Pola Negri’s Healing Meaning For Hidden Words!

The Mystique, Eloquence, and Healing Sound Of What's Hidden, In the Legendary Silent Film Star and Singer, POLA NEGRI'S 1937 Performance Of the Song, "Paradise!"

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There are versatile methods when it comes to singing; and its not always about putting words to notes. Sometimes singing takes place with wails, and slow hums. Sometimes, the passion, tonality, and timber in a song is so profound, you just have to move through the motions. You just have to vocally maneuver through the sound because there is a level of depth and richness taking place within the song. Its a complicated feature, sometimes, for those who are performing it. One of the beautiful components of hums and wails is how they move people towards a deeper level of depth and feeling, than what words, allow. When notes are met with other vocal techniques, the feelings withing our sensory become titillated. Something about these methods forces deeper explorations of our feelings. When a people are part of a collective, experiencing a musical performance together, there is a shared journey in collectively gliding through that level of richness and depth. When a singer or performer goes into that vocal texture, without the lyrical presence, they has the ability to share those feelings with others. Each and every person, within that spacing, gains the opportunity to experience the richness of musical feeling, and how it leads one to move through their own imaginations. How does sound create connect with imagery? When musical sound is connected to the wellness of feelings, what does that feel like?

So, now we return back into the world of silent films. There are hidden beauties, and treasures, laying in these worlds. Silent films take us into another world of movement, and theater, when it comes to the central stage. For the most part, actors and actresses are granted the ability to move through the acting realm, in a different way. And, of course, there is a uniqu aura in having lived during a time, where silent artistry was captured and appreciated. Certain actresses maintained and created a unique aura, during the silent film 🎥 era. They are able to move through a particular time, where movement on screen was an art. Prominent actresses of the time understood how to portray this art, its beauty, and move through the dynamics and intricacies of the time; all the while providing healing to he audience. Art is healing, lest we forget!

We will never forget her name. The world of silent film will never forget her very name. That’s for sure! She brought an elegant mystique to the acting and singing world. She traveled from distant lands, in order to showcase a different style of artistry to the world. She was the beauty, demonstrating pain, and one’s ability to move through difficult times. She had come from intense pain, and therefore, she had become a master in healing. This precious dame is none other than the beloved. . .

Pola Negri; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

She was born as Apolonia Chalupec-a Polish dame! Another maiden from Poland’s terrains, who traveled across such landscapes; all the while, performing artistry, in the bed way she knew. When her father was sent to Serbia, her mother reared her in poverty. Illness was one of her battles, as she fought against tuberculosis, during her teenage years. After her physical triumph, she went on to study ballet. During her acting work in Warsaw, she ended up being a great actress in theater. It was in 1917, where she moved to Germany; beginning her work in silent films. Major executives from Paramount Pictures gave Pola Negra a contract. It was in 1922 where she became the first European actress in her/history to receive a contract in the Hollywood scene. Such, along with other accolades, permitted her the honor of being one of the most prevalent actresses in the silent film world. Her accolades and achievements are many. Simultaneously, there are more enchanting characteristics about her image and persona. There was a certain level of charisma, that she developed, within the silent film world. Great beauty and healing sentiments were brought into the demeanor of moving on screen. There are a number of beautiful and healing aesthetics arising from her career. Her background circumstances, plus her immersion into the silent world, provided her with the skills and tools to move elegantly, and in the Universal way. Like blackened silk, it glides through the atmosphere; with smoothness, gentility, and an art, which glaces around, with the warmth and allure, it requires.

“I consider my work great, as I am a great artist.”

Pola Negri

Pola Negri is another darkened dame. One who performs, and imitates, the darkened riches of Heaven’s delight. As with other Polish women, who perform in the way of Universal aesthetics, Blackness is a healing tool, and comforting nectar. It is moved and used through song. Furthermore, it depicts levels of artistry, which are intertwined with Universal mysteries, and the wonders of its delight. Yet, can we be surprised? Look at her background. Was she not part of an experience, where she was forced to explore its existence in society’s marginalization? Did she not experience hardship, suffering, and loving in the poorer sector of Polish society? And yet, she moves on; further highlighting the sacred nature of theater, dance, and song. Pola Negri is another example of being from nothing, and using “nothingness,” for the betterment of one’s environment. She, along with her mother, were at the bottom. And so, she discovered the “bottomly” treasures. Skills and colors, which would elevate her to the next level. Furthermore, she was filled with the nourishment of appreciating the jewels, which can only be found at the bottom. Taking the magic and using it to propel her forward.

