Even God wants you to smile.

  1. Realize that life is not permanent.

Even though everyone knows this fact ,it takes special effort to realize it fully and unlock the potential and freedom that comes with it. So, take a moment to recognize this. After a specific number of years down the lane, you are going to be no more. All your actions and emotions will be nil and forgotten.

What are you waiting for?Whom do you want to impress?

2. Do what you like.

It doesn’t take much effort to jump from the previous point to this one. Make this one life that you have got as yours. Do what is close to your heart.

There is no such thing as a secure life.There is just life. Just focus on experiencing everything to the fullest.

It is said that the voice of your heart is the truth.

3. While doing something,don’t think about the results.

Whenever I give an examination, at each question ,my thinking is focussed on how much marks I will get or lose on that particular question. You see, what this does is , it disrupts my thinking even before I start to devise strategies to answer that question. So, I won’t give my best.

This is true in many aspects of life.

Whenever you are doing any work,try detaching yourselves from the fruits of your actions and just perform the work with full attention. Convince yourselves that the results are not important. Enjoy the very act of doing the work, rather than the results of your work.

Fame, recognition?That is not important.

Are you convinced with your work?That is important.

4. Whatever you do,realize that you are not the doer of your actions. Do what is right.

Whatever you do in this world is a result of a collection of many factors and reasons. Be sure to do what is right.

Take a situation. You are an executioner. You are given with the job of executing a murderer or a robber. Will you do it?

………………….. Difficult decision?

Let me help.

If you do it, who is to be blamed for his killing? You,or the judge who ordered the punishment,or the person who wrote the laws,or the officer who signed the execution?

Just realize that it is meant to happen and that no one is responsible for it.

Never back down from doing what is right. It is better to take a stance than staying neutral.

5. Dedicate whatever you do and achieve to a higher power.

If you are an atheist, take the higher power to be nature or simply “reason”.Whenever you dedicate your actions and results to a higher power, you will not be affected by failures, nor become too proud of your achievements.

This is very difficult to practice in real life and comes only with time.

Give up the illusion that you are in control. You are never in control. Just surrender and enjoy the peace.

6. Give your actions and motives a selfless tinge.

What makes your actions selfless?

Whatever work you are doing, do it in a way that it benefits your society. You foremost duty is to help in the development of the society of you are a part of.

If you are a cook, take up an initiative to serve good and nutritious foods to poor and homeless people for free.

7. Nothing in this world is yours.

Today, people are way too much attached to everything in this world.Their life revolves around way too much materialistic things.

There is a race going on in the world for money, fame , land and properties. While it is good to enjoy luxuries on a small scale, it is not good to become too much attached to it.

In any case, all these things are transient and there is a good chance that you will lose them.

You may go from riches to rags.

Accept the fact that nothing in this world is yours. You didn’t bring anything while coming in this world and you won’t take anything when you leave this world. Face whatever comes in your way with a smile.

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