Quick Note Diary: Henry Dixon Cowell

The Artistry Of Breaking The Rules, For Music's New Tune! In Celebration Of HENRY DIXON COWELL!

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Growing up and learning to play the piano, a number of vibes are introduced. For one you become fascinated about how the use of strings, matched with pedals and keys, create that kind of musical pleasure, we may seek. A great euphoria takes shape. On my personal experience, and journey, through this instrument, the fact that one’s fingers could create beauty, by simply gliding down a scale of keys, was fascinating.

Researching and learning about different composers often granted me with a particular pleasure in other musicians’ journeys, with this sacred instrument. Just what is it about its musicality, which forces any pianist to navigate into a spiritual transformation of their own? Musicians, collectively, have personal testaments with their instruments. They establish a personal bond. A pianist knows their piano, and the journey they have partake with each other, together. It’s a blessing, of course!

Taking piano lessons as a child, there was a certain style, in which I had to adhere to. A certain measure of playing. Nevertheless, music often instills in us a desire to explore, more of its creativity. What are the different styles and textures, which are necessary in becoming a true master of the piano? Must we always stick to the rules? Must we?

You come across that one musician, who breaks the rules of musicality-through their respective instrument. You always find them. Initially, they may have not been accepted. Soon, their genius is forced to be, accepted! They perform in a different way. And, because they broke the rules, they lead us into a personal discovery, in having found something new, in the musical world! Banging on the keys with his elbows, along with an intricate twist, was his specialty. For today’s musical diary, it is my pleasure to feature one pianist, who performed differently, and broke the rules. His name is. . .

Henry Dixon Cowell


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