Rach Marie Sproha of Go Getter Girl: “It’s a BIG Responsibility”

It’s a BIG Responsibility. There are going to be more people depending on you, than you ever envisioned. There are going to be people depending on YOU, at every angle. You will have to be able to multitask, act quick and make efficient decisions. Your team. Your customers. Your audience. You’re manufacturers. It is NOT […]

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It’s a BIG Responsibility. There are going to be more people depending on you, than you ever envisioned. There are going to be people depending on YOU, at every angle. You will have to be able to multitask, act quick and make efficient decisions. Your team. Your customers. Your audience. You’re manufacturers. It is NOT just you.

As part of our interview series called “5 Things I Wish Someone Told Me Before I Became A Founder”, I had the pleasure of interviewing Rach Marie, founder of Go Getter Girl Company, 2x Business Owner, Speaker, and Business Coach. Rachel is known for everything Go Getter, helping thousands dream big, and build their dream brands and businesses. Rachel believes that EVERYTHING starts as an idea, and everything originally started as nothing.

Thank you so much for joining us in this interview series! Can you tell us a story about what brought you to this specific career path?

A little bit about me..

Hi! My name is Rachel, but I am known as Rach Marie! Marie is my middle name 🙂 I am a 2x business owner, speaker, podcaster, business + life coach and founder of The Go Getter Girl Planner, & Go Getter Girl Company (@gogettergirlco). We specialize in premium, planners, notebooks, and hang bags- daily essentials for every go getter! We launched this business, only a little over a year ago in July 2020. The idea was funded, February 2020 right when the pandemic hit!

For as long as I can remember, I have been a go-getter, and always knew I was meant for big things on this planet.

Only 3 years ago, I was still working for my old career. I found myself ‘stuck’ in my degree, in my masters, at a 9–5 job that I was trying to convince myself I was happy and fulfilled in. (My degree is in psychology and mental health). Fun fact: I used to work with kiddos with special needs, and help them manage and rewrite their behaviors, and was in my masters to become a behavior analyst.

I truly believe there are multiple paths we can all take in this life, to be happy. But there is only ONE path, meant for us.

Even though I LIKED what I was doing — I didn’t love it. Every single day, I questioned if it was all worth it.

Long story short, I quit my job, dropped my masters, listened to MYSELF, despite everyone else telling me how risky it was. *everyone told me I was insane*. And even myself. I was kinda mad at myself. I WANTED to love my job. I didn’t WANT to necessarily flip my whole life upside down. But I did.

I started off as an online fitness coach, scaled that to multi six figures and worked with incredible clients, and mastered those offers and the whole back end of being a successful online fitness coach and eventually pivoted into high level masterminds for women, going after their dreams who needed clarity and needed to TAKE ACTION to change the actual trajectory of their lives through my psychology degrees and life coaching certifications.

From there, I eventually fully pivoted into being a full time business coach, as many of my clients were starting businesses and brands with me.

Fast forward to now, I am the founder of a product based business (e-commerce- Go Getter Girl Company), and in my other business, on the coaching side of things- I help women all over the world, start or scale their dream business(es) and take an IDEA, to their REALITY.

I used all of my strategies I learned and practiced on social media for 7+ years, and used my OWN business coaching and launch strategies, that I teach, but USE on a DAILY basis- to apply to Go Getter Girl as a BRAND new company last February, to get to where we are now.

I understand working two jobs and trying to make your online job full-time. I used to work a 9–5, living paycheck to check, too. I know you need help to make your DREAM, come true. You aren’t expected to know it all. It took me years to perfect strategies.

I’ve helped all different types of businesses launch their businesses through social media. From e-commerce (products), coaches (service-based), to network marketing consultants who want to stand out against everyone doing the same thing, aspiring authors, bloggers and podcasters, and anyone who wants to monetize and CREATE their brand online through social media and now run multiple companies.

One is this: my coaching platform; and one is: @gogettergirlco, an e-commerce brand that launched in the middle of a pandemic and hit half a million dollars in about 1 year.

EVERYTHING starts as an IDEA. EVERYONE starts somewhere.

Can you tell us a story about the hard times that you faced when you first started your journey?

When I first first stepped into the entrepreneurial world, I actually was coming in as a fitness coach, as that was the first business I embarked into so my first struggles look a lot different in this business, than Go Getter Girl’s first struggles, which were hiring and manufacturing and the whole ecommerce thing. Bringing products to LIFE, from a paper sketch and idea, is a whole worldwin.

