Nico’s Musical Underground and the Healing Treasures, Within!

How Singer, Songwriter, Model, and Actress-NICO-Aluded To The Necessity Of Artists To Heal, In Music's Timing!

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The underground music 🎶🎶🎶 scene is a haven in its own right! For the most part, we imagine ourselves as being part of this talented world, where people with phenomenal talents are able to get their shine, by those willing to appreciate them. Its a way for many of those musicians, artists, and creative types to find a sense of importance; knowing that their voice has the chance to be heard. Knowing that their talents have the opportunity to be acknowledged. Because at the end of the day everyone, people want to feel what it means to be accepted. Understanding that one’s talents and musical celebrations are affirmed, by someone, somewhere. That’s the beauty of this arena. There is a level of richness to the Underground world. Talents that one never knew existed, present themselves, hoping to be seen by a larger audience.

Back into the world of Germany, we are moved to examine the work and life of one dame, who brought on an interesting vibe to the musical presence of Germany. Unfortunately, with different artists, there is often an arena of pain, coming with it. Music can be an avenue of releasing that pain, or becoming deep, within it. Some people remain stuck within a vicious cycle, where pain is recurring, repetitiously. Simultaneously, there is always the hope of music. Ah! Music 🎶🎶🎶 is refreshing. It brings forth another avenue of emotional cleansing and release. Then again, gaining practice in consistently working through music, as healer, is a challenge in its own right. There are different ways in having to maneuver through the experience. Yet, once a person gains a hold of it, it is worth it. There is one woman, who describes this perfectly, and her name is. . .

Nico; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

Her real name was Christa Paffgen. She originally was brought into the entertainment world as a model. In fact, it was through modeling in Berlin, where she was given her name “Nico.” She had worked for famed fashion magazines such as Vogue, Vie Nuovo, Mascotte, Elle, and others. There are clearly benefits of beginning one’s entertainment career as a model. Through this industry, a person has the ability to maste the visual; understanding how such artistry is intertwined with the existence of others, in the entertainment world. That is even more true for the music 🎶🎶 industry. Nevertheless, music and its composition made its way towards her. So, the journey of the underground scene, began. There are great rewards in understanding just how fruitful hidden talents are. They bring a certain vibe to the atmosphere. Nico moved herself throughout different genres of music. Interesting enough, she has immersed herself in performance of the classic, Jazz song, “My Funny Valentine,” (1963) at the Blue Angel Nightclub, while in New York City. Of course, the very mention of this will come to play within a later segment of this piece. On fact, it was in New York City, where she originally performed this song. Simultaneously, throughout the 1980’s, Nico had toured within Europe, the United States, Australia, and Japan. Its additional proof into how movement and music 🎶🎶 are synonymous within each other.

Moving forward into the texture of the vocal ability. Yes! Another dame, whose voice took on a deeper texture. Its another time period for this German dame, with a vocal texture, that is unusual and out of the ordinary. Do you remember when it was conversed upon about those women, with a deeper, vocal hue-having the ability to go into the depths of our Spirit- in order to bring healing? Well, through Nico, we have another example. Her voice is real! Of course, that doesn’t mean “real,” in the sense of being there, but real, in how it connects to other people. Her audiences experienced healing at her concerts and performances. By owning be voice, in its rawest of form, she invited others to lay claim to their voices, stories, and personal struggles in life. Never hiding them, but placing them out there, so that a cleansing and healing process can begin. That’s the sole purpose of it. There is a great power in being able to sing, honestly, so that your audience discovers the, real you!

It is known that Nico struggled with her addiction to heroin. Wow! Its always those artists and musicians in pain, who are able to bring the most healing. Perhaps, it’s because their own turmoils understand the significance of the healing phase. The more a person suffers, the more healing tastes good. On a greater scale a person comes to know just how beautiful music becomes intertwined with the sacred, healing arts. Obviously, as Nico battled through her heroin addiction, music 🎶🎶 was her sanctuary. Of course, she didn’t just keep it to herself. In fact, she also came to spread that artistry to other blessed individuals, yearning to be relieved from any brokenness happening in their lives. Let us never forget that musical concerts can be a collective group therapy, for those wishing to feel alive and restored in the real world. It requires tact and a level of vulnerability; being open to one’s audience, in their knowing of self and one’s ability to move through the dynamics of it all.

“Your voice is your identity. If you don’t use it-you’re halfway to Asphodel already.”


