Playing Those Chosen Few, Who See the Essence Of, YOU! Chadwick Boseman’s Lasting Teachings #BlackAmericanHer/History360

How The Career Of Chadwick Boseman Reflects That Beauty Of Connecting With Characters For The Enrichment Of Reality and the Completion Of SELF! #BlackAmericanHer/History360

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You know what is phenomenal about SuperHeroes? Its their ability to occupy the human, and the supernatural worlds! That’s what makes them spectacular. SuperHeroes and SuperSheroes live between the real world, and one left to be, unseen. In fact, only a certain group will be given access into this world. Its not only a world of fantasy, but a Universal realm, where harmony and justice, prevail! Through SuperHeroes and Sheroes, there is the righting of wrongs, and the good guys, and girls, always win! That’s what makes this world, so great! Legends strive towards goodness, not only because it is the right thing to do. They also do it because they know that being good, brings victory! Let’s face it. No one wants to lose. If you are a good, a just person, there is something agonizing, frustrating, and angering, in witnessing evil people succeed, or be triumphant. It leaves feelings of hopelessness and despair. Observing such images causes you to question the logical rational of being good. Why be good if there is nothing to gain? Why be a good person if you are mistreated and suffer, while others “get over” on you? It is a just question. After all, based on Universal law, what you pour into the Universe, should come back to you. Of course, that’s not the only thing you should think about when doing good. However, the whole point of being good, is that it is supposed to assist you in your own happiness.

SuperHeroes and SuperSheroes live the teachings of justice! They are ever reminding us that if we want justice, we have to seek it. It will not come by sitting still, and complaining about how “unfair” life is. When a level of instability has occurred, it is up to people to initiate the re-balance. Our favorite SuperHeroes and SuperSheroes live these teachings on a daily basis. Many times, we in the human world, are not paying attention. Its quite sad, if we are going to be frank. Yet, there is more about our Superheroes/Sheroes than entertainment, and having our imaginations, titillated.

When we meet real-life Superheroes, who have been magical on the screen, and in real life, we have been blessed by the Universal design. Truly, they are magical! Playing a SuperHero and being one, is an experience, only for those who are special enough to master both worlds. There is one special man, who clearly performed this. Onstage and off! Recently, he returned to the Universal realm. When the human body cannot handle a certain level of pain and breakdown, the Spiritual realm, ends the suffering. Dear World, we were met with our own real-life SuperHero! That, my Dears, is none other than the great. . .

Chadwick Aaron Boseman; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

Our Dear Brother, Chadwick Boseman, gained international fame, in the iconic role of T’Challa in the action film, Black Panther! Yet, in real life, he proved that a real fight, could not be acted, offstage! Throughout his chemotherapy treatment, he continued to perform his purpose on Earth. He had to keep going, in lite of his health problems. Even more, he did not pity himself. He refused to feel sorry for himself. There was nothing for him to do, but to take care of his health, and carry on. The artistry had to continue. In his mind, I often wonder about what he was thinking. He did not inform the public of his health. Clearly, he felt the art, his performances, were more important. Maybe, he sensed the magic in his art! It was important for that magic to be carried over, even when he had passed. What can you say to such courage? How do you write about such bravery? Power such as that, requires some time to highlight! It truly does! My goodness! These very thoughts can become overwhelming!

What is fascinating about the career and roles of Chadwick Boseman, during that particular time, is that every character appeared to have a mission. Every character was clearly intertwined with each other. It is as if these subsequent films was the journey of one man. Through the different stories, this man is viewing different arenas of his life. All of these unique characters foretell the myriad styles, and colors, of one man. Its interesting, isn’t it?

As actors and actresses, and those in the theater realm, we can go through a spiritual experience, when it comes to acting. In fact, there is a Universal essence to this very art form. For some reason, different characters have a way of highlighting past stories of ourselves. When we play them within a specific order, there is incite into our spiritual journey, and the paths we have taken, prior to. These journeys are reminders into missions, we have, and have not completed. What went wrong? What went right? Playing myriad roles, and standing back to observe, we are able to see the fluidity of time. How the different characters are interconnected, as it pertains to the essence of time! Its beautiful! Its calming. Its whole!

What makes Chadwick Boseman’s continued performances, leading up to his last film, and final days, so enriching is that it is if they are preparing him for his transition. Did Chadwick Boseman know his passing was coming? Is that why he continued to do the work, that was necessary before he moved on? Did he actually see a light at the end of the tunnel, and in turn, it propelled him to keep push forward? Continuing to press on, even though he may be tired, weary, and in need of rest. In his continuing to film and do the work, there is something about his work, which is enchanting. Its like it is granting him the peace he needs for when that final time will come. Who knows the amount of fear he had to go through, in order to complete his mission? What are the revelations coming to him, when he decided to push through, in leaving behind a legacy? Contemplating on these remaining days, he knew! Chad knew he was going to be leaving soon. Yet, he loved us enough to give us his very best!