But, when I first started being an entrepreneur in general, I was a bodybuilder, obsessed with fitness and shared that through social media, trained some clients in person, on top of my psychology career, and did online fitness coaching on the side. But what was HAPPENING, was I was starting to build my brand, by accident in the online world. I started to share more and more with this community, and they became just that: my community. But, honestly I used to downplay the idea of having my own business.

I used to try to convince myself, “I’m meant for more than being a fitness coach.” (shame on me- that was fear talking because at the time I didn’t REALIZE what “being a fitness coach” would or could lead me to).

And then, one day, it just HIT me. It hit me hard. I didn’t want to do this anymore. I didn’t want to keep trying to FIT myself and my LIFE, in this box that was already “picked out for me.”

SOMETHING did not feel right, and I’ve always known I was meant for more, something BIG, as I’ve always had the go getter mindset, I have now.

But it was hard, as any entrepreneur will tell you to finally BREAK free of the path and identity, you had already carved for your life. That’s the craziest thing of all. At 18 years old, we are expected to pick a career, when we don’t even KNOW ourselves yet. But in the moment of making that pivot, when everyone else tells you it’s a “stupid, horrible idea”, it makes it a lot harder to finally go after what you know you want to.

I did NOT have the support you would think or imagine from family, or friends. I actually lost quite a few friends as I upleveled into my new chapters. Business definitely wasn’t as “hard” as it is NOW, when I first started, but it was hard in a different way. I didn’t have nearly as many responsibilities as I do now, which made it more SIMPLE, but when I first started, I overall, faced a lot of resistance within MYSELF, to go all in. I wanted that permission slip from anyone who could give it to me. I wanted to know that I was making the right choices, but NO ONE gave me that. I share this with you, because I know there is another aspiring entrepreneur facing that right now.. In fact, I was actually extremely frustrated with myself, that I didn’t just want to stay in my psychology career, stay in my masters, and finish out the “plan” like I had always anticipated.

A lot of people would tell you that it’s risky, that it won’t workout. But guess what? Those people let go of dreaming a long time ago. YOU know what you’re capable of.

What I do know for sure is that, the first step you take might not be the end all be all, the first thing you do as an entrepreneur, but i can promise you- it will lead you to your forever, your purpose, and where you absolutely MEANT TO be.

Where did you get the drive to continue even though things were so hard?

Honestly, for me- it just feels like there is no other option. I cannot imagine a life without my business, or quitting. I also, TRULY believe that even if EVERYTHING falls apart, there is ALWAYS a way to put it back together, there is always a second road, ALWAYS another way. Quitting actually goes against everything I believe and preach. (literally). I truly have learned in this process that every moment that feels like failure, is actually a lesson, and I KNOW how frustrating that is to hear when you are going through it. No one wants to hear that, at the moment, but it’s true. Everytime I ACTUALLY wanted to quit, it’s about thinking one: all the lives you are letting down by NOT continuing and persevering, and TWO thinking about the life I’d be giving up and leaving behind, if I DIDN’T see my mission fully through. Things will ALWAYS get hard. There will ALWAYS be a challenge. But how BORING would life be if we already had everything we wanted? Where would our motivation come from? What would life be like? Pretty boring if you ask me.

So, how are things going today? How did grit and resilience lead to your eventual success?

Things are going great! Grit and resilience have definitely paid off, and will continue to! Something I practice, DAILY. Always looking toward the bigger picture.

It is definitely challenging, on the day to day, and definitely not EASY, but it is beyond the most rewarding thing I have ever done, and I have never felt more at home than I do now.

What I can promise you, is that any “problem”, any “setback”, even when it feels like the absolute WHOLE world is crashing down, IS teaching you, and it will 100% lead you, build you as a leader, grow your skin a little thicker, and with THAT, I thank opportunity for growth. We happened to have QUITE a few big hurdles to get over, right in the beginning, one after another. But I truly believe those days, those nights, those moments were there to help me grow faster into who I’ve always been meant to be- because I was and am ready for more. When you ZOOM OUT, every single day, is an opportunity to grow.

Can you share a story about the funniest mistake you made when you were first starting? Can you tell us what lesson you learned from that?

Honestly, the funniest mistake I made… I can’t really think of a FUNNY one exactly, but it’s something I now look back and kinda can laugh about now! Also kinda a secret, ish? We just never shared this publicly! But definitely a huge learning moment, and a moment SO many other people WOULD HAVE QUIT!

Our VERY first FINAL batch of planners ever had just arrived at my condo, and I was OVER THE MOON ecstatic, obviously- and the first box I opened was completely damaged. Damaged Bad. They got damaged in shipment.

