Put A Lid On It!

....Or Change the Vibrational Frequency Channel?

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Has anyone ever told you throughout the course of your life, “To Put A Lid On It?!”

If ever you were told this was it because you spoke at nauseam about something you were either impassioned by or something you chose to churn over; questioning the validity and merits of? I have personally been on the receiving end of this statement more than a few times in my almost 47 years of living. Once upon a time, I used to find being dismissed like this to be quite rude and offensive – now – I find it mainly humorous! I often talk about the importance of words and the specific words we choose to use in our verbal exchanges with ourselves and also with others. I also often talk about energy being the universal language we individually transmit out into the universe. I consistently talk about “Vibe Attracting Tribe.”

My point being, whenever one is met with resistance for simply being curious or for being passionate – always consider the energetic source. If the source (messenger) is someone who operates within a negative vibrational frequency, my recommendation and personal approach is to always change the dial as opposed to lingering within the static field of what cannot be heard nor understood. There will always be those who are committed to remaining stuck on the channel, which offers little to no clarity or coherent flow of sound. If the reception is poor, either seek the channel which resonates with you or disengage the power button altogether! Enjoy the reflective silence! Enjoy the golden opportunity for introspective sound. Not everyone’s transmitters are aligned or succinctly dialed into each other – this is perfectly okay. The upside to figuring this out quickly, and without personalizing is the knowingness and the believing that there are others in addition to yourself, who very much equally gravitate toward speaking the same universal and energetic language as you (hence vibe attracting tribe). This truth is not premised on hierarchy or superiority rather this truth is founded on unity. There is unity within those who are committed to self-discovery, personal growth, and personal development… just as true of a statement as there is existent unity within those who are not on a quest for self-discovery, personal growth, or personal development. People choose to unify with those who hold similar beliefs and core values to their own. It is not a right or wrong equation – it just is what it is. Usually, if ever there is one population more inclined to want to switch sides…it is the individual who admittedly finds themselves consistently operating at a lower vibrational frequency, and is committed to wanting to shift their energy, and mindset to that of a more positive forward-facing direction. I have yet to discover someone who is already consistently committed to operating at their highest vibrational level; who one day randomly decides that they would prefer to regress in their levels of achieved growth and development. For that to occur or to even be contemplated, would be an assault perpetrated upon ones own soul, which a self-aware, emotionally-intelligent person would likely not even be able to conceptualize, let alone actively or purposely follow through on.

There can be a lot of dead-air and static in-between the frequency channels.There is much assortment in which to choose from. What we ultimately select to listen to, often speaks volumes for what we are internally dialed into, already. A persons tastes and preferences is often quite revealing, which also non-verbally communicates or translates so many other additional facets related to ones make-up and character. Those who are attune to or who are highly sensitive to other peoples energies, are often more apt to detect or pick up more so, on what is not being said as opposed to what is actually said. This is Universal Truth.

So the next time someone should happen to tell you, “To Put A Lid On It,” my suggestion would be for you to simply and swiftly – change the channel!

Uplifting you to fear less and to live more!

            Love & Gratitude ~ Lisa
            Thrive Global/Medium

Originally published at livingfearlesslywithlisa.com

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