Our Mind And The CRAZY Tricks It Plays

How to deal.

We are all living the existence called life, playing the cards that we were dealt. For most people, there comes a time in life where they question the fairness of that deal. Even in all of your questions, you can’t change what you have been dealt, you can only change how you deal with the hand that you’ve been dealt.

Unfortunately, from my experience; our minds tend to tell a different story. If you are not careful, you will allow your mind to tell you what is and isn’t possible for you based upon the hand that you were dealt. That is because your mind is in constant survival mode. Your mind’s natural state is meant to help you to survive not give you variations on what your possible outcome could be.

Our greatest challenges, competitions, and failures happens in our own minds.

What you may not realize is that the greatest threat comes when you are closer to the change that you want to see. It is when you are way out of your comfort zone and too far from what once existed as your reality and that is when your mind goes into survival mode and creates the worst case scenerio of what COULD be.

That is where the craziness starts!

Have you ever wondered why it is so easy to think or lean towards the negative? What about how you have to be disciplined enough to think and focus on the positive and take the necessary actions to create that reality.

The tricks of your mind is your blatant and underlying fears being played out. These fears have been holding your mind hostage and yeilding the craziest results that your mind could have ever came up with to make you go in the opposite direction of change and the unknown and also prepare you for the worst case scenario.

The worst thing that you can do is to think that you are strange, weak, or the few that has these negative thoughts. We all do. These negative thoughts come out of no where and overwhelms our mind with worry, dread, and doubt of of what is possible.

Overcoming the tricks of your mind

When negative thoughts come, you may find yourself struggling to think something different because that is what you desire to do NOT because the positive thought is more likely. Our health, prosperity, and success is tied to our thoughts. Our failures are tied to our thoughts as well. We have the ability to make things happen and not happen depending on what we decide to entertain and also what we decide to act on.

If a negative thought comes into your mind and you dismiss it and think upon the positive and good and then act on those thoughts and work towards manifesting those positive thoughts then you have now took the power of overcoming the tricks of your mind into your own hands and created a new possible reality for yourself.

Even though your mind may think a thing does not mean that has to become your story. Don’t entertain or act on the madness. Decide to only act on the positive outcomes that life has to bring.

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