James Brown. Thurgood Marshall. “Stormin” Norman Earl Holloway. Jackie Robinson. T’Challa. Floyd Little. Jacob King. Andre Davis. Thoth. Vontae Mack. Lt. Samuel Drake. Graham McNair. Levee. Reggie Porter Montgomery. David Wafer. Foster Keyes. Rondo. Derek Taylor. Dexter Dex’ Collins. Cabe McNeil. Nathaniel Ray. Graham McNair. Michael Richmond. Chuck Russell. Tommy Westin. Ralph ‘Flex’ Beeman. Cameron James. Yasuke. Black Panther.

Through all of these characters, were pieces of Chadwick Boseman’s own masculinity and humanity. Each character is somehow a telling of his own inner Being. Perhaps, just perhaps, Boseman became whole, by simply playing them. Maybe his acting journey was more secret than what we realize. For in his artistry, he had weaved together the lives of these characters. Whatever existing fragmentation were healed the moment he performed these characters. He found solace, power, leadership, wisdom, and greatness in them. In turn, he became them-even if it was for a temporary time. The fact remains that when you play your characters with such naturalness, comfort, and ease, it is no longer, simply “acting.” In fact, during that moment, there is an intertwining with fiction’s reality, reality’s reality, and reality’s fiction. Different periods of time are intermingled, in such a way, that actors have the privilege of experiencing another world, more frequently, than most. You literally have opportunities of going into other places and other lives. Once you leave those spaces, and the lives of people, you take traces of their Being with you. Furthermore, you are able to go into those domains, and assess your own persona, character, and overall vibe, with these people. Who are these people? And, why were they sent to you? Lastly, outside of a director’s decision, why are certain individuals chosen to play specific characters? What is their connection to them? Clearly, there are underlying messages and hidden principles, that actors are meant to learn.

On another note, there is also the experience in watching how different characters, played by these artists, become immersed with each other. They become united, and part of that larger painting. Like the essence of water, they transition into fluid mirrors of each other. When the actor or actress stands back, and observes this painted mirror, what they are seeing is their spiritual walk on Earth. Having experienced different lives, lived different lives, in one moment of time. It is euphoric! It is healing!

Sometimes when going into dangerous territory, and saving the lives of others, SuperHeroes and SuperSheroes must use their own bodies to block pain. Sometimes their mission is to enter into Earth’s domain, in order to block the pain, and illness, of another. Saving a life so that great work can continue for Earth’s healing. Different media platforms have highlighted his visiting of children with terminal illness. His reading of sacred letters from precious children articulates their desire to take on a Hero and Shero role. It is an example of time’s gentility! Sometimes, Ladies and Gentlemen, Superhumans do not wear capes, and showcase might and power. Sometimes, they thrive and brings joy, until they are called home! It doesn’t make their lives of any less value. It just means they perform might in a different way!

Ah! It makes sense doesn’t it. Now, it makes sense. Chadwick Boseman was not simply, doing a job! He wasn’t simply, “being strong.” No, my Darlings! He was completing his mission. Finalizing his Earthly mission, so that his spiritual one would continue to its next journey! That’s what Brotha’ Boseman was doing! Whether he understood this or not. Whether he could articulate it, or not. It is PRECISELY what he was doing. Because what he understood more than us, more than his fans, more than his audience, is that the work doesn’t stop, once a person transitions on. Not at all! The work continues on, but in a different taste. It means we have a responsibility. We are responsible in continuing the footprints of his legacy-in film, theater, music, visuals arts, and other realms of Universal aesthetics. He did not tell us because your pity would hinder his completion of the mission. In turn, it would cause us to miss out on the greater teachings, at hand. Do not pity him. Don’t you dare pity him! No. In the very least, you study him. Watch him. Observe him. Hear his voice and words. Review his work. Observe the painting, and pass it down to different generations. Speak his name! Then carry on his footprints, for our own SuperHero and SuperShero journeys, we must complete! Brotha’ Chadwick Boseman, continue to create, paint, and spread healing in Heaven’s gardens! Let justice, reign! Work through Universal domains, with Superhuman strength, and spread the balance, that we seek! Journey through images of stillness, which have been captured in time, and stored in Universal domains. Stand back. Observe. And bless the realm of mirrored paintings’ completion, for those of us, in the reality of Earth!; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark
\; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

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