One Small Change Led to Huge Results and Made Me Much More Mindful

Why letting go of social media made me more mindful.

Never underestimate the impact that one small change can have!

It didn’t seem like a huge deal to delete Facebook off of my phone. Certainly not life changing. Surprisingly though, it was.

I have become much more mindful of my cell phone use lately. After the tenth time that my younger son asked me, “Mom, are you listening?” and the tenth time that my older son asked me, “Why are you always on your phone?” I realized that I was on it more than I thought and I wasn’t modeling behavior I felt proud of.

Most of the time I convinced myself that I was on it for work, and to be fair that is how it probably started. Answering an email here, and checking my business Facebook page there….and all of a sudden an hour would go by as I scrolled and paid attention to everyone else’s life but my own.

Once I deleted my personal Facebook page from my phone I automatically became much more intentional and mindful of my phone use. This one small tweak had a huge impact on my life. All of a sudden I felt even more present and was modeling better habits for my children.

This isn’t the only tweak that can lead to big changes. Here are a few other suggestions:

  • Commit to a bedtime and wake up with more energy
  • Set your alarm ten minutes earlier and get that meditation in
  • Pack a few healthy snacks in your purse or car and feel good about what you eat in-between meals
  • Spend a few minutes with your child(ren) each day one-on-one and feel your sense of connection grow
  • Drink an extra glass of water each day. Your body will love you for it!
  • Spend ten minutes a day outside simply breathing in fresh air
  • Put your phone down during meals and connect with those around you or simply daydream if you are alone
  • Listen to a new podcast and learn about a topic that interests you simply for the joy of learning
  • Do a quick one minute minute meditation instead of letting stress getting the better of you.

Don’t underestimate the impact that one small tweak can have on your life!

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