Nature’s Musical Essence: Minnie Riperton #BlackAmericanHer/HistoryMonth360

The Feminine Illumination and Presentation Of Black American Womanhood, and Maidenhood, By The Legendary R&B Songstress and Her Song, "Les Fleurs!"

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Flowers and fashion go hand-in-hand. They bring a holistic vibe into the world of fashion. For starters, fashion becomes more than looking good, and showing off. In fact, it creates a natural oneness and vibe with the Earth. There are different types of ways that a person can exude this. Not only is it pleasing, but it takes us on a deeper level, than what we are most comfortable in experiencing. Now, when you add fashion and music together, there is an additional level of care and beauty, which arises.

Music and florals bring out a strategic level of eloquence, when it comes to navigating through time and space. In addition, we have the potential to arise to a greater level of awareness in our oneness with nature. We are able to experience, and immerse ourselves within her artistic side. That’s a precious and nurturing awakening of serenity and tenderness. Flowers take us into a world of treasures; a sacred oasis, where the very Spirit and nectar of creativity arises. Its precocious and a wave of artistic nectar. Let us never forget that flowers have their own way of crafting new patterns for art and design. Mother nature has her particular vibe in exploring, and producing, different pleasures of the performing arts. In addition, one of the most intense narratives correlates to those musicians and artists, who have taken a chance, with her Being. They have aligned their voices with her many acoustics. For that, they are granted the opportunity to surround themselves with a wealth of musical creativity, that so few people could even imagine. That’s real! Nature will never run out of ideas. She will always manifest a plethora of knowledge and wisdom. Creative minds need to be open and prepared for it.

Sacred singers have the power, magnitude, and capability to elevate their vocal ability into the serenity of nature’s oneness and delight. When it comes to Black American culture, and especially Black American women, there are those legendary singers, within our domain, who have set a passionate trend in how we are to create music, while designing our craft, in the comforts of gardens. Our peculiar gardens, in fact. Always note, there Being has much to explore. There are ideas and crafts, we have yet to discover, within our own gardens. Treasures and forms of nourishment, which were left in the soil, of our cotton stories-a wealth of abundance, which had been left tnere.

Black American maidens are truly blessed to have had musical legends, who had set the trend for our presence, restoration, and comfort, within our own gardens. We are truly blessed for their legacy! For one, they affirmed our own contribution, and feminine imagery, to the very terrain of womanhood. In a sense, they creatively worked to illuminate the feminine imagery of Black American culture-our authentic culture. Furthermore, there was also the treasure, and pleasure, for celebrating what we have crafted, and created, through our peculiar gardens!

What is auspicious about such musical dames is that they adorned themselves with florals, in their natural state. Natural hair and the beauty of their brown skin. Right in the very heart of our herstory, in the United States of America. It is Black American Herstory, and the enchanting mothers and maidens, who birthed (and grew) the stories!

One of the delights of not only seeing this particular singer, and her decor, within her gardens, is hearing how she has performed and personified, in the way of gardens! It’s a precious treat, indeed! To decorate one’s womanhood, with the enchantment of florals, while also having the vocal capability of imitating florals’ sounds, in the context of music, is spectacular! It’s absolutely spectacular! For this particular, Black American maidenal dame, she moved through a higher pitch, and tonality, that was associated with the essence of, springtime! A springy nature, indeed! Furthermore, her voice painted a tale, as if she was becoming Mother Nature, herself; almost as if she was transforming into a flower! Precious!

For this particular singer, she took singing to a greater level, into natural fruition. There are illuminating points, where one imagines glitter, and sparkling stars, being delicately sprayed across the gardens, in which she resides. It’s beautiful, harmonious, and a creative tool, which is used for a greater level of musical design. For a song, dedicated towards florals, one is bound to take flight into a natural high! Les Fleurs.” The song (and word) for flowers, in French! Intriguing enough how another scent of Black America’s sound has been imitated, among the terrains of a French tongue! And, who could such a dame be, but the legendary. . .

Minnie Riperton

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