Overcoming Reading Fatigue and other Information Overload Symptoms

This is it for today.


Do you sometimes go through the social media apps on your phone and think, “Oh my God! There’s so much content, I ….can’t…read….anymore….”

Congratulations! This post is for you (and if you can’t find a ‘t’ in any of the words it’s because my keyboard’s been acting up). So here’s what you do and I recommend you do it over a weekend so you don’t get fired.

You switch off your laptop and lock it in your cupboard. Out of sight, out of mind.

You then pick up your phone and you call a few friends. You make plans with them for lunch/dinner.

You lock your phone for as long as you can (you might need it to coordinate the plans) and then you stand up, and you take a walk outside.

You feel the sun in your face, and breathe in the fresh air.

By now, you probably have the urge to get back to your phone.

Stop. Close your eyes. Take a few deep breathes, imagining the obsessive compulsive thoughts like birds flying away to the distance.

Then continue your walk.

At some point you might get bored so get a physical book. Not your kindle…please. An actual physical book…like Steve Job’s biography by Walter Isaacson.

Sit somewhere under a tree, and feel the pages in your hand as you turn them.

Again, your thoughts might start creeping in, asking you, “Where’s your phone? Maybe you have an important message,” close your eyes and go through a meditative practice where you notice your breath as it goes into and out of your lungs, feel the air fill your up and imagine the oxygen going to your brain cells as those cells happily jump around in anticipation like kids waiting around for their father to bring home gifts after a trip. Feel the weight of the book in your hand, and internalize the story. Imagine you’re sitting with the main character, what are you telling them?

Then when the urge for the phone passes,

Lose yourself into the world of words.

And because I feel like…I…can’t…write…anymore…

This is it for today.

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