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IDA GOODSON's River Woman Persona, and the Treasures Of, A River's Personal, Sway!

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One of the things I have enjoyed about rivers, is that provide the example for how we are to navigate, and move throughout the terrain. Rivers are quiet painters. They have a way about depicting the land in a way, which is soothing and pleasing. I have often found that rivers have a particular mystique about them, which is different from other any other body of water. For one, they know how to maintain truth to their own particular rhythm, while moving through another terrain. They have mastered the artistry in managing, both!

For Black American culture and traditions, there are a number of songs, which correlates to the river. These songs are reminders, for how water 💦💦has carried us, through! For Black America’s gardens, water was a paintor’s tool-even when the brushes didn’t leave imprints of their strokes.

https://www.floridamemory.com/items/show/121378; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

“Down By The Riverside,” is one of the most iconic songs for Black America’s well being. No matter how hard things may have been, we still managed to find some sense of comfort in, rivers.

So, as I was scrambling through I managed to have come across a piano performance of the song. Of course, it was performed by none other than, the legendary-IDA GOODSON! On the piano, as she placed pressure onto the different keys, I could feel the Soul of the river, coming through. Of course, it is a precious one. There was something about imagining rivers, as Goodson performed, which permitted me to sway to that varying beats of a rivers delight. I felt the Black American Church and her wellness of moving through those different rivers. During those times of uncertainty, we always knew that we could go to, the river!

In listening to this song, there was a calming factor within the vibe of the song. It was calming, indeed! I have often found myself returning to Gospel music, for it had given me that comfort, in which I always needed; for any difficult time.

Hearing Ida Goodson perform the song, “Down By The Riverside,” permitted the term, “grace,” to creep into my mind. For, I felt that life’s hardships would be smoothed out. The way that Ida Goodson, performs the song is conducted moreso, through an upbeat tempo! For my imaginary state, it felt as if the river was hopping, and dancing, along! A repetition of my own jubilant Soul!

So, as this day goes by, I gave myself ample time, in permitting the toxicity of life’s hardships to go about their merry, little way. The river is still flowing, and it’s alright to, let her play!

https://sites.google.com/site/olivierdouvilleofficiel/jazz/chroniques/coffin-blues; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

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