Nguea La Route’s “Unsunny” Love In December’s Slumber!

Lessons Learned On The Presence Of Love, From Cameroon's Legendary Songstress-NGUEA LA ROUTE-And The Power Of Silent Memory!

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In the same way that nature has a way of conveying love, and its cyclical vibe, it also has the power to reveal the journey of heartache. When the separation between two people happens, there is an energetic shift, which can be rather discomforting. Why? It’s because you have been so used to being with a person for so long. You know their movements, and smell the very breath of their Being. You know, them. For a certain period of time, it has just been you and them. You know their movements; their very patterns. They have been part of your love and part of your life. You have waited on their calls, and have anticipated those after work moments to see them. And yet, somehow, being without them may not have been part of the plan. It’s a discomforting feeling, and such a discomfort leads to the agony of heartache. Nevertheless, it’s a reality of this period called, life!

We’d be lying to ourselves, should we pretend that pain escapes us, after a break-up. OR, after a lover has removed their love. And, that is even more agonizing, in itself. Knowing that you were once loved by a person, and to no longer be loved, by them. It’s even more painful; when a person has turned their back against you-denying the love that they had once felt for you. It is as if the love was never real, even though, you know such was not the case. So, what is the next step into that? Well, as they say, you move on! Yet, is it that simple? Of course not! It’s more than painful. In case we need a wake up call, remember that people do die from a, broken heart! They truly do! Love is nothing to play with. Furthermore, the breaking of a person’s heart is nothing to take lightly. Not at all. Quite honestly, when a heart has been broken, a greater strength is required in order to make amends. Crying does wonders for the heart, body, and Spirit. It cleanses our bodies, minds, and Spirits, and provides us with that opportunity, to heal. Of course, that wellness requires that one consistently go on this cleansing. So, what other options do we have? Let’s explore!

Well, the healing arts is suitable for the healing of a broken heart. There is meditation. There is prayer. Painting. Sculpting. Those walks with nature. And of course, there is, a song.

We all know that music is a powerful source of healing. Songs are written to heal the heart. And some of the most powerful love songs have been those, which have navigated through the painful realities of heartache. It’s why they are so popular. There are particular songs, which are so memorable, that they are embraced within each generation. The question we have to ask ourselves is why do we love them so much? What is it about certain love songs, and their ability to capture the very sensory of heartbreak, which permits so many people to gravitate towards them? When the breakdown of love, hits them hard? What is it about them?

So, we are moving back into the nation of Cameroon. Different voices and talents have been birthed from this nation. Certain legends have made their contribution to not only this nation, the Continent, but to humanity, as well! Such contributions have also been catered to, and geared to, the phenomenon, of love! Love, and love’s heartbreak, to match! So, how does one move through the breakup, or convey a separation with a loved one, through song? Well, there was one legend, who was able to do such. Not only did she sing the song, but she portrayed the very sensory of heartache’s pain, with the passion of a lioness. Such a legend is none other than Cameroon’s own. . .

Nguea La Route; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

So, there is something about the winter time, which makes a romantic separation seem to be even more profound. It’s something about it being, the end. With its winter vibes, December is a time of reflection for the entire year. One’s life, and lived experiences, takes on a slow pace of memory’s reflection. Each month. Each day. The happy times. The sad moments. The loving times. Lovemaking. Love’s quarrel. The list goes on. The reflection of one’s life continues to decorate the mind, as thoughts move on. It’s evident that time has a different way of telling the story. Nevertheless, it has reflected the outcome of a particular love story. It may not have been what we expected. However, it has occurred. December suns appear to bring a paradox. After all, we don’t normally think of sunny times when it comes to the winter. The notion of slumber takes over. The practice of retreat weights in. For now, and through this love story, romance takes a slumber.

