Paul Schnurr of Direct-Smarter Technology Inc: “Can be used at any place in the world”

All of us are still recovering from different news stories of hackers gaining access to a family’s smart home devices, and they watched the family’s children through the indoor camera, or changed the temperature on the home owner’s thermostat while they were away. The memories of Hackers gaining access to Target POS systems using login […]

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All of us are still recovering from different news stories of hackers gaining access to a family’s smart home devices, and they watched the family’s children through the indoor camera, or changed the temperature on the home owner’s thermostat while they were away. The memories of Hackers gaining access to Target POS systems using login credentials belonging to an HVAC company, is also very fresh for many of us.

As a part of our series about “Homes Of The Future”, I had the pleasure of interviewing Paul Schnurr.

Paul is an International Innovation Hunter with a reputation for effectively creating, accelerating, and implementing aggressive international growth strategies. His technical foundation and extensive manufacturing background for the Power Generation, Renewable, Consumer Goods, Fitness, and Smart Home industries, guides his continued success. Paul has a proven track record of successfully leading start-up business units, acquiring new clients, developing business growth, and creating a relationship built on trust with clients in Europe, North-America, Mexico, and South-Korea. He is a German native who has been living in the USA for over 12 years.

Thank you so much for doing this with us! Before we dig in, our readers would like to get to know you a bit more. Can you tell us a bit about your “backstory”? What led you to this particular career path?

Sadly, just a few months after my 17th birthday, my father passed away. During those difficult times, I decided to complete the school year and start an apprenticeship in industrial business. In Germany, the school system is quite different from the USA school system; it is very common for students to start an apprenticeship instead of directly starting University or College. I was blessed to have started my apprenticeship with a very well-known and respected consumer goods brand, located just a few minutes from where I grew up. Being an apprentice in industrial business involves attending the workplace thrice a week to learn the practical aspects of everything from sales, purchasing, logistics, and accounting. And for two days, you attend school to get acquainted with the theoretical part. Usually, this goes on for three years, following which you give your final exams. After my three years of apprenticeship, I decided to get my bachelor’s in economics. Unfortunately, my mom passed away about four years in, just before my final exams. Personally, I feel home is where your parents live, which for me, was gone. After successfully completing my exams, I decided to move a few hours away from my family home to join another company. My role was to lead their export department. Things continued to deteriorate with time, as I had to take a leave of absence just 1 1/2 years after beginning my journey in this new company, as I fell very sick. When I returned after 6 weeks of leave, I was laid off by the company. It is a terrible feeling to deal with, right after battling with a serious illness. I was recovering from my bout of sickness and was eager to get back to work, only to then be faced with a termination notice. Thank GOD I did not let this adversity get me down because at this point, I was fueled with the idea of looking to work abroad. Previously, I had never seriously taken it to the next level. I was always keen to work in the US. As my parents were no longer around and I had no place to call home, I had nothing to lose. Around that time, I remembered a letter that the CEO of the company where I started as an apprentice sent to me. He asked me to give him a call when I needed support. I made that call, which changed my life. Right at that moment, their US subsidiary was looking for a Sales Manager to lead their new business development department. Shortly after our discussions, I was on a plane flying joyously towards a new chapter of my life. The company had their subsidiary situated outside of New York City. As a young man hailing from a small village in Germany, living just an hour away from Big Apple was a great opportunity for me. During my four years with the company, I made several great contacts and met fantastic people who motivated me to start my own business. I love the USA for encouraging people to start their own businesses and to pursue the “American Dream”. At an early age, I understood that my strength is helping businesses grow. Owning my own business gave me the opportunity to look for innovative start-ups/young companies and I worked to help them bring their products to market. Working from scratch and developing a business plan, marketing strategy, etc. is very exciting, especially when you are aware that your product stands above all others. Today, finding companies is very easy, thanks to the internet (A staggering 100 million businesses are launched annually, according to figures from GEM Global Report). It was after watching a TV Show on the internet that I learned about Direct-Smarter Technology- a Germany smart security and smart home manufacturer and their very innovative and patent protected technology. I knew that their innovation would help Americans be safer, protect them from hackers, enhance convenience and ensure that their privacy is 100% protected. After exciting discussions with the founder of the company, I became one of the three company owners, leading the USA business.

Can you share the most interesting story that happened to you since you began your career?

Even though I studied English in school, learning from books vs. speaking and listening to English throughout the day is a big difference. When I moved to the US, my English wasn’t near perfect at all. Actually, it was not very good. I was at my first major trade show and wanted to explain a product to a potential customer and called the product arresting platform instead of a resting platform. My colleague and boss had a good laugh, but we moved on and did not make a big deal out of it. However, starting the next time, I knew not to call it an arresting platform anymore. The moral of the story is that we should not WAIT until we become perfect at something before taking a risk with it. If I had decided to wait until I perfected my English before moving to the US, I would never have made it to the USA, started my own business, or found the love of my life.

Are you able to identify a “tipping point” in your career when you started to see success? Did you start doing anything different? Are there takeaways or lessons that others can learn from that?

