Poetic Guitar: Ted Hawkins #BlackAmericanHer/History360

Stopping Time Through The Ripples Of Water, and the Breathing Of Time! TED HAWKINS' Performance Of "Corrina, Corrina," and the Power Of A Holistic Woman!

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One of the most enchanting melodies of the guitar is how it moves through time in a different way. There is a unique attribute for stringed instruments, which gives the illusion in having slowed down the paces of time. For some reason, there is a unique decor, for how it wraps itself around every particle of time. Of even greater fascination is that there is no other group of stringed instruments, which is able to do this. Stringed instruments, and especially the guitar, has a way of performing this style. Their intimacy with time is a totally different method of Being. So many people miss this imperative detail. Nevertheless, when you break it down, some are open to the enchantment. It feels liberating; especially, in atmosphere where time is always rushed. People appear to be in a constant state of chaos. So, when you have those healing songs, which have the power of slowing down the chaos-permitting people to find comfort in a state of stillnessthey are to be cradled. We must treat them with the level of gentility, as we would treat a newborn Baby! That same amount of tenderness.

Of course, there comes that moment of love! It’s that moment where a song is performed and written by a man, in his love for a woman! Not only is such a precious act, but the very speaking of a name, affirms the love. Repeating it are a wave of ripples and watery, air-like vibes! You can actually imagine ripples taking place in the stillness of a lake or river. Close your eyes, Baby! What if the performance of a guitar suddenly created an artistry of ripples? What if? And then, if you have the one-man vocals, mixed with a guitar? Now, tell me how does it feel? What do you see? Who do you hear? It’s an interesting fascination to be held! Nevertheless, what are the sacred teachings in the midst of a man, who repeats the very name of a woman, who has been “gone too long?” It’s amazing the power of a feminine Being, who has managed to revive the very Spirit and wellness of a man! Truly amazing! Furthermore, it goes to address the healing power of a woman, when she is operating in her natural state!

Corrina, Corrina! There is true power in a name! Based on the energy behind the name, a person is granted the power of life! A period of re-birth creates the channeling of energy into a different state! It’s precious, indeed! There is power in a specific name! And when it comes from a certain dame, a re-birth is captured and created! A man can only survive for so long without that nutritious, feminine energy. It’s absence can be draining and detrimental to the very Spirit! In fact, it can also cause the very breaking of the Spirit. Another reason for why holistic, feminine energy is so imperative for humankind. What beauty, indeed! What treasures, indeed!

A man. His voice. The guitar. There is a pleasure, at hand. How does it feel to find nourishment in that Spirit? How does it feel to get lost in a song, which slows down time? Of course, it is temporary. We have to get back into reality, at some point in time. Nevertheless, such songs are a reminder for how reality can truly be! Reality can be as intimate, as a guitar! It can “slow down” time, in order to make it, relatable! More enjoyable! When it comes, and the name is heard, there is such a way of reminding one, special woman just how magnanimous her energy, Spirit, and womanhood, truly is! Corrina, Corrina!

Ted Hawkins


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