We are conversing on the song, Soleil De December, by Nguea La Route. And, December’s sun is filled with sweet nutrients of love and nourishment. During that winter tale, for the time when love remains supreme, we can come to envision an aura of comfort; snuggling up with the one we love. Something about the winter cold brings out an intense passion into the gateways of love. Hot chocolate in hand. Fireplace is running. And the warmth of the interior ignites our inner fire. It puts us in the mood in wanting to be held, embraced, and kissed by the one we love. Such an atmosphere, and when having that special someone in our midst, heightens that sense of emotional and spiritual protection, that we crave.

So, you can only imagine the level of agony and solitude that one must feel, when heartbreak is experienced, during the winter time. That joyful sun is not truly glimmering in one’s heart. One’s home may be warm. However, the warmth is not experienced or shared with another. It makes a broken heart even more, heavy.; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

The lyrics to the song, “Soleil De December,” affirms and solidifies the very sensory of what it means to experience the brokenness of a heart, during the context of winter.

Soleil de Decembre Annoncait la rupture de notre amour Tout est fini, on n’en parle plus Jamais, jamais, jamais a tout jamais J’ai decide de t’oublier Sur mon chemin, ne t’approche plus J’avais le coeur toujours a pleurer Toi tu avais toujours a rire C’est la la raison de la rupture

Announced the breaking of our love It’s all over, we don’t talk about it anymore Never, never, never, forget I decided to forget you On my way, don’t come any closer I always had my heart to cry You always had to laugh This is the reason for the breakup

It’s intriguing, isn’t it? The power of the mind when it comes to love is a mystery, in its own right. You often come to wonder how it is that people are able to shut down from love-emotionally, mentally, and physically. As always, isn’t it possible that people will always harbor some form of love, within the presence of one’s very own psyche? Of course, that is for another telling. When love’s heartbreak becomes unbearable, it truly goes through the ringer. Such is why it takes the right song, and the right mood to truly convey, what that level of pain means.

The initial lyrics of the song is telling. For not only has the communication stopped, but there seems to be an hidden aura in refusing to each acknowledge that such pain even exist. You have to ask yourself that famous question: What went wrong? That’s always the underlying question, concerning any break-up story. What went wrong?

The lingering of a heartbreak, untold, can be one of the most painful realities to deal with. Maybe such is why people are prone to shut down so quickly. For some people, the pain can be to overwhelming. I guess it is better to rid oneself of memory, than to have one’s mind become the focal point for pain, and a love gone, lost. In this sense, the mind becomes a protector. Furthermore, it has the power to remove whatever traces of pain and agony from the very Spirit. When you shut down, you don’t hurt anymore. And therefore, one’s loving neglect cannot hurt you, anymore.

Nguea La Route’s voice evidently matches the solitude one goes on, as it pertains to love, and love’s loss. The richness of her voice, and its use within this song, creates a particular timber, where a person has no choice, but to, reflect! That’s just how it goes. When you choose to forget a certain love, the heart may have separated, but the mind can never forget. It’s a paradox, if we think about it. Nevertheless, the way in which Ngueau La Route carries the song, illustrates that melancholy vibe, within winter’s timing. Such is not to say that winter is a season of sorrow. On the contrary, it can be a season of intense passion, grace, knowledge, and further awakening of one’s joys. However, when love is missing, winter has a nature about it, where one feels the intensity of sorrow. A person feels that heavy burden of emptiness. If one is not careful, a person can end up moving their way into a place of despair and depression. Again, such could be a reason for why a person would choose to forget. It’s just another coping mechanism, in protecting one’s mental and emotional balance. For some people, it’s better to forget than to feel traces of pain’s longing.; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

December’s memory is timeless. It’s that moment throughout the year, where the Earth gives the illusion of being in slumber. Nevertheless, underneath its sleep, the Earth is steadily moving. It’s just hidden from the plain view. Even when love’s heartbreak is felt, there is also the option of “forgetting.’ Perhaps, not in a way of “magically disappearing.” However, it could be in a way of simply releasing. Releasing the expectation of always being with someone. Therefore, at least, during our time of recuperation, we could say that there was, peace! There is peace in the quietness of December, in order to simply, heal, and let things go. Letting things go so that December’s sun can shine, again!; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

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