Yes, there was one moment in my life that I will never forget. My career just began and my first manager, who was also a mentor to me and someone who I truly admired engaged with me in a serious discussion. He explained to me that if I don’t take my career seriously, someone else would and that person is already cutting on my chair. This had such a dramatic impact on my career; I began to give my 110% and realized that a career opportunity should never be taken for granted.

None of us are able to achieve success without some help along the way. Is there a particular person to whom you are grateful who helped get you to where you are? Can you share a story about that?

Absolutely, and for me, that person was my first manager. He was a true leader, as he truly led by example. His work ethic and professionalism helped and guided me in the right direction. As I mentioned, I lost my dad at a very young age and as I was just finishing school, I did not know much about real life. It was truly a blessing to have a person that I could rely on for advice and guidance. This inspired me to help and guide others in the right direction as I believe it is important in the growth of the next generation of managers and leaders in this world. When we are not selfish and support each other, all of us will win.

Do you have a book, podcast, or talk that’s had a deep impact on your thinking? Can you share a story with us? Can you explain why it was so resonant with you?

I read the Bible, as throughout my life, this instilled in me courage, guidance, and joy. I love the teachings of the Bible on love as well as how it focuses on supporting each other, which I believe is needed now more than ever.

Can you please give us your favorite “Life Lesson Quote”? Can you share how that was relevant to you in your life?

Before you learn to party, learn to work! In other words, if you have no problem staying up all night to party, you should also be okay with working all night or studying all night to bring you closer to your success. This is why I never look for excuses, such as being too tired to study or work.

Ok super. Let’s now shift to the main part of our discussion. There is a lot of talk about Smart Homes. Can you tell our readers a bit about what that is, what that looks like, and how that might help people?

Thank you very much for your interest in learning the way in which we protect the American people from hackers and ensure 100% privacy.

All of us are still recovering from different news stories of hackers gaining access to a family’s smart home devices, and they watched the family’s children through the indoor camera, or changed the temperature on the home owner’s thermostat while they were away. The memories of Hackers gaining access to Target POS systems using login credentials belonging to an HVAC company, is also very fresh for many of us.

Thankfully, these days are finally over! We are super proud and thrilled to introduce Direct-Smarter Technology. After a 4-year development phase, our startup has launched the first IoT — Smart Home & Building Technology in the market. This innovation can be used across the world as it does not require a gateway, router, internet connection, or external server. A new multiband module enables simultaneous use via NB-IoT, 4G LTE, 5G, and LTE-M networks.

I consistently encounter narratives in the media and warnings from the FBI about the security and data problems faced by smart home companies. However, I strongly believe that this is only preliminary phase. Consumers will seek better solutions that are devoid of all the risks attributed to internet based smart home control and security products.

For instance, hackers leveraged smart home products (light, camera or thermostat) to gain access inside a home. With our technology that is NOT POSSIBLE anymore!

Our team is focused on the development of the next generation of IoT and smart technologies. This technology

1. can be used at any place in the world

2. is delivered ready for use

3. perfectly protects your data and privacy from hackers

4. can perform several tasks at the same time

5. does not need internet, gateway router or external server to work

The multi-billion-dollar smart home control and security market requires novel solutions.

One pertinent issue with traditional smart home products is that the intelligence is spread across different servers situated across the world. Hence, the internet is required consistently to ensure that the product works. Consequently, hackers find it easier to access your privacy information, since it is stored on servers that are not controlled by you. Additionally, there is also the possibility of smart home companies turning off their servers, rendering customers’ smart products practically useless.

Needless to say, this is very frustrating for the customer. It also reduces the credibility of the industry among new or existing smart home buyers, thereby dissuading them from investing in such systems. To resolve the privacy and security issues to a certain extent, companies incorporate additional data protection measures against hacking (two-factor authentication). However, the situation is more or less the same. We believe real progress looks different.

Zigbee and Zwave, are the major radio technologies currently being used by smart home control and security companies. This radio technology can be traced back to the early 2000s and they cannot function without the internet. The Image 1 below illustrates the steps involved to switch on the light or receive information when a motion detector sounds the alarm.

Image 1 (several steps are involved with traditional smart home and security Systems, which require the Internet consistently. This invites hackers and all of your Information is located on servers scattered around the world)

How have we managed to protect the home and business owner from becoming a victim of hackers and also incorporated measures to protect their privacy?

We transferred the server-based intelligence directly into the product of each electrical device.

In other words, no private information is stored on foreign servers and the internet is not required for the product to function seamlessly. This automatically makes it impossible for hackers to gain access to the system. Each electrical device comes with its own CPU, which stores all the required data.

Communication and signal exchange take place directly between the smartphone or tablet as a control element and our developed technology. Since, detours over the Internet are eliminated, the highest data protection is provided by our system.

Our innovation is ground-breaking in the field of digitalization and development of products. Solutions that were previously unthinkable are now possible and offer the user a whole new world in terms of data protection, simplicity, practical applications and lower prices.