There are different abilities for a person to highlight the tenderness of their personal journey and experiences. Let’s make it very clear that musicians and entertainers are not perfect. We observe that in certain documentations of Christa Paffgen’s personal friendships, and public displays. In the 1970’s Nico was reported to have attacked a mixed-raced woman at the Chelsea Hotel, by Danny Fields- an American journalist, who assisted her in being signed to Elektra Records. However, the accusations of racism by Nico, were countered in 2019 by Nigel Bagley-the manager and producer of Nico. Bagley highlighted how Nico used an Indian instrument in her music, and musical elements from North Africa. Such leads to another important lesson in our German dame’s presence in the musical world. Music 🎶🎶 has a way of not only healing divisions, but of also healing bigotry. We do not know if such a testimony by Danny Fields- is true or not. Yet, what we do know is that the music brings a Universal healing. It is one of care, compassion, and connection. It has the power to move people to different spaces of the Earth’s geographical location. Pinpointing those spaces, while connecting with the sound arising from it. Yes, that is a possibility. It was also evident for Nico’s career.; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

Eventually, Nico overcame her addiction to heroin. Yes, it means that she has to save herself. On a greater note, it meant that a person had to move towards the very teachings of sometimes being alone in one’s healing journey. Its horrible to have to go through that. Quite honestly, one of the biggest disappointments of healing others is realizing that sometimes that healing is not always given back to you. That can be very painful. Furthermore, it can also be rather daunting; causing a person to be cautious and careful in who they direct that healing. Too many times of giving healing to people with a deficient energy supply can be taxing and painful. It leads one to question how often did Nico grapple with such a process of having to deal with people and spaces, who were unable to tap into the wellness of their own healing. If only the world of music 🎶🎶 were fair. How nourishing and holistic it would be!

Moving into understanding the power of our German, Maidenal image, we are forced to become still and one within our own humanity. We are also compelled to understand the humanity of the famous ones. Too often we forget about how they also need their own brand of nourishment. Its part of that holistic factor, which is needed for working within the wellness factor. Furthermore, it continues to move through the spiritual trends of music’s love, nectar, and healing factor! It means you have to dive underground, Dears, in order to find it. Dig a little deeper, and feel the depths of that vocal mystery, heal you through a different sound!; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

Re-connecting our understanding of Germany, we previous mentioned the power or depth and one’s ability to retreat to the depths for healing. There are those gifted women, from Germany gardens, who are blessed to continue to paint a different side of Germany. Its a side more akin to understanding the humanity of Germany. Remove your minds from those periods of turmoil; those times when too many people from the outside, could only understand Germany from a political perspective. Again, the color and vibrancy of Germany had been hidden for too long. Furthermore, there was this negative perception of so many people believing that German people were heartless, cruel, and inhumane. Much of that coming from previous pains. So, when you have German singers such as Nico performing in the modern times, its an elegant picture of that hidden beauty. The German dames with voices of depth-whether in previous genres, or the more modern ones-have done the work of cleaning out the hidden jewels. These treasures had been hidden, due to that ugly her/history within Vaterland und Mutterland!

“The darkness is my birthright.”


These sacred women and their vocal depth have removed the curtain, which has tarnished Germany’s cultural treasures and blessings to the world. Simply imagine the dusting of furniture, or the polishing of old silver. This is what has happened with singer, songwriter, and model Nico, in her representation as a German dame. Her life story highlights her ability to share her own pain. Letting her audience members know that, yes, German people, too, are human. Simultaneously, they also can be healers in the Universal quilt of humanity. Nico had her down falls. She has those periods of succumbing to her pains, and going into that painful place; while giving healing to others. Then again, in a later chapter of her journey, she makes the decision to finally give healing to, herself! Its that EUREKA moment in realizing that one’s own life, truly does, matter! That’s the initial point of the healing process.

If we don’t take anything from the legacy and life of NICO, let it be that we always remain in tact with our own humanity, while we spread creative healing to the lives of others! Women with voices of depth are not odd. Neither are they unusual. In fact, they are the very thing need to continue that healing work, from the hidden depths of, WITHIN!

I don’t have a sense of time. Time is timeless to me, and I’m not in a hurry to get older. In mean, if I were worried about time, all the time, would be terrible.”

Nico; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

For more information on the musical collection of NICO, you can click on the following link:; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

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