“Of course, Hollywood is still making some excellent pictures which reflect the great artistry, that made Hollywood famous throughout the world. But these films are exceptions, judging from box office returns and press reviews.”

Pola Negri; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

One of the blessings and hidden beauties of moving through pain, is that it allows you to appreciate healing. That way when you experience paradise, you embrace the pleasures, coming from the island. In Pola Negri’s 1932 performance of the song, “Paradise,” in the film, A Woman Commands! It was her first talking film. Listening, and observing the scene, where she performs the song, there is a different tone in the song. Again, we sense the dark aura and tonality of the song. It is themed with love. It is based on loving a man. Somehow, the ending of the song is more receptive to love; void of the drama, initially heard in the beginning. The hums and whispers articulate emotions, which cannot be expressed through words. Its that moment, when one’s eyes are closed, in order to imagine the coloring, design, and patterns, coming into play. Love is clearly the healer and nurturer in this paradise. The whistles and hums, throughout the song, provide a period of memory. A woman or man is allowed to return to that place of love. Those distant loves when love was all that matters. In fact, loving a person was so dramatic that the love could be felt from the very distance. One feels the breath of ecstasy, briefly stalled in a moment in time. You desire to hold onto that moment, for as long as it may last. And should you fall short, in your ability to express the complexity of love, you can whistle or hum your way through it.; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

Meditating further on her ability to move through the depth of the song, we cannot leave out her upbringing. She came from “the bottom,” and with that comes experiences. With it comes lessons and moments, where time is re-evaluated. Time is stopped, even for a brief moment. There is nothing more than one’s ability to move through music 🎶🎶🎶 when words are unable to fully comprehend its most authentic and rawest of meanings. When a certain level of healing, or pain, is described, sometimes all you can do is sit back and hum. The richness is too great to paint it with words; and so you have to paint 🎨🎨 it with, touch. Its the only way to unite one’s audience, into a commonality of nourishment, which is felt in one communion. Through a few points of humming, the audience becomes, one. For that moment, and for that time, the people within that shared spacing are introduced to that common journey of love, and our seeking of it. Sometimes, when you come from nothingness, you come to understand the true meaning of silence. You learn to be attentive to the smallest of details, as in times they are the meaning between thriving, and not. Silence could mean the difference between societal elevation, and not. So, its best to listen in silence. The Universe has a way of blessing those who do.

“Hollywood has gone from Pola to Polaroid.”

Pola Negris

The proof of such blessings lay in POLA NEGRI’S recruitment into the silent film genre. It was from there, where her success came. Isn’t that amazing? Isn’t it wonderful? Who would have ever imagined that the cradle of silence was so rich? And yet, there are still many things, which are awaiting to be unearthed from the depth of its Universal waters. When a person is silent, they speak louder, than ever before.; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

As we continue to reflect upon the memory of famed, Polish singer and silent film actress, we have another reminder as to the significance of those aesthetically dark women. Those women, who utilized their voices to illuminate the riches and treasures, which lay awake in, the dark. In this way they are shaking up old stereotypes. They are reminding their audiences, and the world, that Blackness or darkness is not ugly or “evil.” On the contrary, its the behaviors of people, in the dark (when no one is looking), which decides if one’s journey in it, will be a pleasant, holistic, or not. The light simply reveals what was done in the dark. It does not make it “more Holy” than the former. In fact, they are complements of each other.

As we move through the treasures of silent film stars, such as Pola Negri, we are also silently reminded of her culture and how her fame, retells a different story of Polish people. Its a story, laying awake and filled with those, hidden creative jewels, found in Polish lands. We must never forget that period of recuperation. That time when the destruction of life took place in Poland’s domains. And yet, the way of silence’s artists continued to move through the lands; awakening Universal artistry. In the case of POLA NEGRI, she was able to spread it abroad. Carrying the legacy of Polish women before her, she represented her land; presenting it well. Music and performance restores any nation; no matter the turmoil from within. Music 🎶🎶 rebirths and centers a nation! And music is playing, and the silence kicks in, let it be known that it is the language of the Universe. Allowing humans to understand that certain sounds are too sacred to have words. Its better to simply feel them, in silent mode! Healing in love, for future stories, untold!

“Love is disgusting when you no longer possess yourself.”

Pola Negri; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark
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