Overcoming Fears of Failure—and Success

Embrace Change With These 5 Tips

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Do you wake up with an emptiness and longing for something more? Are you afraid of stepping into being seen and heard, yet aching to get your message out into the world? Do you want so much to align with your inner calling and live each day knowing you are in that alignment? Are you afraid? Of course you are. Can you feel the fear and do it anyway? Can you take the leap of faith?

Since our childhoods, we have been taught to fear change. Most of us have also experienced rejection from a young age, and that push-back may remind us of touching something very hot and then flinching back. We can hear our parents saying: “Don’t touch that! It is hot!” So we learn to fear. We are consumed with limiting beliefs and our minds swirl around throughout the day and sometimes into the evening with the thoughts of “Ohhh, that’s not safe…but ohhh, this feels yucky staying stagnant and complacent.” And then we get to a point where we realize that the pain of holding back is actually worse than the pain of doing it and possibly failing.

We are afraid of failure because we are afraid of being rejected, abandoned or betrayed. We are afraid of success because (yup) we are afraid of being rejected, abandoned or betrayed. What happens when someone shines big and the rest of the world is not ready for them? You know this fear? It is the fear of being all alone.

Here are five tips to free yourself from the fear of failure AND success:

1. Wake up before sunrise as often as you can, and make sure you have at least 20 minutes of silence in the early morning to sit quietly and connect to the truth of your heart.

2. Uplift others. Give to others and help them succeed. This will help you to attract others who want to see you shining! It is also the spiritual law of success. What we desire, we give to others and receive in return.

3. Focus on gratitude. Over time you feel the fear come over you, shift yourself from that vibration by focusing on ten things you are thankful for.

4. Spend time in nature. Taking walks in nature will remind you of the protected forces of the universe that are holding you and sustaining you so that you can jump into the magical destiny that is waiting for you.

5. Drink lots of fresh water and eat a healthy diet. Yes, we have heard this before, but it IS that important. Our gut dictates our minds. Our mind dictates our fears. Our fears dictate our actions. We truly are what we eat. I also encourage you to take your probiotics and eat your pre-biotics to keep the flora in your gut healthy; this is incredibly important to your overall well-being.

Complacency and hiding can feel like a slow mundane torture to our souls, especially at times like this in our world. Most of the people in the world who created great change for the highest good of all were not fearless. They were called. Callings usually arrive when we least expect them, and they are not always supported by our loved ones. The fear of being alone is a real fear, but the dis-ease that stems from complacency is where the pain resides.

Our passion for change and true spiritual connection is greater than our fear of solitude. Loneliness does not come from being alone; it comes from being silenced. We have been conditioned into a false sense that safety and security come from fitting in and pleasing the systems. Every single day, the sun rises, and the day is new. May today be a day of inspiration for you.  

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