Orlando Owoh and A Song For The Mystery Of, YELLOW!

How The Late Nigerian Singer and Songwriter-ORLANDO OWO-Brings A Different Wellness To The Color Yellow, Through His Song, "Yellow Sisi!"

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There are certain colors, which have captivated the attention of the music world. Their spiritual eloquence and vibrancy never escapes them. In addition, they are also given the opportunity to create a certain level of mystique within their appearance. What is it about their glow? What is it about their style? How are certain colors able to radiate with so many people? How is their texture, scent, and artistic display reflected in the very context of nature? How does it continue to perform and play in the culture, which has embraced certain coloring?

The color, yellow, has been decorated and established within different cultures. We view this in a number of West African communities and traditions, as well. Why is it embraced so much? What is it about its decor, where a people see it as an important tool, for its vitality? What is it about the very aesthetics and beauty of the color, yellow, where people find it compatible, and a celebration within the spiritual world?

Of course, there are different versions of the color, yellow! Different shades-from the lightest of the light, to the darkest of the dark. Could it be that such are representing the unique, and diverse personalities, which are associated with such a color? Could it also be that the different shades bring out the myriad degrees of beauty and personal artistry, for the musicians, singers, and creative types, who will perform this color? That could be a possibility, as well. Then, we have the vocal texture-the vocal artistry. What does it mean for a singer to have a voice, that is rich, with vocal depth, to illuminate the color, yellow? To many, it would seem like a paradox. Often, people would associate the color, yellow, with a texture of lightness, playfulness, and youthful decor. However, there appears to be another side to the yellow texture; one, where a deeper vocal ability is permitted to shine and take the center. Many times, the color yellow is not interpreted, as a coloring of mystery. It is bold, and projects itself, as being so. Therefore, what does it have to do with with forcing oneself to navigate into the very depths of the unknown? That would be the very first question, coming to mind.

Yet, there are certain Beings, who are gifted in being able to connect with a vibrant, symbolic color of high-energy, in this way. Continuing to make our way back to the landscapes of Nigeria, one particular vocal display was clearly skilled in being able to highlight its level of unexplained mystery. Again, it would initially seem like a paradox. However, for those who are interested in hearing yellow in another way, there is one particular artist (and musician), who made sure to provide such. His name is none other than,


https://www.discogs.com/Dr-Orlando-Owoh-And-His-Afrikan-Kenneries-Beat-International-Vol-5-Ganja/release/6827483; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

There is meaning to a name. There are meanings in putting a song to a name. When it happens, you have to ask yourself, why Heaven’s domain blessed a person with such inspiration in, creating a certain song! There is a reason for everything. And, it is when they perform that song, that come to find out, why they were chosen. The name was “Yellow Sisi.” Immediately, when seeing the very name of yellow, one envisions the magic of sparkles and glimmering ecstasy. Through the voice of Dr. Orlando Owoh, yellow takes on a different texture, energy, and ecstasy! For those limited listeners, it would seem, as if it doesn’t match. Then again, that’s the very nature of music. It forces opposing textures, rhythms, vibes, timbers, patterns, and colors, to match.

Listening to the sound of the song, “Yellow Sisi,” it is apparent that the instrumentals take on that yellowish coloring, and, energetic vibe. A perfect instrumental mixing (and combo), Dr. Orlando Owoh’s voice is the revelation of yellow’s energetic realm of abundance and hidden mystery. Keep in mind that the instrumentation surrounds Dr. Owoh’s vocals. The level of depth, the bass, within his vocality grants him the permission to treat the depths of his vocal richness and musicality, as taking a certain direction. It is like a map. Due to the deep tone, a certain curiosity comes into mind. You desire to follow it, and see where it is going. What is happening? Where is the color yellow leading us to? How do we desire to get there? How are we going to reach our destination, by following this particular coloring? Different questions continue to arise the mind, body, and Spirit! And so, since we do not have the answers, we have no other options, but to listen. And listen, we must!

https://oldnaija.com/2019/03/26/old-school-songs-download-dr-orlando-owoh-songs/; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

When listening to the song, “Yellow Sisi,” a certain mapping is unfolding. For now, we will focus on the sound, texture, rhythm, and beat of the song. Lyrical analysis will come for another day, for another time. There are certain tones and pitches, which are performed in the song. Some are high. Others are low. Then, you have those, who are able to stay within the middle ground-all the while maintaining the necessary balance of the overall song. If you were to close your eyes, you would come into see just what it means to experience one color, in an entirely different plane. Again, what is the painting or story line, which is coming to unfold? What are we observing within the gatekeeping of our subconscious? Close your eyes, just for a moment-for as long as you need. Permit yourself to explore!

Deciding to take a mental journey, through this musical tapestry, the writer of this article begins to see certain things. Closing one’s eyes, there is something about the tapestry and beauty of movement, which tickles the imagination of a large, yellow flower-decorated with sparkles-which is gradually opening up and blooming. The same image of its continuous bloom is consistently, replayed over and over again. It sits in the middle of a dark space. The space is the color of charcoal, and the energy comprising of it, is a glittery vibrancy, filled with every hidden, Universal, element, in the richness of growth. These surrounding elements provide it with the necessary nutrition, for its own sustainability. In return, this yellow flower sprays vitamins back unto them. What is fascinating is that such a flower does not lose it’s shine, simply because a darker (and deeper) pitch decorates its Being. Not at all. In fact, it is that deep tone of Orlando Owoh, which adds to the shine and sparkle of such a flower. In addition, the very well-being of tenderness is shared throughout the song. The reason for why such a yellow floral continues to bloom is due to it having a place within its own haven of mystery. Because it is housed in darkness, its peculiar glimmer is permitted to provide a certain level of shine. The radiance for the color, yellow, is allowed to shine in a different way, than what we are accustomed to. The glow is different when it is housed, within the dark. Therefore, we have to become accustomed to seeing it in a different way. Yellow becomes a mystery! Its hue becomes reconfigured into a different symbol. Intriguing, isn’t? A different texture and hue, decorates its existence! Yes, it’s intriguing, after all!

Ah! Yellow! It is the color of vibrancy and awakening-one of them, at least. It is of no surprise that Dr. Orlando Owoh’s name is attached to a song about the color, yellow. Stephen Oladipupo Olaore Owomoyela! That is the very identity of his name. If you understood his name, you would know why yellow is attached to his name! There is no other explanation, which is needed. None at all.

A song has come to an end! And the ears of the listener lingers on. What does one do afterwards? How does it move into a different period of stillness? Shaking up and re-shaping our yellow experience. We can never see yellow in the same way. Yellow has been decorated with its own touch of mystery. What does it create? What mystery of yellow has yet to be, untapped? Well, we have yet to know. What we can say is that it establishes a particular journey. It guides us through a new path. Just listen to the sounds of yellow, and you will find yourself on a new road!

https://m.guardian.ng/saturday-magazine/weekend-beats/family-remembers-orlando-owoh-seeks-support/; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

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