NeeziieBabiie: “Get dolled up and go to brunch”

Get dolled up and go to brunch ( with the girls) or a date night with your honey — Even if it’s just once a month, this will instantly lift your spirits and confidence! I really look forward to my girl brunches and date nights. Again, this goes back to being balanced. When your spirit is glowing […]

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Get dolled up and go to brunch ( with the girls) or a date night with your honey — Even if it’s just once a month, this will instantly lift your spirits and confidence! I really look forward to my girl brunches and date nights. Again, this goes back to being balanced. When your spirit is glowing you glow from the inside out!

Make sure to write down affirmations that remind you how amazing you are. Be your own biggest fan! Positive reinforcement is crucial!

At times it feels like wellness or elevating one’s well being, is diametrically opposed to high achievement and high performance in one’s career. The stress, mental energy, long hours, lack of restful sleep and preoccupation that result from a high-achievement life seem to directly inhibit wellness. And yet, in order to sustain the creativity, flexibility, mental acuity and resilience that are necessary for high performance, wellness and wellbeing of the mind, body and soul are also mandatory. So how do we achieve both? This is the question I’m hoping to answer through conversations with high-achieving leaders and influencers who are practicing their own philosophies about how to maintain their wellbeing.

As a part of our series about “Social Media Influencers Share Their Top Self Care, Wellness, and Beauty Tips, I had the pleasure of interviewing NeeziieBabiie.

Self-made, minority female serial-entrepreneur, NeeziieBabiie, is the founder and CEO of NeeziieBabiie Beauty, a permanent makeup artistry studio and training academy that specializes in eyebrow aesthetics, including ombre powder, microshading, microblading, brow lamination and threading, located in Las Vegas, NV. A successful celebrity professional makeup and brow artist with over 10 years of notable industry experience, NeeziieBabiie’s inventive expertise and distinct service offerings have grown NeeziieBabiieBeauty into a proven, powerful force within the non-invasive aesthetics industry. With an impressive 385,000 followers on Instagram, the popular beauty destination and prestigious training academy is well-known across the nation for their dramatic brow transformations and visionary instructional certification courses. In addition to the hot spot’s signature brow services, NeeziieBabiieBeauty’s full roster of beauty treatments includes lip blushing, hyaluron pen lip treatments, tattoo removal, EmSculpt body treatments, vacuum therapy butt lifts and teeth gems. The brand’s vast celebrity clientele includes Disney Channel star, Coco Jones, Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood star, Nikki Muddaris, viral singer-songwriter Niykee Heaton, Basketball Wives LA star, Laura Govan, businesswoman and wife of LeBron James, Savannah Brinson and more.

Passionate about empowering the lives of both her clients and students, NeeziieBabiie has serviced over 7,000 clients and has trained over 3,000 incoming beauty professionals since the start of her rewarding career in the competitive brow industry in 2011.

Dedicated to developing the professions of other aspiring beauty entrepreneurs, NeeziieBabiie, who has offered in-person training across the country for years, innovated her training accessibility by launching a series of in-depth, online certification courses on eyebrow technique, teeth gems and hyaluron pen, in 2020, in the middle of the pandemic, while millions anxiously sought out new careers and financial freedom as unemployment rates skyrocketed.

Committed to helping men and women feel like the best version of themselves, the blooming BIPOC (Indian) female entrepreneur is driven by the opportunity to enhance the lives of her clients and students. A multi-faceted businesswoman and skilled fitness expert, NeeziieBabiie is currently expanding her NeeziieBabiieBeauty umbrella by working on the launch of her up-and-coming fitness brand, Team New Body, which will offer tailored online fitness content, apparel, products and more. In her free time, NeeziieBabiie enjoys working out, all things coffee, traveling, delighting over her precious one-year-old daughter and visiting new restaurants.

Thank you so much for doing this with us! Our readers would love to get to know you a bit better. Can you share with us the backstory of how you came upon this career path and to where you are today?

Eyebrows have always been a huge passion of mine. I’ve actually been threading and shaping brows since I’ve been 14. Even my former high school classmates all playfully remind me about how I used to shape their brows in class during breaks. This lead me to pursue my entrepreneurial spirit at a young age and even begin taking “clients” in my parents’ garage after they set up a workstation for me. Fast forward 17 years, I now own two thriving locations that offer a multitude of in-demand beauty services, have celebrity clients and am known worldwide for my signature brow work. This is a craft that I have perfected over decades and I take a lot of pride in that!

