Positivity and the secret of the Universe

How the Law of Attraction can change your life

How the Law of Attraction can change your life.

Trying to figure out what the secret of the universe is, can leave you with an array of impossibly non-related search engine results. However, if you are a keen reader, you would already be able to tell what this is. Popular Authors like Rhonda Byrne of ‘The Secret’, and ‘The Power’, as well as Napoleon Hill of ‘Think and Grow rich’, are just some of the myriad of authors who have propagated a relationship between our thoughts, wants, aspirations, and what the universe gives to us. That is, the law of attraction. The idea is simple — if you hold on to a thought, persistently, whether good or bad, then the universe would give it to you. Wealth, in essence, is a product of the thoughts and self-affirmations that a person has carefully orchestrated, whether consciously or not, in line with money making. Happiness as well, is a product of happy thoughts and a bright attitude. So also, positive thoughts, lead to a reality of positive happenings.

In truth, staying positive, is merely pretty on paper; but it is not always a walk over. The first deterrent is the reality of life that we are exposed to on a daily basis. I mean, why try to fake positivity when things are apparently going downhill? It is really not easy to be optimistic when the outcome seems like a clear negative. The other deterrent to people having positive mental systems, is the pain of having our hopes dashed. Honestly, there is probably nothing that hurts more than having your hope, and optimism, being thrown back in your face. To this end, there is the idea that having a realist approach would somehow pacify us when things go sideways. Some even go as far using the ‘worst case scenario’ outlook. In which case, no matter how things go, it is either better or same — never worse. While these approaches to living can cushion the blows of negativity, with time, you would realise that you are doing it all wrong. Thereby, altering the very secret that binds the universe.

The law of attraction is a mirror that reflects exactly what is in front of it. This is why placebo is a thing. A person who has had a winning streak over the last couple of years, would realise that future ventures are taken with ‘can-do’ positive attitudes. A person who has had otherwise would continue feeling dejected, and ultimately depressed; as things would only seem to get worse. The reason for this is not that some are just luckier than others, but because the happy ones think happy thoughts. Also, just as the world seems to treat you based on your mood and level of confidence; the universe offers you back your very dominant thoughts — It’s no magic. The law of attraction is the secret that binds the universe, and you always get what you imagine. Rather than fight the irrationality that lies in having an aura of positivity in the face of untold hardship, giving it a chance to change the situation is always a better bet. You just have to switch it up for a second.

There are 2 simple ways to go by it.

1) Focus on the positive: As said, it is almost impossible to try to change things that are apparently going downhill with our minds — We’re no superheroes. However, no matter how bad it seems the world around us is, there is always something to be happy about. It could just be the joy of having friends and family to support you, or how it felt the last time you were successful at something even if it was years ago. Think of your mind as a transparent jar. Where there are more negative thoughts, memories, and fears occupied in there, the world on the outside sees that gloom and mirrors it right back to you. But when you choose to fill your mind with the bright positives, your reflection of joy and positivity would force the world around you to cave in. It doesn’t take the hurt, pain or fear of the other negatives away. You have just chosen to focus on the positive, so you have more reason to remain that way.

2) Create positives

The other way to do it, is create your own positivity streaks. When life throws you lemons, drop them and get chocolate if that’s what you prefer. Rather than having a passive approach to lie, have an active one. So, when life seems to offer you reasons to stay negative, create reasons to be optimistic. One way to do this is to focus on things you are good at. Those things you would probably never fail at. Things that would help you stay happy, and the things that just offer you hope. Help a suffering child; teach somebody something you know better; eat your best meal to remind you that there are really great things to be optimistic for about life. If you dare to try, write a list of those things that are presently going sideways, and set them straight. Look at them daily, recite them, imagine the possibilities that abound, and, let your hopes come alive. Create your own positives, and life’s brightness would rub off on you.

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