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Perseverance is your Warrior attitude!

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When coaching clients, radio/tv guests, or interfacing with gracious book purchasers or even people in general who are kind enough to take an interest in my journey, and who asks me how it is, I continually find the gumption to persevere? Especially those who are aware of my back story, which is all-encompassing process of overcoming adversity, one debacle at a time, let alone with those knowing how I manage as both a single parent and as a serial entrepreneur. I generally respond with my standard answer, which is solidified in my own truth of how I have chosen to navigate myself within my own life’s journey.

When left to your own devices at a very young age in this world – when your ‘role-models,’ adult/parental support system shuts down and that anticipated infrastructure of familial support implodes and seemingly ceases to exist. When you survive incest from the ripe old age of four years old. When you yourself embark upon that inter-generational cycle of divorce and enter into a world of solo-parenthood when your innocent children are then aged three and eighteen months old. When your dying mother, while on her hospice death bed, whom you’ve been estranged from more often than having been connected and unified with, asks for her last imparted message to be relayed to you once she has finally departed from this realm of existence, to be, “Please tell, Lisa, that I forgive her and I am asking Jesus Christ to also forgive her,”. This from a ‘mother’ whom admittedly, willingly and knowingly, allowed and turned a blind-eye to her step-father, sexually abusing her daughter (ME!) year after year. When you have experienced all of this and so much more, and are yet still able to CHOOSE to believe that this world is inherently good, that humanity is more intrinsically kind than not. When you CHOOSE to recognize that there is always someone in this world, who has had it far worse than you could ever hope to imagine. When you BELIEVE that there are always a plethora of opportunities to continually pay it forward and to be of service to others. When you CHOOSE to shift your mindset and your focus to dissecting and un-earthing all of the hidden gifts, and life lessons, which is at the crux of any personal crises, and give yourself the credit you deserve for having championed and triumphed over moments of perceivable defeat and heartache. You my friends, have WON!

By your choosing to see yourself for the WARRIOR, which you are, as opposed to a victim or merely a statistic within many unfavourable categories, which many of us unfortunately fall within, you are a WINNER!

When you choose to reflect back upon your own laundry list of each and every moment you have found yourself staring into the abyss and have yet made the intentional decision and conscious choice to RISE and to do undertake to do whatever is humanly necessary to PERSEVERE. You then become mindful of what you have gained rather than what you have perceivably lost. You begin to take conscious note of how you have acquired an immeasurable level of inner-strength, deepened integrity, character, empathy, compassion, fortitude, gratitude, humility and resiliency.

Each so-called tragedy in my life and my then subsequent choice to overcome and to rise only helped me to gain traction and momentum to more swiftly and positively embrace the next unforeseen challenge, which laid in waiting.

And when faced with being in the thick-of-it, it once again reinforced as a reminder to myself, that my personal track record for successfully jumping through hoops and overcoming adversity by choosing to persevere was 100%!

That has been the only statistical category; I have consciously chosen to remain mindful of.

I have honed my ability in becoming a personally, legitimized example of being an Agent of Perseverance in my own life, which has precipitated the required trust and credibility of those I am honoured to have the privilege of supporting and facilitating with their own aspirations to demonstrate the same fierce commitment themselves within the tapestries of their own lives.

There are no coincidences to my way of thinking, and therefore, has only made purposeful and intentional sense for me personally, professionally, emotionally, spiritually, and mentally (mind body and spirit) to incorporate my intrinsic DNA into my full professional and personal branding, which is solely premised on, #LivingFearlessly.

Living Fearlessly is who I am, what I do, what I believe, and is my fundamental core message I wish to share and impart with the rest of the world.

In my heart of hearts, I believe I authentically exemplify, embody and demonstrate this in my daily life and meaningful practices as it correlates to shared connection with others.

I encourage you to Embrace Perseverance by Relinquishing Fear!

Love and Gratitude ~

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