None of us are able to achieve success without some help along the way. Is there a particular person who you are grateful towards who helped get you to where you are? Can you share a story about that?

I am so grateful to my friend, Pinder. We meet while I was doing threading at my cousin’s salon and she was front desk! She believed in my vision for my own salon and she became my partner. Without even a hesitation or doubt we opened our first full-service salon location together in Roseville, California. With Pinder believing in me and her already in-depth knowledge of how to open and run a business, I was able to learn from her and continue to open more locations down the road, which I did next in Sacramento and Las Vegas. She was a true mentor to me and I will never forget what she has done for me.

Can you share a story with us about the most humorous mistake you made when you were first starting? What lesson or take-away did you learn from that?

Just like with launching any new business, comes a learning experience, some humorous, some a little embarrassing, but it’s all a learning process and the most important thing is what we take away from it. I would say just in general first starting out, sometimes I would have clients come in who wanted eyebrow shapes that would definitely not be the most flattering look based on their facial bone sculpture. At first, it seems a little intimidating explaining to someone how what they may think they want, they may not, but I take being transparent very seriously and always take the time to go over my recommendations with my clients and why I recommend what I’m recommending so they feel insightful and in the loop. My patients trust me to be the expert and I am always 100% honest on what is achievable, what will take time and what will look best.

As an influencer, you have been blessed with great success in a career path that many have attempted, but eventually gave up on. In fact perhaps most people who tried to follow a career path like yours did not succeed. Do you have any words of advice for others who may want to embark on this career path but know that their dreams might be dashed?

The best advice I can give is to never give up. This is almost two decades in the making for me. Undeniably in your journey as an entrepreneur, there will be ups and downs (this is inevitable!) but the reward that comes from your perseverance and hard work is incredible. I am a huge proponent of finding a mentor in your field who you trust and who is a leader in your industry. Don’t have your hand out, do what you can to help them out as well. You’ve gotta be hungry for it. I encourage you to use your mentor as inspiration and allow that person to motivate you in wanting to achieve your goals and dreams. Learn from them what works and what doesn’t. Unfortunately, we live in a generation that is looking for instant gratification, but if that was really a thing everyone would be successful. It comes down to hard work and determination. Nothing beats that! There is nothing you can’t do if you really make your goals a priority and have tunnel vision on your end goal. I also make sure to write everything down. Writing my short-term and long terms goals down keeps me accountable and strengthen my vision. It’s so utterly satisfying to see my progress.

Can you share with our readers some of your strategies you’ve used to build an engaged, loyal, and large online community?

Be genuine and creative. Look and see what people like or a trend that goes along with your niche and post it. I get more engagement when I make videos of me showing a sample of me in action tattooing brows. I look on the popular page and see what’s trending and what time of the day you post matters as well. See through your app when people are most active thru your insights. To really master social media, you need to be strategic. It’s also very important to engage with your audience.

Ok thank you for all that. Now let’s shift to the main focus of our interview. In my work, I focus on how one can thrive and care for oneself in three areas: body, mind, and heart. You are a busy person with a demanding schedule, can you share with our readers two self care routines, practices or treatments that help your body thrive? (Kindly share a story or an example for each.)

My self-care routine that keeps my body, mind and spirit thriving and in the best shape is working out every day with the Move With Us app (can not brag enough about my trainer, Rachel!) Technology has come such a long way that even for a busy working mom, you can still get powerful work out from the comfort of your own home. I think of it like, I owe myself one hour out of the day to make myself a priority and for me, that is my workout time! Besides that, I love the occasional pamper of getting my nails done as well. It keeps me feeling like myself and sometimes being so busy we do get lost in taking care of everyone else around us and our clients that we forget about ourselves. I think it’s important to break the stigma of self-care being just a priority, it’s absolutely necessary!

Something I do every morning as well is write down my daily goals (like a daily to-do list) which allows me to make the most of my day and get everything prioritized and tackled. If I didn’t do this I would feel like my thoughts are everywhere! This keeps me very productive, organized and sane.

