Painting Pain For the Wellness Of Mind! Frida Kahlo

How Frida Kahlo's Painting, LA COLUMNA ROTA, Invites Humanity To Expose Their Pain For A Healing Journey!

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The awkward fascination in being broken, is that it allows an individual to examine where fragmentation lays. What parts of their body reveals those hidden scars? How much of their Spirit is covered with tears of pastime memories? That’s one of the joys of pain’s revelation. Exposing oneself in bareness, so that truth can be told. From the exposure comes the air, which allows for healing to take place. Pain is not beautiful. However, the truth of it is. It means that one has loved oneself enough to be clothed in honesty. Freeing one’s Being from falsehoods or illusions, which suffocate humanity. Pretending in order to keep up with appearances and facades, literally strangles the human Spirit. It is worse than the actual infliction of pain, itself. Exposing oneself to the feeling of such realities is what allows for healing to be contagious.

One of the most nourishing attributes of the human body is that it highlights the power of healing. There are many underlying themes regarding this phenomenon. Its amazing how many people do not associate the human body to the realm of truth. Too often bareness has been associated with deviance, lust, and addiction. However, in the world of art, there is a special connection to the arena of healing. When the human body, in its nude state of artistry, connects to this arena, there is nothing “deviant,” or “repulsive” of its making. That’s one of the most fascinating awakenings, when we shift our mentality to a greater realm.

One of the most enchanting attributes of the legendary FRIDA KAHLO is how she presents the intimacy of truth. Even in the depictions of her pain, beauty is revealed. In sharing her pain with the world, through her paintings, she has created a special spacing; a place for those, who have been suffering in silence. Perhaps, those individuals have had to wear the performance of happiness. Having to dress up in appearances for the sake of showing power, glamour, and other pictures linked to the realm of success or social standing. Not only was Frida Kahlo, “before her time,” but she was ahead of time’s fruition. Her work greatly articulated what it meant for people to be willing to rest with the “naked truth.” Even if she was scared, or uncomfortable, she was willing to highlight this particular level of human vulnerability. Her physical pain and scars served as the medium for a healing’s journey.

In her famous painting, La Column Rota (“The Broken Column”), the woman’s body has come to represent pain, within a greater context that many people were not willing to delve into. Breasts exposed, nails punctured into her skin, and terrain as her backdrop, Frida Kahlo made it very clear that what she was hinting to was the healing power of exposing oneself through art. Not being ashamed or fearful of any misconceptions arising from their visuals. People would have the right to believe what they wanted to believe, but art will stand. The truth of one’s reality would be presented in the very bareness of truth. There was nothing else to be said about it. The artistry would speak for itself.

La Columna Rota, is a work, entailing one point in the journey of navigating pain. The complexity of the journey highlights many different components. That’s fine. What must also be conveyed is the connection of woman’s body to the land. This is greatly depicted in “La Columna Rota.” It is as if Frida Kahlo is personifying the brokenness of the Earth; the ravaging, fragmenting, and tearing of her Spirit. This is what makes the painting so fascinating. Frida Kahlo does not stay inside emotionally, for the depiction of her pain. On the contrary, she spreads it out for the Earth to see; for people to, feel.

Let’s be very clear. There is no glamorizing of the pain, exerted in La Columna Rota. What makes the painting beautiful is that it is telling the truth. There are no secrets or hidden illusions. Everything is placed out, front and center. Viewers can either accept it, or reject it. However, in the world of Frida Kahlo, truth has been told. It’s up to you to believe it, or not.

The fascination of this painting is that it provides an opportunity for introspection. There is great room for healing. Once an individual allows themselves to see truth, they can begin their own healing journey. Pain’s revelation is the initiation for the healing phase. In fact, one has to understand that truth can sometimes be ugly. Like shattered glass it isn’t always well put together. Yet, shattered glass is simply that-shattered. You can’t pretend that it is pretty. However, in observing the glass fragments, you can collect the pieces and glue them back together.

Looking further into the painting, there is a reckoning of some sort. The internal pain of Frida Kahlo is not only poured out through the painting of nails on her skin. In addition, there are tears conveying the emotional pain, being cleansed from her very Spirit. Even in the painting of pain, viewers can also witness a healing process, taking place. Like her very own experience, there is a brokenness, within the land, that can be felt.; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

One of the greatest themes of this painting is how it highlights the process of the healing phase. The initial part of recognition. Yes! Pain deserves to be acknowledged. Any forms of brokenness, suffering, and heartaches deserve to be told. The problem with pain is that it festers when left hidden. In addition, it brings out a particular vibe of toxic behavior, that a person begins to inflict upon others. Some people get so used to hiding pain, that it becomes normalized. Toxicity appears natural, and those who have the audacity to convey the injustices of their pain are called “crazy” for daring to do so. For Frida Kahlo to have done this, while using her body as an instrument for the message, is more than phenomenal. The theme of the painting expands into other realms and ideas. In La Columna Rota, Kahlo affirms woman’s body with the land. When the land is broken, so become the women. While we are aware of Frida Kahlo’s accident, in the earlier phase of her life, viewers witness how she has released the pain of that time. She has painted the pain of her physical Being, and that of her Spiritual one.; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

There are more conversations that will happen on La Columna Rota. Its a masterpiece, which will live throughout time. Its a visual healer for those individuals having no direction for how they should release pain. Perhaps, they don’t have the courage, and need the obvious for that healing journey to begin. The brokenness is allowed to be painted for full viewing. No secrets. No lies. Once a person can recognize their pain, the broken pieces can be collected, and pasted together, again.

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