We were supposed to sell the planners in a WEEK. This was one of the situations I learned a LOT from. At the time, my life felt like it was over. I bawled my eyes out. I called my fiance. I called my team, and told them I was quitting, (dramatic), but I was REALLY feeling helpless. The covers, the wires completely bent, ruined. I went and checked the other boxes, all damaged. They were NOT by any means sellable, and I have super high standards for my company, especially the first item I ever put out in the world.

So what did I do? Found a solution. Our manufacturers came together and reprinted 1000 in a week, I went through every planner one by one, and we MADE it work. Learning persistence, learning your voice, is EXTREMELY important in business.

This is your BABY. Standing up for myself has never been hard for me, so this was easy to do and tell them what needed to be done, but I know for others it is hard! This applies to LIFE, be a Go Getter. Go and GET what you want and deserve.

When you invest thousands of dollars, time, energy, into an e-commerce brand especially, this IS your baby. It’s your responsibility, period.

Long story, short? It all worked out. We launched a week later, everyone received perfect products, and the rest was history.

I have never shared this before! But I have plenty of manufacturing horror stories for another day!

Manufacturing products is a BEAST, and a huge challenge!

What do you think makes your company stand out? Can you share a story?

Everything. (lol but really). Our customer relationships, our community, my personal connection with our audience, our quality, our mission. Nothing to me dives deeper than the words “GO GETTER GIRL”. Together, anything is possible. Together, we are GO GETTER GIRL. I truly know and believe this brand has and will continue to change thousands of lives, give women that piece of them that was always missing, give them a community that feels like home, and a daily product that they soon can’t live without. Products that allow them to dream big — and not only DREAM about it, BE about it. Become the person they’ve always been at their core. 2022 is the year for the VISIONARIES (new collection hint).

Which tips would you recommend to your colleagues in your industry to help them to thrive and not “burn out”?

I get the hustle, trust me! I get how it feels like “”EASY” to “work all the time.” and I GET that business DOES require a ton of your energy, and attention. But here’s the thing, at the END of the day, what really matters? Your family. Your loved ones. Your furry friends. Your happiness. When and if everything for business, just “poof”, went away- what would be left would be YOU and your LIFE. Your home, your loved ones, your passions, YOURSELF. Take care of YOU. Take weekends off. This is something that took me a while to finally step into, and get off social media for the most part on the weekend, stop fully working and try to disconnect. No matter HOW busy your business is, you HAVE to have time for yourself. Don’t forget about your own personal needs, your personal self care, because that is not something to feel guilty over. In order to be a well rounded leader, you can’t be burnt out, because your team needs you. Taking time to journal, BREATHE (what a concept for entrepreneurs), and take a step back will actually catapult you FORWARD.

None of us are able to achieve success without some help along the way. Is there a particular person who you are grateful towards who helped get you to where you are? Can you share a story?

This question totally brought me to tears! 100%.

Chris, my fiance is the most patient man I will probably ever meet, and how he puts up with me, who knows. *LOL* My fiance is NOT an entrepreneur in any shape, way or form. He is NOT an instagram-er, he actually dislikes social media, and is a full time firefighter. We met 7 years ago before I was who I am, and before he was who he is. But I can honestly say, he has been my biggest supporter since day one. He puts up with me and my big ideas, dreams, my never “chill” life, and helps me on the daily basis navigate new challenges. With Go Getter Girl Company, I was already an entrepreneur, but he was SO beyond encouraging of me starting this product based business. There are ALOT of risks, a LOT of money on the table, I invested hundreds of thousands into Go Getter, Girl. He’s totally the silent, COO and encourages me every step of the way, but also keeps me grounded and helps me disconnect from entrepreneurship when I need to take a step back. We really balance each other out, and I’m really grateful for our differences in that way.

Definitely my parents. They weren’t sure if this all was ever going to work, my dad is VERY level headed, and logical. But every single day he reminds me how proud he and my mom are of me. I am an only child, and I know how extremely proud they are. They love to be involved and hear the latest and greatest. I actually launched Go Getter Girl, in the middle of a pandemic, so everything they knew about the brand was through the phone or facetime. I hadn’t seen them for SEVENTEEN months! It was really awesome to see them finally see everything I had built in that time, when they finally got to visit! I talk to my parents every day, even though we live far (I moved away as my dad would tell you) and I can’t imagine my life without them. They raised me from the little girl I was, to the person I am today. It was an ongoing joke my whole life, about what a “go getter”, I was. Well, here we are.

