Plan for the Best-Case Scenario

Success is nothing to be afraid of.-

What’s the worst that could happen?

Do you have a plan for the worst-case scenario?

Where is your contingency or back-up plan?

We hear these questions all the time in our businesses. We’re always thinking about the worst that could happen and how to plan ahead for it. I’m done with that.

Why is all this contingency planning a bad thing? You move ahead way more slowly, if you move ahead at all. I’ve spent so much time planning for worst cases that I often got scared of even moving forward in the first place. What kind of businessperson does that?

So now I spend most of my planning time on best-case scenarios.

Am I ready for more demand than I planned?

How will I manage extra cash?

When my dream client/job/whatever happens, how will I guarantee great service?

It took a lot of effort for me to get over my fear of success, and to shift my focus from worst-case to best-case. And I started out with something small: planning for the desired outcome of a meeting vs. planning for virtually every conflict or question that could arise. When I was insanely focused on the worst-case meetings quickly got out of control. I would desperately try to get it back on track, and worry about making sure I had all the answers. Which, by the way, is impossible.

I discovered that letting the meeting unfold with my ultimate goal in mind allowed me to better guide the discussion. I was also less defensive when a question arose. Lo and behold, most of the time the meeting outcome was exactly what I wanted.

Give it a try. Take something small, and plan for the best-case scenario. See what happens, and how much better you feel during the process. Then post a response below so we can support and celebrate with you.

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