Productivity Hacks for Working From Home

It is hard enough to stay productive when in the office. But when working from home it is even easier to get distracted. Here are some tips to help get you back on track.

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Do you ever find yourself sitting in front of your computer, your hands on your keyboard, but you just aren’t getting anything done? Here are some productivity hacks to help push you through those times.

With more and more people working from home these days, it is easy to find yourself distracted by things around the house. And if you have kids going to school at home, that adds another level of distraction.

However, changing things up, either by changing your environment or habits or stepping away for a bit, can be just what you need to make yourself more productive.

Work Environment Productivity Hacks

Sometimes just changing how you work is enough to break you out of a rut. Here are a few ways to get yourself to be more productive with your work.

Plan Ahead

A lot of the time, when you find yourself procrastinating, it is because you didn’t plan effectively for the work you are trying to accomplish.

Planning, both long-term and short-term, for what you want to accomplish goes a long way in being more productive.

Having specific goals for each day helps me get things done more efficiently and helps me stick to my schedule.

Now, planning ahead doesn’t mean I never find myself in a slump. But it does prevent it from happening as much as it did before I created short and long-term goals for myself.

Turn Off Distractions to Improve Productivity

It seems like the world is set up for us to fail at times. There are more distractions than ever.

When I need to focus, I turn off the TV, put my phone on do not disturb and leave it in a different room, turn off notifications on my computer, and only open the programs I need to get my work done.

Having a clean desk also helps me stay focused on my work.

It is incredible how a little distraction can get you sidetracked for significant periods of time.

But it is also amazing what you can accomplish once you remove those distractions.

Change Location

Sometimes when I’m not getting work done at my desk, I find that changing my location can help.

I may go and work in a different room in my house or work outside.

Or I might go to the library, a coffee shop, or a park to put myself in a different environment. However, when you do get out and work somewhere else, it can introduce new distractions as well.

Stepping Away Productivity Hacks

The productivity hacks above will help you improve your productivity when working. However, sometimes it is crucial to get away from your work for a bit altogether.

Get Up and Stretch

After you’ve been sitting at your desk, hunched over your computer for a while, you really should get up for a bit. Getting up and stretching is a good idea, even if you are being productive.

Short breaks like this will make your body feel better. It will also give your mind a little relief before getting back to work.

Zone Out

Sometimes you just need to zone out for a bit.

Either staring off into the distance or just sitting with your eyes closed daydreaming can provide a welcome break to your mind.

If you are trying to get something done and nothing is working, thinking about it more doesn’t always help. So allow yourself to take your mind off of it for a bit.


I think this is one of the most important things in helping to improve productivity. Staying physically active helps my mind work better.

After a good workout, I feel more prepared to accomplish my work and am always more productive.

Take a Walk

Walks are another great way to recharge, get some time in nature, and get away from work. And it is an excellent substitute for days when I don’t work out.

Other times, it gets me away from my desk to think, work through issues in my mind, and come up with new ideas.

I’ve had numerous walks that were more productive than most of the meetings I’ve ever had in my life.

Do Some Chores Around the House

While the first thing you might not think to do when you want to get away from work for a bit isn’t working around the house, it can be a productive way to get away from your work.

Along with my exercise routine, I like to fit chores around the house into my workday. It gives me a break to get my mind off of work while still being productive.

And getting chores knocked out during that time allows me to spend more time with my friends and family during my downtime.

Take a Nap

Whether you have a terrible night of sleep, or you are just worn out, taking a nap can be the perfect way to recharge and be more productive.

According to the National Sleep Foundation, a 40-minute nap improves performance by 34% and alertness 100%. You’ll have a hard time finding a single action that will help improve performance more than that.


Sometimes changing your work environment may be enough to improve your productivity. Other times, you just need to give yourself a break and get away from your work for a while.

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