Quick Note Diary: Hank Locklin

My Personal Thoughts On Tangible Objects and Their Connection To Dreams, In the Song, "Send Me The Pillow You Dream On," By HANK LOCKLIN!

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Dreams are one of the greatest treasures, which have been provided from the Heavens to man. They are colorful. They are pleasing, and they make sure to ensure to keep humanity in tune, with that greater level of power. Our greater subconscious comes alive through dreams. And, we come to realize that what we see is not really, what we see! Perhaps, it’s through our dreams, when we are awake. It seems so much of humanity is asleep, when physically removed from slumber. Our dreams awaken us to what is really happening.

Sometimes, I have found myself getting lost in dreams. I have imagined different paintings and levels of artistry for the dream world. It is a masterpiece, within its own accord. I often come to reflect on the different worlds, where dreams are found. It appears that there are so many, which have yet to be discovered. Nevertheless, I can deal with the ones I have been part of-at least for now.

In having come across country singer-Hank Locklin, I had come across a beautiful song on material representations of dreams, and how we can soak up the dreams of others; through representations of their slumber. It is truly intrinsic, indeed! One of those most determined treasures corresponds to moving through that particular dimension-through the imaginative and worlds of reality. So, what treasures are known to reflect that? Well, there are certain clothing, night lights, lamps, and then there is the fabric, which brings comfort to our mind, and its ability to rest-a pillow!


As I sit upon, meditate, and reflect on this song, I fall deeper into a period of abyss, in the magic of touch and tangible materials. Just think about it for a second. When we hold a person’s things, traces of their sensory stay with them. We can smell their scent. Maybe, there are moments where can see certain imprints of their presence on the pillow. Perhaps, lipstick 💄 stains, coffee stains, or other traces. Furthermore, through another lens, we come to observe just what it means to connect with a certain someone, through invisible energy. Meaning, we have to be willing to go through that other world, in order to see it. Dreams are truly powerful. They stimulate a magical thunder.

As I listened to this song, “Send Me The Pillow You Dream On,” I imagine a distant love. In fact, there is part of a lyric, which states the following: “I’ve waited so long for you to write me. But, just a memory that’s all that’s left of you.” That’s another point, which has permitted me to navigate towards this song. Memories. Ah! And still, there are more inquiries of the mind! On my personal journey of growing up, there have been many times, when I have held onto the material things of loved ones-even catching myself smelling them. The scent of a person means, they are still around.

As I sit and ponder upon the miracles of this song, I am filled with a special glow and appreciation for having come across a song, which specializes in the world of dreams. If we want to delve into further imagination, what if from the moment we touched a pillow, we were automatically transmitted into another world? In the world of dreams? What if these tangible objects could transmit us into that higher place? And right there, waiting for us, was the person of our dreams? What if? Sometimes, I have had these thoughts and reflections. Nevertheless, how grateful I am to have located this song, and its magical-reality, from within!


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