Re-Birthing A Lovely Essence Of Woman and Loving Nature, TO BE! #WomensHistoryMonth Women’s Herstory Month Celebration!

Reconnecting To The Very Essence Of Woman, and the Wellness Of A Sisterhood That Is True! #WomensHerstoryMonth #WomensHistoryMonth2021

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The time in the celebration of woman has come! We celebrate WOMAN for her strength. We celebrate woman for her virtues. We celebrate woman for the talents and levels of perseverance that she has overcome. And furthermore, we celebrate WOMAN for the very Sisterhood that it produces. At least that is what we hope for. March is that sacred time in our celebration of womanhood, throughout her many forms. What is even more auspicious is the manner, in which we can celebrate her different attributes throughout the entire world. However, let’s allow ourselves to ponder upon this particular moment.

Who is woman? What are her goals? What are her thoughts? How does she navigate throughout the Earth? How does she maneuver herself and establish a place, just for her? Such are the foundations of woman that we should address? And lastly, how does she craft out a setting for her own particular existence, and what she has manifested? Such is an imperative question when it comes to the artistry of woman. Let’s always ask the question concerning, what is her interaction and relationship with other WOMEN, who matriculate throughout Earth’s sacred temple? Ah! Now, we are getting, somewhere.; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

Women’s relationships to each other are very important. Feminine energy is vital and crucial in making the world go round. Literally. Whatever political, economic, and prevalent social issues, which are existing are connected to the very existence of woman. Therefore, we have to ask ourselves what is happening in women’s spaces and circles? How are women treating each other? What are the behavior patterns and exchanges, which are taking place among women, within their own culture, and through cross cultural (and national exchanges)? Such are important questions, indeed. Now that they have been presented, let’s get to the roots of women’s gardens.

Various movements have taken place, on a global scale, as it pertains to the rights of women. Not only have they addressed issues of gender and sexism, but they have pushed many conversations on the state of women and girls. Such factors pertain to education, access to clean water, the safety of womanhood, and her access to the economic sector within nation and society. Often, patriarchy, men, and hyper-masculinity are blamed as the sole aggressors for the destruction of women. And while, these are serious realities, we have to ask ourselves one question. Who teaches these women about the treatment of women? Who decides how women are to be treated? How do men observe women? How do men (and young boys) see women’s treatment of each other? What do WOMEN teach men (and boys) in their treatment of other women? Now, we are getting somewhere.

The truth remains that women teach men how to treat other women. Whether that is the sharing of resources, how women speak of other women, and how women demonstrate certain behaviors to each other. All of this plays a role in society’s perception of women. Let’s be very clear. There are holistic exchanges among women, within women’s cultures Simultaneously, we have to also acknowledge that there are A LOT of toxic behaviors, within women’s groups and circles. I have often said this on my Twitter @studyabroaddiva account. “If you want to know the character of a woman, bring a man around.” Experience and observations have shown this to be true. The presence of men highlights how women truly see themselves; how they view the feminine. It illuminates how women value other women. Of course, there are many positive elements when it comes to men. Masculinity permits for certain advantages within any given society. One of those advantages correlates to the assessment of women’s value of self; and it comes through the treatment of other women.

So, let’s get to the point! Let’s get to those toxic behaviors surrounding women! What do they include? Well, gossip for one. There is the practice of women, who purposefully spreading lies and rumors about other women, with the intention of trying to ruin her reputation. When it comes to male companionship, numerous women engage in behaviors of trying to seduce men from their wives, girlfriends, fiances, or significant others. Such even correlates to how these women are obsessed (and take pride) in feeling they can create destruction in a woman’s romantic partnership with a man. Many are resilient in doing so. Then you have the career sector. Let’s remember the behaviors of women , who have no problem of sabotaging a woman’s elevation in her career, or in the workplace. Should we go further, we can highlight women in positions of leadership. They are those women in boss positions, who abuse their authority (and position of power) when it comes to managing other women in the workplace. How they speak to other women is central and key. Do they establish the workplace as a safe environment or it is simply a tool to abuse other women in order to mask their own insecurities? These factors are very important. Another issue pertains to if women celebrate the successes of other women? Do women see other women’s successes as a reflection of their own capabilities? OR Do the feelings of jealousy incite the “need” to destroy? These are pertinent issues to address.

