Ratifying Humanity

By Re-aligning with Centre

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Not playing to the left; not playing to the right. Rather…re-aligning with centre. Centre of deeper and more purposeful meaning as it relates to humanity. Centre of spiritual gravity. Centre for collective cohesion and universal agreements. Agreements founded on collective compassion. Agreements based upon collaborative commitment to remedy, repair and restore our own inner-peace accord. For it is these core and essential ingredients which infuses growth and prosperity back into the human consciousness economy, and stands to erase our unilateral debt.

Being steadfast in our conscious plight to uphold the sanctity for all of humanity means obliterating the terrorist from within. These combative enemies of ours are the ones who are on a daily mission to target our confidence and clarity and whose plan of attack involves the erosion of our inner-strength and unified resolve. We as a people and we as a nation do not and will not surrender ourselves or our well-being freedoms to the barbaric attacks perpetrated upon the very fabric of our cultivated mindset!

Now more than ever, we must forge togetherness by first demonstrating our willingness to re- evaluate, and re-assess who we are when standing alone in our own thoughts, beliefs, and feelings for it is these key components, which make up the cumulative energy we are each individually bringing back to the collective bargaining table. In order to fairly negotiate and reach positive consensus as a united front – we must self-evaluate if we are consistently committed to ensuring our personal contributions for the collective gain , and deeply question if our individual selves is absent of fear, toxicity, and counter-intuitive sabotage. Is the terrorist from within on a mission to self-detonate with the intent of taking themselves and as many others out of this game we call life or rather…has the inner warrior in you had them padlocked away; left to disintegrate into oblivion? The illusion for which the terrorist will expect you to embrace as truth is that you are powerless, that there is a gun pointed at your head, which will be used to annihilate you should you CHOOSE to succumb to the false indoctrination that you are without voice…that you are without choice…that you are without the ability or capability in which to healthily govern and lead yourself from the inside-out. If any of us chooses at any point to ultimately surrender to the inner-terrorist who takes refuge within the recesses of our minds, thoughts, feelings, and beliefs then our sovereignty ceases to exist.

As a fellow human being who walks amongst you, I implore you…for the sake and purpose of Ratifying Humanity…please be critical in your thinking. Please question and challenge yourselves and at the deepest of levels. Please be willing to dispel any and all counter-intuitive thoughts and beliefs which fails to demonstrate an unwavering commitment for the betterment and healthiness for all of Humanity. Please do your part in rolling up your sleeves, and sitting with yourself in the mirror of self-reflection.

            Uplifting you to fear less and to live more!
            Love & Gratitude ~ Lisa
            Thrive Global/Medium

Originally published at livingfearlesslywithlisa.com

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