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Amy Oppedisano

Not only is Amy Oppedisano an extremely articulate, savvy and successful business woman – Amy is also a philanthropic gem to many individuals, causes, and charities in need! Amy is undeniably impassioned, driven, focused, and steadfast in her ambitious pursuit to get things done, and to get things done for the benefit, and for the well-being of others.

Amy is not only solution- focused (as opposed to being problem-saturated) but she has an ongoing and demonstrated history of being an innovative visionary! When this woman puts her mind to something, and regardless of the foreseeable and even the unforeseeable roadblocks, challenges or hardships – she simply ploughs forward while continuously meeting her targets and objectives. A person with conviction and purpose sees no other alternative outcome or end result! This is a win win for anyone who who needs an ‘Amy’ to lead the pack, or to be the face to whatever the plight, mission or undertaking. 

The breadth of this woman’s resourcefulness, coupled with the scope of her resources, is beyond impressive. Amy is both vigilant and a stickler for doing the necessary and required research so as to effectively position herself when interfacing with the key-players and the stakeholders. She balances genuine compassion with a brass-tacks, no nonsense business approach; beautifully.

I have interviewed enough people throughout the duration of my career, even prior to ever becoming a global radio/podcast host, to know when I am conversing with a seasoned, emotionally intelligent, ahead-of-the-curve, individual. Amy is progressive, pro-active, strategically smart, and exudes an inspiring level of confidence that could sway the world’s biggest skeptic or critic. However, I would encourage you to formulate your own assessment, by kindly clicking onto the enclosed podcast link of our amazingly informative, and enlightening interview with one another!

 I will reiterate here on Thrive Global, what it was I said on the Living Fearlessly with Lisa McDonald airwaves, which is this…I am very grateful to you, Amy Oppedisano, for all that you continue to do to pay it forward, and to be of service to others. I appreciate you!

It takes an incredible amount of conviction, and self-belief, to not only take a massive risk in embarking upon entrepreneurship, but even more so the case when what you wholeheartedly believe in, and venture out to do, is controversial in nature. There will always been many schools of thought with respect to what Amy believes in, and with what Amy has successfully aspired to do, however, I will always be of the belief that before a person (myself included) renders a definitive stance on a position one way or the other, and this of course applying to pretty much any subject matter in which to debate, weigh or consider – I would encourage all of us to do our personal homework and individual research, first and foremost. 

Knowledge is powerful – speculation and conjecture is not. Proven facts and verifiable data is substantive – stereotypes, and misconceptions are not. Critical thinking and discernment is imperative for all of us as human beings and as consumers…regardless of the product or the topic!

On behalf of both Amy and myself, we wish to thank you for any additional or forthcoming effort you may wish to initiate or to extend to either or to both of us in reaching out and connecting. In whichever ways you believe either or both of us could be of service to you, we would be only too honoured, and grateful to assist you!

Uplifting You To Fear Less And To Live More! 

Be your own Hero. Be your own Shero. 
Be your own Leader. Be your own Best Friend! 
Love & Gratitude ~ Lisa
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Amy currently serves as Creative Marketing and Branding Manager of Blüm and is a co-founder of Terra Tech Corp., the first publicly traded cannabis company in the US. Before she was on the ground floor of the legal cannabis revolution, Amy made her career in residential interior design and construction management. 

Amy first worked for several small firms before branching off on her own. As a real-estate entrepreneur, Amy has successfully flipped more than eight million in residential real-estate, making a name for herself in Southern California for breathing life into homes that were otherwise unsellable. Her work has been published by several major blogs and been featured in Architectural Digest Germany.

However, her focus, drive, and passion in the professional world for the last several years has been in cannabis, everything from brand development to retail identity and corporate ethos. Most recently, Amy has successfully launched a discreet delivery service in Orange County.

Amy served on the Board of Directors for Terra Tech Corp from 2012-2017 and is one of the first female founders of a publicly traded cannabis company. In 2018, Amy used her position in the marketing department at Blüm , to focus on promotions that encouraged social responsibility, while giving back to the community.

Amy has organized activations that collected supplies for the victims of the wildfires in California, donated a portion of sales to commemorate the Las Vegas shooting victims, and passed out hundreds of pounds of meat at the holidays for local families in need. Under her leadership Blüm has also been an active participant in local Pride events, art shows, street fairs, and the Women’s March Amy most recently has been instrumental in launching Project Mission Green with The Weldon Project, aiming to provide aid for those incarcerated for non-violent cannabis offences. 

As the wife of a medical cannabis patient, Amy is focused on the needs of the patient community, with a specific focus on education surrounding cannabis. Amy believes wholeheartedly in the regulated cannabis industry. She has witnessed the great lengths industry regulators have gone to protect the consumer, much in the same way organic certification has done for our food supply. 

Amy is very proud to be part of an ethical industry that sells a transparent product the consumer can trust, and wants to ensure her career path focuses on sharing that message while providing them a product that enhances their lives in a positive manner. This can be seen in her marketing directives with Blüm that focuses on education, responsible cannabis use, and respectful visual representations of the cannabis consumer.

Amy holds a Bachelor of Science in Design Degree from the University of Nebraska at Lincoln. Amy also completed coursework abroad at the American Intercontinental University of London. Amy is married and has two children. Amy shares her philanthropic ideals with her husband. 

They have jointly supported the American Cancer Society, helped fun a van for the East Oakland Boxing Association’s DayCare for children, who have encountered issues surrounding obtaining medical cannabis for their sick children, and are heavily involved with Mission Green, which seeks to aid minorities, who are directly affected by the war on drugs.
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