Nitesh Devpal – He doesn’t speak words, He Only Speaks Social Media.

He barely speaks, but when he does, it’s with such confidence that people wonder why he’s been keeping to himself.

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It’s like being the CEO of Apple and not owning an iPhone. He’s a genius when it comes to social media, but he’s vowed to use his talents only for others. With no personal social media accounts, he redefines mystery and keeps everyone wondering what he really is like as a person. With his eyes perpetually glued to his screen and a fingerprint lock on every social media app, we are searching for secrets but keep ending up right where we started –clueless yet invested as hell. He barely speaks, but when he does, it’s with such confidence that people wonder why he’s been keeping to himself. A man of words that are few and far between, he believes that his work will always speak louder than he can. Don’t worry, your secrets are safe because unless you can read his mind or listen to his silence, nobody is going to know what’s really happening in his head or on your social media accounts. Remember – Mum’s the word.

He’s originally from Rajasthan, but he was born again in Mumbai. A serial entrepreneur who started with Facebook and Reddit now handles the social media of viral influencers and spends his day focusing on growing their reach. Bringing awareness to the forefront, he’s left the past behind and is taking the world by storm.

He said “My parents know that I’m doing something good, but they don’t know exactly what. My entire family thinks I’m doing a job. They are all government employees, so naturally, they expected the same from me. But I know what I’m doing, and it feels right.
Once it became natural to me, I’ve never looked back.” Rado is me, I am RadF.

Radfluencer is India’s first premium influencer marketing agency. The main areas of focus are celebrity management, brand management, F & B management. We already have an online reach of over 500 million traffic. They are doing the most “Rad” thing in this day and age; they are bound to make waves. This company manages A-listers and celebrities all around the world. Rado represents all that Nitesh Devpal wants to change in the realm of social media. He wants to empower social media influences, achieve maximum viewership, awareness and reach. When he began work in social media, he was still in school. He didn’t even know what social media was at that time. For someone who thought he’d end up in a government job, he’s far away and in a much better place anyway.
When we asked him “Tell us about yourself”, he took a long pause and then said, “I’ve done a lot – I don’t know where to start from.” And hearing his story will make you see that dedication and hard work can really move mountains. Nitesh Devpal, a 19-year-old from a small district in Rajasthan is 12 th pass and currently kick-started his own digital media marketing business. He started working in 8 th grade, where he used to launch random Facebook pages. Initially, he’d look to other pages with likes and follows and try to understand what they do. His workdays were 15-18 hours long and he used to do simple but tedious things like editing, writing and posting. But it all eventually paid off. Nitesh casually says “All my pages are in millions. My first ever page has 3 million now. Nobody in India has anything like this.” He’s grounded, but he knows just how much he and his work is worth. The moment he decided to move to Mumbai, his life began to change that very second. From looking at other Facebook pages for inspiration to having every top story going through his hands – this teenager has come a long way. Today, he dreams of covering everything cinema and entertainment related. His dream is to beat the top websites that have the best and most consumed web content. We may not know much about him, but we do know that he can make trends, he can break the internet one afternoon if he so wishes. Nitesh Devpal – a shy, introverted boy at first glance, a social media mogul in reality. Now you know, looks can be deceiving and judging a book by a cover doesn’t make any sense with a person who hides beneath the layers. We’re going to keep trying to uncover as much as we can about him, but that’s all we have for now!

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