No Brainer Decision-Making

There's a whole world beyond the thinking that our mind produces. Accessing it is our birthright.

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It was 10:30 AM, as I sat at my kitchen table when my cell rang. It was Ryan Heckman, Co-Chairman of CivicCO, to give me a heads up I would be getting a call from (at the time) Governer-elect Jared Polis. 

“Wait, what?”

“He’d like to invite you to apply to a position in his cabinet.” 

“Ok, I’ll be ready.” By that, I meant I would set my intention, do some breathing exercises, grab water and sit by my phone until it rang. 

Ryan and I hung up, and I checked in with my energy. I was energized and nervous by this new possibility of serving in the public sector.

Did I want to work for the public sector? I got a clear ‘I don’t know’.

Then,  my cell rang. Our call was a total of three, maybe four minutes. 

I told him I would apply because I realized something when I set my intention. Even though I wasn’t sure I wanted the job, I knew going all-in while having low attachment would be edgy and a HUGE learning experience. And who knows where things COULD go. 

In the weeks that followed, I set about preparing for the interview. I studied his background and the department. You would’ve thought I was preparing for a policy session. I even printed out his 14-page State of the State address to identify where I believed the department and his vision intersected.

The day of my interview with Governor Polis and his Chief of Staff arrived. It was an insightful and great conversation. He had his pup in the interview room with him, I mean, c’mon. 

As we wrapped, he shared it would be a few weeks before they would make a decision. I was one of two final candidates. 

In the weeks that followed, I thought about all the facets of the situation. I thought about the opportunity, what I had learned during my research, and my conversation with the Governor. And what accepting the role would mean for the business I’d been growing for over a year at that point. 

I remained torn. I saw the pros and cons of both situations and couldn’t seem to get to the point of clarity. 

Ultimately, I wouldn’t need to decide unless he called to offer me the position, but since it had become an energetic vortex, I brought it up to my coach, Rich Litvin.

After a few minutes of context, he paused and said, “do you have a coin near you?”

Me: “Yes, let me grab it.”

Him: “Ok, it’s clear you believe you will enjoy either direction you take. So, let’s let the Universe decide.”

Me: Huh? Really?

Him: “Yes. Decide whether heads is going to work for the Governor or not going to work for him.”

Me: “Ok. Heads, I go to work for the Governor. Tails, I keep building my business full-time.”

Him: “Cool. Now, get ready to flip the coin.”

Me: “Got it.” 

I flip the coin, look down, and see it landed on tails. I look up and say, “it’s tails.”

Him: “Ok. Now, tell me what you felt in your body the moment you saw it was tails.”

Me: “Relief”.

Spoiler alert: The position was offered to the other candidate. Nearly three years later, I know I made the right choice. 

The coolest part about this story is how powerful (and simple) the coin exercise was. Here’s why.

Regardless of what side the coin landed on, I was free to make whatever choice I wanted. The power was in me observing my immediate physical response to the outcome, in this case, relief. 

When I did the coin flip, I tapped into my deeper wisdom. I got a clear and embodied response before my mind could get ahold of things. 

I’m not saying to go around flipping a coin for all your decisions, but I am saying that maybe the answers we seek are more inside of our heart than our head. 

Over the past six years, I’ve come to see that the overreliance on my thoughts and logical mind led me entirely off course. 

So, the next time you are torn between two choices that seem of equal merit, try flipping a coin. 

Notice the immediate response from your body, not your mind. 

Best case, you’ll tap into your body’s wisdom; worse case, you’ll have some fun. That seems like a win/win to me. 

I walk this path with you and honor your journey. 

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