To perhaps widen and deepen our internal lens and view the optics of how we can potentially see the world from a more bountiful; a more colourful - a more magical grassroots viewpoint.

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Oh, the Places You'll Go - Dr. Seuss

Asking an author to rhyme off their favourite all-time book is similar to asking a parent who their favourite child is – it truly is impossible!

I have too many choices I could potentially cite and all for uniquely significant and profound reasons for how I have grown and evolved as a human being. I have sponged up and learned so much about myself, others, humanity, growth, and life in general as a result of what has been written and shared with the collective – so much incredible yumminess out there which has wholeheartedly resonated with me and transformed the trajectory of my insights, perceptions, outlooks, and overall approach to self, relationships, work, and mindset.

Hundreds of books have each held their sacred place in my heart and have resonated with me for whatever I was hungry for or seeking at the time while travelling through various junctures of my personal and professional developmental journey. One book in-particular which I will choose to highlight and focus on, which speaks to all demographics and sectors of individuals is, Oh, the Places You’ll Go by Dr. Seuss! This is a book I have read and re-read, shared and recommended and gifted to many, and long before I ever had children of my own to enjoy this with.

Oh, the Places You’ll Go is an all-time classic, and for many important reasons! I love messages which incorporate the underlying reminder of why we must all remember to re-embrace, and re-discover our inner child – to continue to thrive in this world while remaining in our child-like spirit – to rekindle our relationship with adventure, curiosity, risk-taking, discovery, exploring, and believing! I love how the books premise opens eyes, opens doors, opens imaginations, opens hearts, opens opportunities for all that exists outside of our day-to-day realities and routines. I love and appreciate how fresh and exciting the energies are within the story – every page turned is a leap into something new to experience and to contemplate and ponder. Life is forever a journey offering each and every one of us a variety of colourful ways in which to interpret and immerse ourselves in the magical tapestry of the unknown, which truly is at our finger tips both literally and figuratively.

The concept and notion that the world is much more vast and expansive than what each of us may be cognizant of or familiar with based on either limiting beliefs, personally held life experiences or lack of exposure perhaps, is a lovely way for us to question, and assess who we are both interdependent of others as our own individual explorer as well as an integrated participant of humanity – functioning as a contributing team member for the collective, and being on the bigger journey…together.

I equally love and appreciate the implied sentiment of the world being a huge playground – a beautiful canvas filled with joy and passion, and the importance of us remaining mindful of this as a universal symbol to not be small, feel small, think small or play small no matter our physical size, chronological age or individual circumstances while we continue to navigate and maneuver. I think it is brilliant how Dr. Seuss indirectly has the reader paralleling how they/we perceive the world in contrast to the main character/young boy in the story – how the boys spirit and approach to life may or may not be similar to that of our own therefore inspiring us to delve deeper – taking the plunge into introspective evaluation – to perhaps widen and deepen our internal lens and view the optics of how we can potentially see the world from a more bountiful; a more colourful – a more magical grassroots viewpoint.

I love and appreciate the expressed profoundness of what it is to FEEL alive as opposed to just being alive and the friendly reminder to us all within the pages of this book that there is fundamentally – a world full of choices and pathways to embark upon if we so choose to do so. The many gifted golden nuggets for us readers, very much speaks to me, my brand, my plight, my mission and life purpose of uplifting others to fear less and to live more – for that too, is a personal choice afforded to each of us in-spite of any and all unforeseeable circumstances we each grapple with throughout our time on this planet. I love and very much appreciate the nuance throughout the book of it being about the journey and not so much about the destination, which unearths yet another significant reminder of the importance to be present and in the here and now so as reap the benefits of the journey itself as well as to maximize the opportunity to learn from the lessons and the messages we are intended to receive along the way during ones exploration process.

I am deeply grateful to Dr. Seuss for this timeless, legendary, and epic masterpiece, and will forever recommend this gem to one and all!

Uplifting you to fear less and to live more! 

Love & Gratitude ~  Lisa

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