Navigate Political Drama Without Losing Your Mind or Your Job

4 Secrets to winning the war of social media political bickering.

Though the 2016 election is over and a lot of the turmoil between parties has subsided, it is not gone. The hate and the anger within people is still very much alive. Though you and someone with opposing beliefs may never see eye to eye, there is a way to move through life with peace and ultimately navigate any political drama to come.

Today, the need for real relationship building in business is obvious. At networking events people just play business card Frisbee, let’s-see-how-many-business-cards-I-can-give-out-tonight syndrome. On the street people constantly look at their phones to keep from having to interact with a stranger. In shopping centers we pretend to be on the phone to not get sold to. Sometimes we even exert more energy avoiding connections then it would take to just face people.

Now, this isn’t everyone. But the majority of society is like a horse getting ready to take off at the races, they are all geared up with their blinders on and their master on their back. Society will dredge through life that they hate, being controlled and building a companies dream while their dreams die.

It seems that the only times people look up from their social media scrolling is when something they are passionate comes up in conversation. Some times this passion is geared toward something political and it seems to be hard to not get caught up in a passionate exchange of opinions. How do you deal with the political drama and not lose friends, your job, or your mind?

1. Stop Arguing

Who knows the book How To Win Friends And Influence People? Most of you, if you are somewhat familiar with entrepreneurship. Dale Carnegie taught us the fundaments of relationship building and in Never Eat Alone, Keith Ferazi taught us how to use relationships to achieve our dreams.

Opinions are like a**holes, everyone has one, and everyone thinks that everyone else’s stinks. If you want to keep from going insane, just understand that when it comes to opinions, the person you are trying to convince of your idea is trying to convince you as well. Even if you win the argument, you lost the person and people are more important than your heated opinion.

2. The Government Doesn’t Control Your Business

To an extent, the government has a hand in what happens to your business, such as taxes. However, the government does not decide for me how to market my business, it does not make the decision to get more clients, it does not edit the photos from a wedding or hire a new house cleaner or sit down and coach a suicidal client.

I choose to make money. I choose to slack off. I even choose to get caught up in drama (for the sake of example). The government will not knock on my door and tell me exactly step by step on how to run my business or it will shut me down. Outside of morals and ethics and following the law, you have total control over your financial situation.

3. An Eye For An Eye Makes The World Blind

Ultimately forgiveness and letting go of control will help you from going insane. Hurt people hurt people; someone who has the same views as you might have hurt someone and now they hate everyone who has that view, you don’t know. Look at people with forgiveness and compassion. They may not have a grasp on patience or compassion themselves.

Understand that you cannot control another person’s belief and thank goodness for that! We live in a free country where we are allowed to have opposing beliefs!

4. Be A Part of The Solution

Finally, realize that you have no control over something unless you participate in it. If you truly want to make a difference in the world of politics, get involved. You cannot change anything by complaining on FaceBook about things you don’t like. Get involved in local government, start a non-profit, and get educated.

If you apply all of these 4 secrets, you will keep from going insane when dealing with today’s hyper opinionated world. Have a heart for people and have compassion for others.

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