National Spotlight Monday: John Amirante

The Blueness Of Passion and One's Song For The Land! In Tribute To JOHN AMIRANTE!

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One of the most auspicious moments, prior to any sports game, is the singing of the national anthem, for the nations of both teams. Not only is it breathtaking and refreshing, but when it is an iconic singer-known for showing up on those sacred nights to perform a nation’s song, your heart is nurtured by that sense of belonging. The reasons and shaping comes into play. Sometimes, your emotions get heavy. Teammates shed tears of joy because they understand the reason for those long hours, nights, and performances at rehearsal time. Perhaps, there is an awakening into why a player’s heart is connected to the game. After all, one is not playing for themselves. They are also performing for the love and courage, of the game! They are playing for their country’s performance, and partaking, of the game. It’s about the game, Baby, and the representation of land, within it!

For the most part, it’s the iconic voice, that one hears when the music starts to play; prior to the start up of the game. The voice is recognizable. In fact, it’s so recognizable, that you view such a voice, as a blessing for both teams. Performing the US and Canadian anthems is more than a ritual to initiate the game. On the contrary, it is a manner, and way, for participating teams to bless the arena; sending positive vibes to attendees, coaches, and the athletes, themselves. That’s what it is all about.

For the city of New York, and the game of ice hockey, he was an iconic figure! For each game, he was expected. Not only was he expected, but he was appreciated. There was something about the arena, which permitted his voice to radiate across the stadium; permitting people to feel proud and hopeful about their country, and its representation, in the game. Sure! Winning was important. A team and their national citizens’ reputation is always an important thing. However, what also remains true is the representation. Observing ones national emblem and flag, at the ceremony is always an auspicious thing. Remembering, it’s the feeling of belonging, and the fact, that one is connected to a piece of land. How grand and majestic such may be!

When we speak upon the voices of those Golden Age singers, we come to hear a certain dynamic of eloquence! It goes back to a time period, during the musical world, when singers moved through that similar tone. That’s what it felt like. We remember WWI, WW II, and the Great Depression. Yes. We remember those times when our nation dealt with painful times, and arose, anew. Images of husbands, fathers, and sons having to leave off, for active duty; not sure if they will ever return again. For others, there are mental flashbacks of the Rollin’ 20’s and what that meant for the US dance and cultural scene. We remember the teachings, creativity, and cultural lessons of Black American people; our contributions to these United States of America. We remember all of it! And so, we continue to elevate our spiritual awareness to the healing sound, and component of a simple song. Of course, we will never forget the painful times of injustice, in our nation ‘s her/history. There is always the song! With our Canadian neighbor along with us, there is a plethora of musical beauty and essence to go along.

Highlighting this particular musical hero, who made those nights of ice hockey well worth it, his name is embedded in the minds, bodies, and Spirits of those having had the pleasure to hear him. You also have to ask yourself a question about the game of ice hockey. Could it be the winter vibes? Just what is it about ice, and the cold, which forces out that extra richness of a song’s musicality? We can reflect upon that for another time. However, for this moment, allow us to ponder upon the voice of one American hero, who made music his power of, wellness!

John Amirante

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