your depression and boosts your mobility and social connections. Also, a dog and his playful, loving and caring nature lower the risk of death in his or her owner, especially the cardiovascular problems.

People owning a dog has better physical health due to them as compared to those who don’t. If you are a dog lover too or know anybody who is one, do visit happy pit bulls and bulldogs to show off their love for their babies by wearing these happy, lovely and lively dog’s merchandises.

  1. Cats decrease the chances of allergies

Similar to dogs, cats are also too lovable and sweet to pet. They also keep the heart of their owner healthy. But, there is something that only cats can do for their owner and no other pet. If you or anyone in your knowns is about to have a delivery, then it is the perfect time to bring home cat before the arrival of the baby.

A study revealed more than a decade ago found that an infant’s exposure to cat reduces the development of allergies like dust mites or ragweed and not only the pet ones. This happens when you change the litter box of your cat daily and keep them happy indoors. Also, having a cat on your lap is the most relaxing way to feel appreciated.

  1. Parrots prevent you from dementia

Parrots are the most loved and colorful birds amongst them all to keep and pet. Having a parrot is good for your health, especially if you are heading towards old age. As more years of life passes by, the individual mind becomes slow and the capability to learn and remember things goes down gradually.

This situation gives rise to early dementia, a situation where the thinking and social symptoms of an individual hamper their regular functioning. Daily interaction with a parrot is better than any meditation done to stabilize the mental health. Hence, teaching new tricks to your pet parrot keeps your mind sharp and also keeps them entertaining.

  1. Cow’s milk is all magical

Owning a cow is the most beneficial gift you can give to your family for keeping their gut clean and maintaining their health. Cow milk is almost everywhere around us and has several significant roles in keeping humans fit and healthy. It has the ability to help in losing weight by reducing fat. It is extremely important for building strong bones and teeth; especially in children.

Some other positive effects of cow’s milk on human health include boosting the immune system, protecting the heart, preventing diabetes, eliminating inflammation and mainly aids stimulating growth.

  1. Horses
    make you confident

Having a horse has a pet has a lot more benefits for the mental health of its own other than just being valuable for their farm and cart. Keeping a horse as a pet helps you to face your fears, having them as a pet gives you confidence and boosts it to help you overcome all the obstacles in your life.

As you move ahead in your confidence, having a horse slowly increases your self-esteem and naturally enhances your sense of accomplishment and establishment in everything you choose to do.

Keeping pets is a very lively and fun experience. Cuddling a pet release a ‘cuddle chemical’ called oxytocin in both humans and animals which has a soothing and calming effect on both the pet and humans, thereby increasing their affection towards each other. The human-animal bond is an extremely dynamic relationship that exists between people and their pets.

It is a mutually beneficial alliance that has a positive impact on the health and well being of both the creatures. Not just the normal human beings but pets also help the humans that are mentally disabled to cope up with their deficiencies and live their lives in a better and positive manner. 

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