Issues of womanhood and women establish discussions concerning where women are in our relationships with feminine energy? As women continue to pose the question of women’s safety within the greater society, another question relates to if women feel emotional comfort and serenity within women’s circles? Do women truly feel safe within women’s spaces? Such is a very important dynamic to address. If there is a significant level of toxicity within women’s circles (and spaces), then what must be done in order to clear out such energies of toxicity? Hmm. . . Now, we are getting to an important discussion.

A key pillar in the very foundation of womanhood is the ability for women (and young girls) to feel safe, in the company of other women. If women do not feel safe-spiritually, emotionally, and physically-among other women, then how are they expected to experience safety, within the very context of the grander society? What is significant about this question is how it forces women to address their particular experiences, and if women are truly valued by women, themselves! After all, the value of women, begins with women! Lastly, the value of women should not only come when women are collectively experiencing the hyper-aggression of men. The fact remains that men treat women, based on how they see women treating women. Such is a reality, which cannot be denied. Are we ready for some honest truth? Here we go! A significant portion for the reason for patriarchy is that men have observed too many women utilizing femininity (and arenas) to perform violence and abuse, against other women. Of course, that is for another conversation! And for that conversation, we will, go deeper! Of course, that will be for another telling, in future timing!; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

Every month, women are given the opportunity to celebrate our very essence, wonder, and aesthetics. Such a celebration is warranted, and necessary. Nevertheless, what we have to understand is that there is a lot of work, on the part of women. It is not necessarily for women’s affirmation from men, but for our celebration (and recognition) of each other. Yes, we can point the finger from the outside or the reason for why women have become devalued on a global scale. However, one of the unspoken realities is that there are many incidents of women abusing and mistreating each other! That is a fact! Therefore, there needs to be a return to the drawing board. Where have women gone wrong? How have things gone wrong? Now, those are the conversations we need to be having. March is the perfect month for us to start. It’s the perfect month to begin the cleaning and clean sweeping that is necessary for more holistic definitions of womanhood. Lastly, it is the perfect time to, tell the truth! What does that entail? Well, for starters, it means that we continue to move through an awakening in realizing that everything is not always, “the men.” There are times when it is pertinent to understand that sometimes, sometimes, there are imbalances concerning women. When we have not cleaned up our gardens, cleaned up our environments, we are bound to continue in our toxic behaviors towards other women (and even some men). That’s the very first step. Honesty. It’s important that women face the reality, that we have not always been kind to each other. In fact, far too many of us are extremely hateful, conniving, cruel, deceitful, and brutal in our behaviors and relationships with other women. And, its time to face those facts!

Lastly, it is essential that women come to embrace their very existence, and what it means to truly be, WOMAN! Yes, there are challenges. Yes! Working together with other women can be challenging, and even difficult. Yet, that is the nature of the Earth. Mother Nature is comprised of different elements and energies. Some of them are contrasting. There are times and moments when they conflict with each other. Yet, that is the natural reality, when the Earth is trying to create balance throughout her different plains. On many occasions, there is great tension, as it relates to her having to navigate throughout different terrain. Yet, at the end of the day, everything is balance. And, that is where we need to be. There needs to be balance with women. It is imperative that such take place. The journey for women is to align ourselves into a particular spacing, where we are so intertwined, and interconnected, with each other. That is the very purpose of, woman! Once that takes place, then a truly healing of the Earth’s domain can begin. Society will heal and men will be healed. Men will come to know themselves in a more holistic viewing, with the feminine. That’s the very eloquence of it all. That’s what it means to have a Sisterly vibe, which is healthy and holistic.

As we move through this March for Women’s Herstory Month 2021, let us continue to navigate through certain levels of wellness and beauty, in the true sense of woman. Permit truth to be our guiding force. Through it all, all us to navigate through certain levels of understanding. Respect women’s creativity, the varying communities, and how she has designed (and crafted) her own image throughout the world. If we live by that, than balance, and the very essence of woman, can truly, REIGN!; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

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