Pulling It All Together For A Healthier You with Dr. Marilyn Scott

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Each week, I am immensely honoured and privileged to showcase phenomenal people who are doing stellar work (the important and necessary work) on the Living Fearlessly with Lisa McDonald global radio/podcast show! Each week, I am additionally humbled and appreciative for the opportunity to further share my radio/podcast guests, their profound messages, and what I believe makes each of them remarkable, standout human beings on Thrive Global via my Feature Articles! 

For everyone who kindly reads my Articles, who listens to the included podcast link interview, and who also reaches out to either or both myself and my guest of whom I have featured – I thank you very much! Your time, attention and energies are always so deeply appreciated!

I welcome the positive shift in focus to who and what is uplifting, inspirational, motivational, and encouraging, especially in light of recent darker days – with the world and our news networks once again, regurgitating the now all-too-common senseless, cowardice, acts of gun related violence perpetrated upon the innocent. It can become very easy for one to become transfixed on the unfortunate ills, and epidemic-spiralling of our global culture. Bad news makes headlines and can leave humanity feeling hauntingly de-spirited. Now, more than ever, the world requires resuscitation from the darker energies, which is why I am increasingly grateful for the lightness and the brightness of sites such as Thrive Global, and for radio/podcast guests like, Dr. Marilyn Scott

A personality trait and characteristic, I often most appreciate in others is when ones sense of purpose-driven conviction, is coupled with a fantastic sense of humour. Dr. Marilyn, as she is referred to, had me in stitches throughout the duration of this fast-paced interview. I love thick-skinned, confident people who can laugh at themselves, and their own foibles. These are the types of guests, I find most refreshing and relatable…to both myself as the show host, as well as to the global listeners, based upon their follow up feedback.

Dr. Marilyn possesses a genuine, well-articulated candidness in her approach to providing both value and entertainment to a listening audience. She was engaging, thoughtful and funny in her quick ability to respond to my unscripted, and organic questions as it relates to her expertise on Healthy Living. Whether this particular subject matter is one that resonates or is of personal interest to ALL my listening demographic or not – would not matter – as Dr. Marilyn, I am quite certain, could make any subject matter interesting and entertaining for anyone to want to tune in to. At one point during our interview, something Dr. Marilyn said, caused me to break out into song! Not to worry friends, I have no intentions of quitting my day job! 

In further providing my insights and affections of and for this amazing woman, please indulge me while I also include what I wrote as a testimonial/endorsement on the back cover of Dr. Marilyn Scott’s latest book, which I was only too proud and immensely grateful to do – particularly for a woman who is truly changing and transforming the lives of countless others!

“During this particularly pivotal time in our setting culture of elevated consciousness and enhanced self-awareness – it is crucially fundamental that each and every single human being within the collective, deem it as our inherent responsibility and moral obligation to operate at our highest vibrational level. We achieve this by remaining steadfast in our pursuit and in our commitment to showing up in our own lives and in the lives of others, by being the best possible version of ourselves. It is the gift that keeps on giving, which is why I endorse Dr. Marilyn A. Scott’s brilliant book, ‘Pulling It All Together For A Healthier You!’

Dr. Marilyn A. Scott, is one of those phenomenal human beings who knows how to transcend adversity into meaningful growth opportunities for all. It is because Dr. Marilyn A. Scott is committed to paying-it-forward and to being of true service to others, that this book is a must-read and a must-have! I could not be more grateful to Dr. Marilyn A. Scott for putting her greatness out into the world and for sharing her yumminess with the rest of us so that, ‘Pulling It All Together For A Healthier You!’ is part and parcel of all of our lives!”

I personally and professionally thank you, Marilyn, as a friend, as a peer, and as a colleague for your ongoing and outstanding contributions to all of humanity! Your bodies of work, your tireless energies, your outpouring of genuine care, concern and compassion for the collective is commendable. I speak for many, when I say that I am a more consciously evolved and a more enlightened human being because of YOU! Thank you for growing me, Marilyn! Keep Shining Our Friend!

Uplifting You To Fear Less And To Live More! 

Be your own Hero. Be your own Shero. 
Be your own Leader. Be your own Best Friend! 
Love & Gratitude ~ Lisa
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Dr. Marilyn (as like to refer to her) has been a holistic healer for over four decades. She is a graduate of the California College of Naturopathic Medicine as well as the LOOMIS INSTITUTE. Marilyn is also a Certified Natural Health Professional, bringing natural modalities to the forefront. Her company, “Healthy Living with Marilyn” contains fifty-eight shows, which were simulcast on Facebook, and on YouTube. 

Dr. Marilyn has two new websites: www.thebookbeamazing.com and www.healthylivingwithmarilyn.com which contains a plethora of information concerning the most up to date information on living the natural and healthy way.

Dr. Marilyn is an author as well as an International Professional Speaker on Natural Health Issues, Caregiving, and a Positive Outlook on Life. Dr. Marilyn’s book, “Be Amazing! Positive Results Are Just A Leap Away!” and her latest book, “Pulling It All Together For A Healthier You” are available on Amazon.

Dr. Marilyn’s main goal is to enlighten people and to show them how AMAZING they actually are! 

Dr. Marilyn is the proud Mom of three children, and super proud Grandma to five grandchildren. Dr. Marilyn resides in Richmond, VA with her husband, Xen.

On behalf of both Dr. Marilyn Scott and myself, we wish to thank YOU for not only taking the time out of your own hectic, summer schedules so as to kindly read this Feature Article, and for also graciously tuning in and listening to the enclosed podcast link of our hilarious interview with one another – we also wish to thank you for any forthcoming follow up and connecting you may wish to extend or initiate to either or to both Dr. Marilyn and myself! Your keen interest and active engagement is deeply appreciated and certainly not something myself or my radio/podcast guest of each week, ever takes lightly or for granted! You are appreciated!


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