We developed the TC radio chip to enable the customer to control any electrical device directly from their smartphone. While we pride ourselves for developing a TC radio chip for electrical devices, one of our greatest achievements is the development of a multi-tool that includes all the sensors commonly available in the market in a single small wireless transmitter. This tool is called the All-In-Sensor (AIS). The AIS is also able to work with the TC radio chip built-in any electric device, this means that a complete automatic control, secure, measure and monitor of your entire smart home and life environment is possible for the first time.

(Image 2) With Direct Smarter Technology, you can control the light, thermostat, camera, air conditioner, and other devices, either using your smartphone or with the All-In-Sensor. You can also set up each electrical device to facilitate interactions between each other. Our technology does not need internet, gateways, or servers and it can be used anywhere in the world. We believe homeowners and businesses that are concerned about their privacy and hacker attacks will love the concept.

Image 2 (the future in IoT — no gateway, no internet, no router needed — 100% privacy. Optimal protection against hackers and can be used anywhere in the world) Control all of your smart home products directly with your smart phone and/or All-In-Sensor.

Through the direct cooperation of the All-In-Sensor, its switch accessories and your smartphone / Laptop, open up completely new possibilities to humans that were previously unknown.

Hence, the All-In-Sensor has disruptive potential. It can bring about profound change in the areas of existing smart home technologies, in AI artificial intelligence or in the security technology industries.

The all-in sensor will initiate a whole new era for smart devices with worldwide usability.

Only as big as a matchbox — The high-tech center in pocket size

Typically, the Smart Home industry offers numerous sensors capable of performing only one function- Such as a smoke detector for smoke, a motion detector for motion, water sensor for water break, gas sensor for a gas alarm, etc. Each of these sensors must be mounted individually and paired with a control center.

Technology and systems are often so complex that the support of a professional is essential for the initial installation. Hence, customers incur high charges for installation and commissioning. Moreover, there is increased time and cost involved in maintaining these numerous individual sensors as well.

Without complex configuration — The Smart Home Starter Package

Direct-Smarter Technology has for the first time brought together all the sensors commonly available in the market, in a single small wireless transmitter — see image 3. This performs numerous functions, each of which can be switched on or off according to your needs. With the All-In-Sensor and your smartphone, you can control, secure, measure and monitor as you wish.

Possible at ANY place in the world. An All-In-Sensor can monitor a whole room, up to a distance of approx. 530 sq feet for all common hazards and to control any electrical devices. The All-In-Sensor is suitable for new buildings as well as for retrofitting — at home, on the road, for vehicles, when travelling and all other areas of daily life.

Living safely in the Smart Home — It‘s easy

The All-In-Sensor does not require Internet connection, registration of user accounts, or complicated installations. It communicates directly with your smartphone and with all electrical products that use the TC radio chip, in real time and can be used anywhere. It comes with end-to-end encryption and complete data protection.

This technology will open up new business opportunities outside the traditional markets (for example logistics companies can obtain real-time information about the humidity level inside the container, or receive information when the container was opened or moved, etc.) or the RV industry: The countless RV’s commuting on the road can use just one AIS to protect and control their entire RV/Motorhome without worrying about travelling through an area with no internet connection. That is because people can still enjoy the safety of smart home control and protection thanks to the AIS. Protection of your home can also be facilitated in this manner. For instance, if your kitchen has several windows and a sliding door, you no longer require a window/door contact sensor, fire sensor, motion sensor, water break sensor and smart home control. All you need to do is simply install one AIS to secure, monitor and smart control your entire kitchen.

Our TC radio chip and AIS, create a completely new category, since our innovation helps satisfy the needs that go beyond what traditional smart home and security companies are able to offer.

Image 3 (18 of the most common security & monitoring devices including smart home, combined in one small device)

The AIS with all the above security components and monitoring measures, including smart control is retailed at 198 dollars.

There is no risk of hacking since the entire intelligence is inside the products and not in a cloud server. More importantly, customers have full privacy control and need not fear that their recently purchased product(s) may stop functioning, since the technology is inside the product.

To ensure that the All-In-Sensor can control the electrical devices such as lights, shutters, heating, etc., we supply suitable Smart Home sockets, switches, security cameras or LED lamps (B2C) as accessories. However, for B2B, we supply the TC radio chip as a built-in radio module. The manufacturers of electrical devices and machines can convert ANY of their device into a smart device, simply by installing our thumbnail size small board, controlled by smartphone, Laptop, and PC. This is enabled without detours or additional technology.

This means that every device, machine, and building can be controlled immediately via your smartphone and can also interact with each other without internet.

Image 4 (TC radio chip makes every electrical device smart. This means that every device, machine, and building can be controlled immediately via your smartphone and can also interact with each other without internet

We believe we can win back the trust of homeowners and businesses that previously had a bad experience with traditional smart home and security products.

The good news is that, with Direct-Smarter Technology, there is an alternative to traditional smart home and security systems now available in the market.

You are a person of great influence. If you could inspire a movement that would bring the most amount of good to the most amount of people, what would that be? You never know what your idea can trigger. 🙂

Lead by example. Ultimately, we want to change the world for the better but often feel we do not have the necessary resources. However, in reality, a smile or a friendly encouraging word can move mountains.

How can our readers follow you online?

This was very inspiring. Thank you so much for joining us!

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