Prayer and Motivation

Going together hand in hand

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There were days when prayer and motivation kept me from slipping over the edge. These solid rocks as I would call them kept me sane when I thought I was going insane, and kept me going when I wanted to give up. I am sure business personnel will agree with this. Though the twain can be separated, I found them doubly comforting going hand in hand, as I went through my darkest period. These two rocks, became the anchor that I held on so tightly and not let go, even when I wanted to.

Prayer have always been a vital part of my life. When things got rough, it was prayer that kept me grounded. Motivation while it was apart of my life, I never paid much attention to motivation as I had set my mind to accomplish my goals. When I felt like giving up back then, I just shake myself of the feeling and discuss it with a friend and then that was it. I moved on and continued throughout my journey. However, when Ego and Friends started to sing their all time favourite song on the stage of my mind “Give Up”, I knew I was in trouble. No amount of pep talk or talking to friends will get me going. I knew I had to have some level of self motivation to keep going just like the Energizer Bunny.

When things began to look scary, and seem like it is spinning out of control, I have been one to rely on prayer. Prayer was my soothing balm over my anxious soul. I have prayed before, but this time, I prayed in earnest. I prayed for strength to continue, I prayed for motivation to find me. I prayed for everything under the sun. I just prayed. I understood what persons who were starting out their businesses felt like. When things looking to go south, north, east and west, prayer was the rock that they can anchor on. Prayer works, and self motivation are they keys to dispel any darkness that seem to overwhelm any person at any given time. These were my go to rocks that I kept me stable. There were days where I thought I would go insane or have a breakdown, but these rocks saved me.

Entrepreneurs, CEOs, Sports Athletes and persons who are running a business can testify to the amount of nights that they prayed that things would go right in the morning, or better yet things will go according to plan. They have to rely on self motivation to not give up. Remember the song by Ego and Friends. Yes, they sung so loud that my own thoughts could not penetrate the haze and darkness that permeated with the song. I wanted to give up so badly, and I wanted to just crawl away and not deal with it. However, if I did, I would be doing an injustice to myself. I had to just rely on prayer and motivation to make it through my darkest hours. I am sure that the former Pittsburgh Steeler and Tennessee Titan, Myron Rolle who is on his way to be a Neurosurgeon, or Richard Branson who had some failures earlier in his career, had to motivate themselves to keep moving forward.

At times, these are the rocks that keep us sane and in our right minds when things are going haywire. Prayer to soothe our anxious minds and self motivation to keep us going when we want to give up. The twain, though can be separated, are better and stronger together.

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