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” Be willing to be a beginner, every single morning “

– Meister Eckhart

” The best way to make your dreams come true is to wake up early “

– Paul Valery

These two quotes are perfect for the early risers and for those who are willing to start their day in early morning to achieve their dreams and goals.

I experienced both as a nocturnal as well as an early bird. But i prefer to be an early bird, to catch the worms. Meaning i can finish my works before everyone wakes up.

The other thing i like most in the early morning is nature’s beauty. Wake up before sunrise and waiting to see the morning glory, chirping of birds, cold breeze…its a divine pleasure. Everyone should enjoy this.

Apart from enjoying nature’s beauty, the most important part is we can go along with nature circadian rhythm. Circadian rhythm is 24 hour cycle in physiological process of all living being including plants and animals. It determines our feeding and sleeping pattern, brain wave activity, hormone production,cell regeneration and other biological activities linked to this daily cycle.

Circadian rhythm are endogenously generated can be modulated by external cues such as sunlight and temperature. If we go against this cycle our body will experience biological disorders. If you turn back the histories our previous generations are the early risers, that’s how they are very healthy than us and the life span was high in number when compared to the present generations

Here we can remember Benjamin Franklin’s quote “ EARLY TO BED AND EARLY TO RISE , MAKES A MAN HEALTHY AND WISE “ For rising early, we should go to bed early. The recommended amount of sleeping for human being is 7-9 hrs. Without enough sleep your brain and body system won’t function normally. Many studies found that sleeping heals everything, a good sleep gives us good brain activity.

A study conducted by the University of Illinois shows that ” people who are the most optimistic tend to be a better sleepers ” . Go along with nature, sleep early, wake up early for a healthy life. Lets see the other benefits of rising early.



When you start your day early in the morning you feel fresh and energetic throughout the day. The quiet moment makes you more calm and peace. Admiring the nature, waiting for the sun, color changes in the sky, singing birds all together makes that you are in heaven.


You have time to greet or show gratitude. Take time to thank god, nature, friends, family, whomever it be. Write a gratitude journal. Start with two things you are thankful for and keep on adding to your list. One day you’ll notice your list was growing and you realize how blessed you are.


You’ll finish fifty percent of your work by rising 1 or 2 hours early than usual. Less distractions in the early morning makes you to focus and concentrate more in your work. Early risers are the doers . Early risers are more productive than the others.


Physical activity is less nowadays. Most of us are living a sedentary life style resulting in obesity, early diabetes, high cholesterol, cardio vascular problems. In our busy schedule we have no time for workout , wake up early morning to solve this problems. You get time to move your body. Start with 10-15 mins simple workout. Slowly add strengthening and endurance workouts to keep your body healthy. Early morning exercise improves your physical and mental energy. Develop the self discipline within you and most of all exercise gives you better sleep.


Early commute is one most important benefit in rising early. You can leave home early to avoid traffics and tensions. Studies show that commuting in the peak hours results in increase in blood pressure leads to hypertension. Hypertension is the chain for cardiac diseases. Early morning commute gives you pleasure, and most you feel very happy to reach your work place before anyone does.

The average commute in the U.S. is about 27 mins and the mega commute is 90 mins (U.S. Census Bureau) . The average commute time for a worker in U.K. is 1 hour 38 mins (The Times) . Indians spend more time than people in most countries in the world spending 2 hours to commute(Economic Times).

Avoid commuting in the rush hours in order to avoid unnecessary tension in the morning. This tension will prolong throughout the day and makes the whole day worse. Create a better day by rising early and commute early.


Early risers are good at planning. They use the quiet time for planning and ways to implement that plan. You have time for organizing your schedule and plan ahead accordingly. Plan your meals, wardrobe planning, meeting schedules, deadlines for project. Plan your days, week, month ahead. Early risers are efficient planners and have the end vision.

Failing to plan, is planning to fail. Set goals, plan accordingly to reach your final destiny. Rising early you will get an hour or two to work towards your goal.


Early risers won’t procrastinate. Even in the worst scenario they will find time to finish the work. Early risers are workaholics, they dedicate themselves to their work. Rising early you’ll find time to work, there is no place for procrastination.


Early risers are more successful in their career. Whomever they are, a student or an entrepreneur, a doctor, a teacher… they are very much successful in their profession. All because of focus, concentration, dedication, utilization of the quite early mornings. Have a successful career by rising early. Early risers never lose.


Early birds are usually more relaxed, lead a happy and healthy life. They are more cheerful in their daily lives. Early risers are better critical thinkers, have better problem solving skills than others. Most optimistic people are who rises early in their life time. They have better time management skills, organize well, better thinking are some of the reasons to be happy and cheerful. Try to be an early bird lead a happy life.


Spending time with the family is the most important part in everyone’s life and its one way of being happy. Sharing ideas, being together, having fun makes the bond stronger and healthier. By rising early they’ll separate certain for the family, they don’t wait for the weekends or holidays. They schedule their time for family in the daily basis and having a better life.

I strongly believe in the saying ” how we start our day, that makes our day ” so try to be an early riser to make your day better, as well as enjoy these benefits, and of course to have a successful & happy life.

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