My grandma, who Go Getter Girl/ our products are dedicated to, was my favorite person on this earth. We had a connection that is hard to explain in words, but only she knew how much she meant to me, and I know it was a mutual special understanding. Two years ago, she was randomly diagnosed with ovarian cancer, and passed away within WEEKS. My whole life was flipped upside down. I can say I see myself in her, and I see her in me. She taught me the Go Getter Mentality, and I know she is looking down BEYOND flabbergasted by what I have accomplished. She definitely thought the whole entrepreneur thing wouldn’t ever work long term. She was actually VERY against it. Even though she loved me to death, she didn’t believe in it, with her generation, but she soon started to see my success and before she passed away I was doing really well with my coaching businesses, and she’d always ask me how things were going, as we talked daily on the phone and LOVED to hear when I got a new client. I know, NOW- she sees the full picture, and I truly believe she is what guided me to Go Getter Girl, and starting this business. She’s my little birdy, leading me through life now, and I’m grateful she gets a front row seat.

Lesson I learned? The people that LOVE you the MOST, are actually the ones that might not GET the vision you have. You HAVE to do it, anyways.

How have you used your success to bring goodness to the world?

100%, my success is only because I have stayed true to myself, and genuine throughout the process and never really looked at anything as a “SALE”, but as my community. As humans. As heartbeats. I TRULY am beyond passionate about seeing others realizing their life and their fullest potential is waiting for them. It’s beyond rewarding to see my clients, now running full blown BRANDS that weren’t even a THING a few years ago. To see their whole life flipped upside down, because THEY did that!

I know there are so many more lives to be changed, and I just want to be that support system for anyone who is just starting their journey, starting their second business, or just in a huge pivot and expansive phase, on their entrepreneurial journey and ready to take it to the next level.

What are your “5 things I wish someone told me before I started leading my company” and why. Please share a story or example for each.

Welp, the word “LEAD” is going to have me answer this question differently, because that’s exactly it. You are becoming not only the founder of something, you are becoming a LEADER. It isn’t just you and that’s it. You are building a C-O-M-P-A-N-Y, whether it feels like that in the beginning or not.

1: It’s a BIG Responsibility. There are going to be more people depending on you, than you ever envisioned. There are going to be people depending on YOU, at every angle. You will have to be able to multitask, act quick and make efficient decisions. Your team. Your customers. Your audience. You’re manufacturers. It is NOT just you.

2: You WON’T Be For Everyone. Starting this brand has put me definitely more on the “spotlight”, as a “public figure” more, than my coaching business had. There are a lot more opinions, and something I HAD to learn was I will not be everyone’s cup of tea, and neither will you.

3: Things WILL Change. As you evolve, so will your wants for the brand, and that’s OKAY. It’s scary to found something, and then realize that your wants and vision have changed and evolved. That’s growth and it’s BOUND to happen. You do not owe an explanation to anyone!

4: You Have To Make Decisions Like The Next Level Before You Are At That Level. 100% true to any entrepreneur, at any level, in any position. You HAVE to make decisions like the company you WANT to be, BEFORE you are at that level. You need to make decisions, and investments wisely, that won’t always feel COMFORTABLE.

5: You are building something bigger than yourself. You are stepping into one of what could be, one of the biggest chapters of your life. You are building something WAY bigger than yourself. It will be one of your biggest challenges, but one of your biggest rewards.

You are a person of great influence. If you could start a movement that would bring the most amount of good to the most amount of people, what would that be? You never know what your idea can trigger. 🙂

Well, let’s just say I now Go Getter Girl, goes FAR beyond planners, notebooks and clutches. This is ONLY the beginning. I know everyone says that, but seriously, I have the strongest, biggest feeling in my heart for how far this movement and company will go. That is the movement. This feeling I have, I want other women to have, and I am going to do whatever I can to ensure that. The vision I have is so deep for the impact, the broad mission, and what I KNOW, Go Getter Girl is and will be. Worldwide. Books, Apps, Conferences, More Products- but ultimately, a life changing experience. I’m excited, and so ready to see what unfolds.

How can our readers further follow your work online?

There are so many ways to connect, and I have freebies for you to enjoy if you enjoyed reading this interview! I absolutely love to get to know my audience, hear from you, hear your story and get to know you. That’s why I am here. Please feel free to simply send me an instagram DM/message @rachmarieofficial and we can chit chat it up! Let me know anything that resonated with you from this interview!

You should not have to go through this new chapter, alone and trust me when I say I get you- because I WAS you.

& now, I am YOUR biggest fan.


My E-Commerce Business (FOUNDER OF @GOGETTERGIRLCO) www.gogettergirlco.com

Start My Business Course: https://rachmarie.mykajabi.com/ggbusiness

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This was very inspiring. Thank you so much for joining us!

Thank YOU, for having me!

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