Quick Note Diary: Gamble Rogers

Navigating A Mental Journey With GAMBLE ROGER'S, "Blood Mountain," and Our Personal Paintings, Within!

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They say that Blood and Water don’t mix. However, there is so much more that meets the eye. Sometimes it’s the blood which has the ability to feed nature. Furthermore, there are different levels to moving through the bounties of love and wellness. Other forms of nature’s liquidation have the power of navigating through different eras of nurture and abundance. Yet, there is something sacred regarding the natural elixir of, blood! Blood is healing! Blood channels vitamins, nutrients, and is a transport for life’s nourishment. As I stop to ponder on a certain factor, I came to find myself being filled with a sense of truth and nourishment.

Rarely do we consistently hear singers write songs about blood. Nevertheless, when we do, you have to admit, that it’s a great opportunity for artistic expression and artistry. Couple that with nature, and you are sure to get the perfect recipe.

Coming across another country singer, I was compelled into understanding a different twist, when it came to the natural source of blood. Blood and Mountains. For my personal ears, country music has a way of conveying certain stories. They have their own particular artistry with nature, and it feels good!

I stumbled across famed country singer, Gamble Rogers. There was something about his song, “Blood Mountain,” which had come to radiate, with me.

The song is conveyed as a “no man’s land.” It is presented as a space, where it seems that being destitute is prevalent. And yet, the lyrics convey a “moon daughter.” 🌕 🌕 Now, of course, this was something, which peaked my attention. I could feel a level of ecstasy, where a story was being, revealed. The question is, what was the story? How did the Moon Lady come to bring a certain wellness to that space? After all, there is truly something sacred about the Moon. The question is knowing how it comes through, in a different light. In addition, what does it mean to navigate through a different light and set of circumstances? Now, that’s something worth noting!

Honestly, I don’t know why this song seems to radiate so much with me. Cherokee rose tree blooms. Blood mountain. The Spirit of the living is a river frozen, underground. These are a few of the words, which have radiated for me. It is a if Gamble Rogers was trying to create a natural intimacy, between this Blood Mountain 🏔️, the river, and the moon. 🌕 The question I am trying to ask myself pertains to what is the underlying mystery? What is the singer trying to reveal to me? To us?

As far as I am concerned, I must say, that what I see is a painting being revealed. It is not glamorous, in a traditional sense.

Yet, we cannot deny the story of a beauty, which is unfolding.
I can’t resist the urge in wanting to pick up a paintbrush, palette, and begin my craftsmanship. It’s a sacred thing to paint Mother nature. It’s a joyful thing! One of the most cherished experiences, in which I have come in contact with, pertains to navigating through nature’s delight, in the form of song. As a writer, when certain words are crafted and created, I have to feel immersed in their energy. It’s simply Divine.

So, I will leave you all here, in the meantime. I hope you experience your own mental painting, with Gamble Rogers! A Blood Mountain, which caresses our mental journey! Enjoy your mountainous adventure! I’m sure I will enjoy, mine! 🗻 🏔️ 🗻 🗻

https://www.discogs.com/artist/1990678-Gamble-Rogers; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark
https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gamble_Rogers; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

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