I also love massages! I get them done once a month.

Can you share with us two routines that you use to help your mind or heart to thrive? (Kindly share a story or example for each.)

The biggest thing that keeps my heart and mind thriving and my spirit is prioritizing family time. It’s so easy to lose yourself in work and for me, taking the time to enjoy life with my partner and my daughter, is why I work so hard at what I do. I cherish every moment with them and we’re always planning fun stuff to do whether it be traveling, the zoo, day trips, you name it! No matter how stressed out I’m feeling or whatever obstacles are on my plate, family time is key and a huge priority in my life. Family motivates and supports you like no other. I wouldn’t be where I am without my sweet family.

Something else that keeps my heart full and happy is my morning coffee. I can conquer the world with a good cup of coffee and I consider myself to be a coffee connoisseur! It’s the perfect way to prepare me for the start of a rewarding day!

Can you share five ideas that anyone can use “to feel beautiful”? (Please share a story or example for each.)

  • Get your nails done — I instantly feel prettier and more put together when I look down at the pretty and soft hands.
  • Get dolled up and go to brunch ( with the girls) or a date night with your honey — Even if it’s just once a month, this will instantly lift your spirits and confidence! I really look forward to my girl brunches and date nights. Again, this goes back to being balanced. When your spirit is glowing you glow from the inside out!
  • Make sure to write down affirmations that remind you how amazing you are. Be your own biggest fan! Positive reinforcement is crucial!
  • Make sure to do what you love never lose yourself whether it’s hair, facials, massages, working out, whatever! Know what sparks joy and do it! (and don’t feel guilty!)
  • Workout to keep yourself disciplined and refreshed. I used to view working out as something I had to do just to keep my body healthy but now I realize how disciplined it also makes my mindset across the board.

Is there a particular resource, a practitioner, expert, book, or podcast that made a significant impact on you and helped you to thrive? Can you share a story about that with us?

There is an influencer that goes by @dressyourface on Instagram and it is her love for her followers and genuine content that made me want to have that same connection with my followers and supporters. I used her as inspiration to help my business grow and followed her ways of engagement. She would host makeup seminars all over the US and this is what lead me to do the same with permanent makeup. I’ve traveled all across the country certifying beauty professionals in my signature NeeziieBabiie Beauty technique! I also love being able to meet people from all over, people with who I normally wouldn’t have had the opportunity to connect.

Do you have a story about the strangest, most bizarre or funniest wellness treatment that you’ve ever experienced?

I can say the funniest treatment I have ever received was a colonic. I would never do that again. I received it with a girlfriend of mine we couldn’t stop laughing and I thought I was going to lose a bunch of weight and get a good cleanse. Oh, did I get a good cleanse. They do not warn you to make sure you run to the bathroom right after to release. Lol I’m glad I made it to the bathroom. It was an experience to say the least!

As an influencer, you are a person of great influence. If you could inspire a movement that would bring the most amount of good to the most amount of people, what would that be? You never know what your idea can trigger.

I did inspire a huge movement in the beauty industry by helping introduce microblading to the masses years ago. I was one of the first people to bring microblading on such a big platform like Instagram and create such a buzz about it. My blueprint on how I did the service, traveled to teach the service and the building of my empire, lit a lot of fires under people and this showed women and men that you can create an amazing lucrative career from doing brows and now there are so many self-made men and women thriving from a brow career. This is so fulfilling because besides permanent makeup being a huge passion of mine so is empowering other individuals to become beauty entrepreneurs and gain freedom in every sense of the word over their career.

We are very blessed that some of the biggest names in Business, VC funding, Sports, and Entertainment read this column. Is there a person in the world with whom you’d like to have a private breakfast or lunch with, and why? He or she might just see this. 🙂

I couldn’t just name one but if I could I would love to sit down with Anastasia Soare , the brow queen herself. I would love to just talk brows with her and hear her back story and just be in her presence. Her brow empire and her business model are what I inspire to continue to become.

What is the best way our readers can follow you on social media?

Follow me on social media at: @NeeziieBabiie and @NeeziieBabiieBeauty — thanks so much, dolls!

Thank you for these fantastic insights. We wish you only continued success in your great work!

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